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  1. Always, tried to directly support page, No/Go. I didn't really want to go with an expensive frame first time out, no STI, Caspian yada yada. Looking for a project frame that I won't feel bad if I messed up. Slides? I'll look at Brownells again.
  2. Love all my dogs, past and present. I remember your sad story but am glad to see new blood. Cali at 5 months, nice ! If there was ever a product that deserved the prefix "Tactical ", it'd be duct tape.
  3. Welcome aboard. Best of Luck.
  4. It's funny that I hadn't considered Brownells. Thanks.
  5. I bought those leftover 1911 parts from Cliff R a few months back and forgot about them. Here's the story. I visited my LGS to buy or at the very least handle a Glock 34. Not to be had then or now. Could've gotten several the day before, and then the bum's rush on any and all multiple shot plastic fantastics. I had a few dollars coming to me from a recent sale and there's nothing like the feeling of plausible deniability and no paper trail to be discovered by the Mrs. Sooo, " Hey you got any Rock River Armory 1911's ? " Yep, there's this one, but I have one that is less expensive and IMO better. He hands me a Taylor Co. Inc. WWI style 1911. Pretty decent hand gun, not as much rattle as I expected but it did have 8 years worth of dust and gunk accumulated from sitting on his shelf. Went for a G34 and walk out with a 1911. So I get it home and take it apart, filthy filthy filthy. The slide is moving in slow motion, the ramp looks parkerized, and the hood is gummed up. First thing I notice, let me back step for a moment. I have and had some high end 45s. I get this one apart and immediately notice how light weight the barrel is. Whaaa? That's the thing that makes me truly begin to appreciate what goes into a better made 1911. I start digging around and find the box with Cliff R's sale to me. I know I'll switch barrels and get a blank with a blank and finesse this thing. Hold on I says this is a piece of work for what it is already, no sense changing a perfectly good WWI parkerized model into something it isn't. Tempting to do, but totally unnecessary. I haven't fired it yet but will soon. After the initial cleanup the slide glides and the hammer knocks. Good enough, if it goes bang and I expect it will, good deal. All in all $400. Back to the reason for this post, other than just Bs'ing for a bit. I still have all those extra parts. Where would you suggest I get a frame and slide for a 1911? I need a pin and spring set as well. Thanks in advance.
  6. Glad to hear you are OK. I was at a match one day when a fella had a squib non-sound go off. Three attendees tried to get the guy's attention, but too late. Blam catastrophic incident. Luckily he was unharmed, not so much for his rifle though. It's funny how loud a squib is to other folks near the squibee. 20 guys on the line and several men heard that un-noise over the din. Remanufactured ammo was the culprit.
  7. Unistrut, kindorf 1 1/2" square. I had an inspector rip me a new one on my first inspection job as a plumber. Swore it would never happen again, Methinks you might have had an experience like that. I see everything squared off and done +1 with the mounting hardware. Good job. It's embarrassing when I see folks hang stuff with band iron and hope for the best, or just "good enough for gumment work." If you put a picture frame around that box you could call it art work.
  8. The cowboy movie that runs like a war movie, " THE WILD BUNCH " Rented it again yesterday, right after I bought a Taylor's Co Inc WWI style 1911.
  9. TP @ ALDI's without accompanying crowd. Limit two, but no fuss. We're hanging together, my family that is, some undecidedly bad form from the in-laws, but that's to be expected from sheeple. LGS's have lines and numbers for entry to find no stock and no firearms of any particular worth. Found out I do like SPAM. Vienna sausage still not my cut of meat (?). General view is most folks on shaky ground, meaning = not much to set off a social skirmish. One person, as far as we know came down and was hospitalized for Corvid19. The man is home now, thank goodness. I'm in a 55 + Community. Did not buy that Shockwave when I could a couple of weeks ago, prices are waaay up across the board. Did happen to buy powder just before the shelves went blank. I have two cases of AA # 7 1/2 and no shotgun, go figure. Loaded up on primers as well. Had a case of 1000 22/77 gr. Nosler HPBT, laying around the locker. NICE find. Hope you and yours are well. Stand fast, stand strong, you may be the leader folks are looking for.
  10. Tons of fun for sure CAS. Oh yeah....the holster ....right
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