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  1. Nice move, get him itching for more. Dang competition works wonders.
  2. Late to the party, but damn that's a beauty.
  3. Very cool JT. I just ordered another, and added two 716 bolt catches, is that correct, using those bolt catches?
  4. Thanks Z, this barrel was like $400 off retail. I'll pm you as I'm a bit con-fuze-ed. I've seen people raise prices in a second, I know the routine. I hope I didn't hurt anyone. John seemed a bit sympathetic about me not getting quick and easy responses from Sig. He did ask questions and I did inform him if I made a mistake with the tube it was on me, that was clearly stated. I did mention other folks names during the conversation with WOA. Namely John M. from CJRPC who runs high power matches and the State Championships. WOA is held in high regard by many shooters and protecting their rep is honorable. Thank you @jtallen83 and @98Z5V I'm aware of the work you guys do and I one for appreciate it. After reading your posts I'm less ignorant, and most important of all a lot more SAFE, safety is paramount in this field. I must go and read JT's post above, nice looking piece of work there JT.
  5. I'll strictly use this tool for gunsmithing and shaping DIY kits that are anything but easy. Small part prepping. Larger tasks sheetrock and carpentry I have pro tools for all that jazz. I was in costruction for forty years. It's this small stuff that is troublesome. Thank you.
  6. Which rotary tool would you buy for your home shop now that you have some experience? Among many tools I gave away before my retirement move to Florida was a Dremel set up. It was an OK tool but sort of delicate. It could be me but it was on the flimsy side of things. Perhaps light and delicate is the way to go for some, but I prefer to cut something when it needs cutting and not nurse it into shape. I've seen the Foredom line but that is for pro's and wondered if there is some middle ground product I'm unaware of. I am trimming a latch for the screen door and all I could find is a German set of jewelry files and I'm about half nuts already. Ready to hit the $300 dollar button but will wait for some answers here first. Thank you in advance.
  7. Suggestor-In-Chief, positions filled at this time, too long a list to post here.
  8. I ordered an 11" tube. I spoke with Whiteoak Armory and with Sig. I ordered a custom 11" gas tube on your say so, because I couldn't answer John @ WOA's question with any authority. I respect everyone's opinion here and go with the suggestions. I spoke with Matt @sig. These barrels are intended for piston driven platforms, he couldn't give me a tube length because they don't use them. He would not tell me the barrel port size other than " ...about 2mm or so." They don't sell the piston parts as they don't want people building their own 716's. I understand that completely. Thankfully I was under the wrong impression about the 716 being not being produced any longer, or I would not have made the phone call. The 716 is in limited production. So I'm taking a shot at making a good rifle on a dime, so to speak. I know we'll make it happen and make it happen well. BTW I mentioned the folks here at 308AR.com as my source of interest and information. As of now I'm into this project for $85. $50 Barrel and $35 custom tube.
  9. Let's see if we can figure out why they say online won't work with SR25 and the other upper. Gas tube length?
  10. Trying to back out of this order, will call 8 central time. Owned a 716 for a minute, some time ago. Liked and still do some sig pistols so bought the rifle. I just did a little dance around the net researching this 716. No longer in production, not defending this comment, just my understanding at this time. I know it can be made to fit one way or another, something about an 1/8th of an inch off somewhere. Went to an auction place we all know and checked prices on 716's Two pages no bids, which I decipher to mean too costly for what you get, or folks perception of value. Most complaints were too much shimmy shimmy coco pop between upper and lower. Too much movement for an upper tier rifle. Too much meaning far in excess of the expected. Viewed completed sales within last thirty days. Any beginning .99 cent auctions ended at or near 12 hundred. Way off from the 18-26 ask. Tells me 12 hundred the go to price. A couple of sales at 18, I'm guessing someone with less understanding of the nature of the rifle and is about to get some eye opening lessons like we all did. Nothing like almost drowning to discover we don't really know how to swim yet.
  11. Unbelievable price on that barrel, bought one myself.
  12. Ball z 1 for sure. Nice video to watch and worth my time.
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