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  1. Yes sir, that is true for now. Colt has never had an easy time of it. They do have a fascinating history as a company, and even before Colt was a company. I may dust off a corner of my book shelf and read up some more, but I recall, and I'm working on my first cup of Joe, reading several sections of books on Samuel Colt. From his whittling a wooden model of a cylinder while a youngster out at sea, to traveling the world pursuing his dream. COLT was not always that monolith we have come to assume it is or was. It was created by a bad boy who had a habit of getting in trouble. Sound like anyone you know? I wasn't a bad boy in school, well intentionally anyhow, they bored me to death. You can't tie down youthful energy, you can drug these kids but youth must prevail. Anyway Colt was built and guided by a highly energetic man. A creator. I don't see anything like him today at the helm. BTW, I think Colt bought the modern rifle design from Armalite in 1954--6 ? Not selling to civvies? They're not selling period. There are way too many manufacturers as is. Sorry OP, I didn't mean to go too far adrift.
  2. Pythons are arguably the best production revolver ever made. COLT has been feasted upon by generations of idiots and imbeciles. The innovators and imagination folks are long gone. Maybe it is time to lay down and perish.
  3. I was born 11 years after Pearl Harbor was attacked, I'll never forget that. 116 years after The Alamo and I won't forget that either. For my 4 day career as a NYC cab driver I witnessed the first bombing of the Trade Center. 9/11/01 I stood in a cloud of smoke 10 miles south of the Towers realizing it was from the buildings on fire. Can't and won't forget that. I was on the roof of the Towers twice in my life and thankfully not on the days of horror. Innocents were butchered that day and scarred across my mind is never to forgive an enemy, foreign or domestic. The kids today will answer our countries call when and if... always have always will. Let me just say this quick before I get lost in the emotions. I don't take a compliment well for whatever reason and I'm sure many of you don't as well. You folks are heroes, the regular stand up, go to work, never quit guys and gals that hang out here. Police and firefighters, car and football fans, hot dogs and beer people, fat pop corn and snack folks. Moms and Dads trying their best in a ferocious world that is for the most part protected from many worldly ailments by our military. The same military folks that do courageous and humanitarian missions that never make the news. Yes I can name names and deeds you never saw on TV. Those are just facts, think of some of the times you risked your own safety for strangers. Or took an oath to serve not knowing what the heck you were getting yourself into. If that isn't heroic I'll never know what is. The kids are watching and know from your actions what is really important and what isn't. The best kept secret in America is how awesome you folks really are. I guess we don't take compliments too well.
  4. WTG Fort Pierce. After viewing Cunuck's photos I was moved and took some action. I was glad after a very short time researching to find massive action already begun by private citizens, as well as Government and big business.
  5. There's a huge effort in my area collecting. Many folks are out and about organizing, I was sleeping and behind, good news folks it's coming.
  6. Bleach, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectants, baby stuff, these are the things needed immediately, all things are needed but first things first. Spoke to a gentleman at one of the centers and volunteered for service, I'll load up with some bleach and hydrogen peroxide, let my wife handle the baby stuff. I'll know more tomorrow when I report in.
  7. OK, they are accepting goods at several locations in Florida. I'll find out what they need and post it here if you want to get involved.
  8. Bahamas.com/relief They are listing relief agencies and places to donate. They are asking for money right now, goods and services will come later because of no infrastructure now. God Bless the Bahamas. It could've happened here, only 90 miles away.
  9. Alright it's unbelievable seeing this here online. The survivors need big time help. Is anyone aware of a good place to donate money toward recovery? Can goods be shipped yet? I'll start looking online now and would appreciate everyone's help listing needs for these folks.
  10. No damage or storm flooding near me. Blessings and prayer sent toward all afflicted parties.
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