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  1. Thanks Magwa, I always forget to shoot at the same spot. DUH !
  2. To all you folks that made it home and have big families and enjoy their lives to the best they can, thanks. To all my brothers and sisters that served please note I placed no qualifiers, exceptions, or any other minutia. They just serve to confuse, IMO, please enjoy this day. Although I miss the camaraderie, I know what it meant and that's enough for today. God Bless.
  3. Non adjustable comb, merely some texturing. Anyway for a likely win it's a terrific stock. ( positive affirmation for ya! )
  4. Best of Luck Matt, that rifle is a beast. Is that an adjustable comb? Wild looking stock.
  5. Great folks at the number listed above, I'll be calling Monday for the same kit.
  6. Welcome from er, well uh, Florida. Hey cuz!
  7. Taking the scope out tomorrow Sunday and using it. We'll see if the sun ruins the finish.
  8. Hey, just passing on info hoping for clarity. @98Z5V thank you.
  9. How difficult would it be for the Army to consider 260?
  10. Older thread wake up call. I finally did as Konus suggested. I taped all the parts I didn't want to spray. I used Rustoleum matte clear 2x ultra cover and it worked like a charm. The stickiness is gone and the scope body feels like new.
  11. Prayers sent. Get well soon.
  12. Welcome buddy. I would love to see some Huey photos from your trip, and some shots from above.
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