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  1. I’ve got a spare bolt carrier group. It’s been years since I picked it up (paperwork mia) but pretty sure it is DPMS pattern. Looks identical to the PSA BCG. Is headspace the critical measurement to determine whether it is safe to switch it out as part of diagnosing my failure to eject issue? Thanks
  2. Ok. Will run more rounds through wet and check the ejector. Pretty sure it is square. Thanks for the link. How many rounds? Ballpark 50, 100? It’s costing me 2 for 1 when it misfeeds as it bends the second round. May have to run it single shot. Thanks
  3. Had the chance to go out and test my work today. Got about 12 rounds off total. 4 of them failed to eject properly. Ended up with the primer end of the brass stuck in the action and jammed up with the fresh round. I’ll go back and verify all my work. The extractor looks fine and moves fine. Firm pressure from spring and two o-rings. Freshly cleaned. Fair amount of chewed up brass from the 12 rounds. The ejector moves freely and gives firm pressure. Previously, it worked with no issues for 30-40 rounds fresh out of the box from the factory. I’ll need to go back and check for the specific measurements. At a high level, my work consisted of: -Heavy buffer and spring from Clint -verified depth of buffer tube -drilled gas port to recommended size -replaced gas tube with Armalite carbine length tube If there is anything specific I need to look at, I’d appreciate the advice. Thanks Tom PS-Federal XM80C
  4. I’m noodling around the net trying to find a complete 308. No surprise that there is not much in stock. I’ve put my PSA back together but am looking for a better gun sooner rather than later. Daniel Defense, Armalite, Fulton, Ranier, local shop, all out of stock or long (e.g. 18+ week) wait time. I don’t mind piecing together an AR type rifle but am a little concerned about trying to source a complete rifle out of parts for the ar-10 given compatibility issues. For example, there seems to be Armalite series A & B but they uppers and lowers are not always designated as one or the other. I can give Armalite a call and figure it out but I thought I’d check here to see if there was a different/better source for uppers/lowers or complete and compatible parts kits that might be available now instead of in 3 months. Any thoughts appreciated.
  5. Works for me. Thanks everyone. Before I sign out, would anyone recommend a good, mid-level platform? The one I should have bought. I might be interested in another while I still can. Maybe one of the site sponsors. I’m willing to put the order in and wait. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks Rex. I didn’t know about dimples. Next project. Thinking about ordering an adjustable gas block while I keep looking for my center punch.
  7. Ok. Long hiatus. The port is drilled and the buffer is replaced. Armalite got the gas tube back in stock and I got it yesterday. Time to reassemble. Looks pretty straight forward. A couple of newbie questions. -What is the proper torque on the set screws? Or do they just get snugged down good? -Blue locktite, something else, or nothing? -Can I reuse the roll pin? Any tricks to getting that thing set? -Would someone recommend a brand of headspace gauges? Thanks
  8. I’ve watched a few videos of this being done freehand. I was thinking that putting it in the vice might be a mistake as the existing hole is going to guide the bit anyway. While a press might force it down at the wrong angle. Thoughts? Is a press necessary or a bad idea? Thanks
  9. I just got the books to study. I hear you can take the novice, technician, and advanced at same time. Good luck!
  10. Good morning, My current gas port is 0.076 (as measured with the #48 Norseman drill bit). My next choices are 0.078” (#47) or 0.081” (#46). It looks like the 0.081 is the right bit to hit 0.080”-0.085”. Can I clamp the barrel on the (cheap) drill press and simply drill out the larger hole? Or is this the type of operation that needs better equipment or a gunsmith? I can get pretty good alignment with the #47 and then switch bits. Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. I wish I could edit these posts. Armalite calls it “carbine length.” It’s 12 1/16”
  12. Good morning, Making some progress. I’ve got some a buffer, spring, and Norseman bits on the way. I’ve looked around for the recommended Armalite carbine gas tube but it is not in stock. It’s on the Armalite site but will not go into cart. Any suggestions for an alternative appreciated. I’ve seen suggestions to bend/cut a longer tube but I’m hesitant to go down that road without checking. Thanks
  13. Wish I could find a way to edit these. Found this thread and think it answers my questions.
  14. Good info on brands and sizing. Thanks. With regards to the new buffer tube and buffer, is there a preference between the DPMS standard AR15 buffer tube with a shortened buffer versus armalite with a standard buffer and longer tube? Assuming they are the proper weight?
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