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  1. Mincing words for the sake of our wive's sentimentalities, totally understandable and righteous. You are to be commended sir!
  2. I see COBrien, for the most part it's all for a quick laugh for me as well. My Mrs. was raised in a fear based childhood, so when she feels in charge it does her well. In my case I married a bookkeeper. There is no wiggle room when the bills come in, "numbers don't lie" she told me in the beginning of our relationship. The buy and lie approach doesn't fit my style either. I wish you the best of luck. I wonder if you intend on posting a range report?
  3. Welcome aboard. There is plenty of information here to choose from. Good luck on your build or purchase!
  4. HMM, another 30 cal, hmm. O snap, I went to gunpime.com and had one in my basket, $1931.00, "er no thanks". I hate these help me deny my wants and deal with mama posts, because I want one too and gotta deal with mama. I don't have children, maybe those radar towers between my legs cooked my nuggets. You fathers do have a tougher job. So I see it's on it's way Mr. @COBrien congrats on the rifle. Good luck on the snip.
  5. Y'know I do thank you often for posting, not every post which bubbles from that cranium of yours, but many. With some polishing, and grammar grease, you post magazine worthy articles. Let's call them spikes, that's newspeak for inserting special messages. Well old school message inserting. The above speaks loudly to me. For us who have less knowledge regarding ballistics and handling of weapons we get fine information . We also get carried away when your hair catches fire and we watch it burn. This last sentence is merely a metaphor for experiencing passion displayed. I've never been out west to one of the GATHERINGS so I don't reference any actual hair burnings, except I seem to remember someone falling into the pit. Anyway, If Vegas had odds on the new cartridge for the US Army, I'd place a wager on the 6ARC. I thought the 6.8 SPC was going to be it, as proof I own 600 casings for that round, sitting in the vat and stewing. All the rifles we own are perfectly good as long as they go bang and we aim well. I don't think any game shot will argue " Hey, that 6.8 ain't allowed I prefer a Grendel." I am way behind in the knowledge of what is best. I want the best but, 308, 556, and 260Rem is good enough. I am invested in the 6mmARC and building as I speak. What I have available is a 600 yd. range which is 2 hrs. away. That's a long range drive when you in your late 60"s. So when I'm finished with the 6mmARC I'm making the drive with them all. We are among the vanguard with this round. You can bet your petunia's we're on the radar. All this info is being carefully examined. We want a round that delivers a better punch at distance, and not just a round that lasts the trip down range for the US Services. Why? In order to put the bad guys down at longer distances. How is that measured? How much punch a round has at a given distance is my inquiry? Gotta walk the pup, he's giving me the eye.
  6. @98Z5V Very cool. Outstanding. 4.0
  7. "Man alive, (hangs head) that's improper. Acting normal just don't fit ya' son. Why let any sort of normal creep into your style. You dun let down the troops boy!"
  8. Happy Independence Day!!!
  9. wow, a lovely fellow and caring. I can't imagine what's up. Just got a message from the internet, it must be true. Oh for heavens sake, it's horrible. Carjacked Recently On Mars. The ruffians there met our buddy at the Mars Bar chocolate factory. Robert is seeking a super light weight anti gravitational metal which was reported by Kurt Vonnegut some years ago. The factory has an auction this weekend, selling it's older smelting machinery It's a damn shame but your order has been held up by unexpected difficulties, please remain calm.
  10. @DNP which company. LaRue doesn't take one. They are a stand up company. When it's ready you get the call, period.
  11. @98Z5V My beard is already gray bro. Ain't going GAP any time soon, although they do it right, all the time. They have trapped that passion bug as well as you. I told you before I respect all the thunder and fire directed toward precision you display. It passes through all the BS and fluff we find elsewhere Also who wouldn't respect anyone who'd face a red headed beaver singlehandedly, both animal and human. Dang near impossible to find a desert plainsman these days.^^^ Great posts above another thanks. 24 months @Rsquared Where did you find the patience ? Did you put money down at first ? I lost a $1000 deposit from Luke Volkman waiting on a custom 45. That was and is a long story. Did your subconscious kick in and allow you to block it out? Just funning, that's a long wait bro, at this point in time that's a no go for me.
  12. "Waited 5 months for a complete rifle from LaRue. I waited so long I was confused when they notified me it was ready." Old stale reply that was already written.
  13. OK that'll be terrific. No clue what the heck I said with 9 points. Did it get dark yet? 9 points toward my Olight entry. Impatient, never heard of it!
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