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  1. Epic might be the correct word for this tale.
  2. Silencer Smooth is my favorite, I gave away several types for Christmas gifts and they were well received.
  3. I read somewhere recently to use STANAG mags exclusively in a certain product. Perhaps a PTR or something. Don't remember, or file that rib off of the pmag.
  4. Is it for information processing, or reabsorption of water, the few days leave? Hmm inquiring minds want to know!
  5. Very cool, thanks for the report. Now I really want to go to SHOT.
  6. Nice thread, stand up guy.
  7. 50% of parts is not a dissection of the rifle from either the magwell or trigger housing. Are you of legal age to drink adult beverages? What grade are you in?
  8. My 308 psa after some work the brass will land in a bucket set at 4:30 and 6’ away. If I hold my position
  9. Ejection seems to be a common problem, how about yours?
  10. The only difference I might have seen are the screws. I've seen set screws and screws with knurled heads. I'm done. The only thing I enjoyed while visiting the dentist as a child is the "HIGHLIGHT" magazine that contained the two similar pictures and we had to find the difference between them. I lost this one. Boo hoo hoo.
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