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  1. LGA Regarding my order for an RRA Standard A4 rifle ordered Sept. 11 2020, paid up front through FFL to RRA which said they don't accept payment until rifle is sent is BS . FFL paid for rifle on his company credit card & has been cleared so RRA accepted payment. IE: they lied again. BBB is of no use as they sided with RRA (JOKE) am going through a lawyer to secure my money back as well as FFL, will also try to file fraud case against RRA have a very strong case. There is NO EXCUSE for their poor business practices. Awhile ago I ordered a Springfield Armory M1A got it within nine days, love it however haven't gotten to shoot it much due to weather. Cost about $400 more but is far superior to LAR 8 in every way. Beautiful rifle, Springfield Armory treats customer with respect, checks after purchase to see if any problems, THATS QUALITY SERVICE.
  2. LGA To: 98Z5W Its nice that you say you worked for all the outdoor sports companies, am familiar with all. I haven't worked for such since 1981worked in medical field for 27 years, assisting Dr. in procedures. Its sad you don't seem to be able to recognize the firearm industry is the same as any other business , providing high level quality service is what any industry should be about. Its also sad you are incapable of seeing that if a customer is told by a company that a product is available & ready to be shipped & is paid for through an FFL & isn't provided its a form of Federal fraud. I never will order anything from this company again, as it is easily to see that's their mode of business. It is obvious there are to many suckers in the world that are willing to put up with their BS. I ordered a high quality parts kit & receiver in .308/7.62 x 51 only takes about 2 hrs. to assemble & when compared to RRA firearms it is of much better quality, love shooting it. I unfortunately have two of their .223/5.56x 45 rifles that are of very poor quality lot of slop where upper & lower receiver pivots. Had to get the holes line bored to get rid of slob. RRA does not manufacture anything seems like they just order component parts from whomever they can get from & has someone throw the parts togeather, very poor, this I know about from first hand experience. VERY SAD TO MANY PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO SUPPORT WHAT I REFER AS WHORES OF AN INDUSTRY, I live in the real world, not a world of being screwed by the WHORES. Cant believe to many suckers are willing to support any such company.
  3. HOF From LGA If you are happy with your ammo choice then stick with it, some firearms are picky about ammo. I don't hunt, after my stint with the USAF Special Operation Forces I just couldn't kill an animal & I used to hunt a lot. I have two 7.62 X 51 rifles that are the same , I shoot Hornady .308 Win. 178 gr., BTHP for Pro. shoots. An example of being picky, several years ago I built three semi-auto rifles, two were the same other had a bull barrel. I was shooting Federal Match ammo in all three with excellent results, due to shortage of Fed. ammo I tried PMC same wt. & bullet type. At the same distance & scope setting the PMC consistently shot low, switched back to Hornady & shots were perfect, so ammo does make a difference. Happy Hunting.
  4. Does it jump on every shot or every now & then? Many firearms are very sensitive to ammo, you need to find out what shoots best with less jump, such as differing brands. I only shoot Hornady .308 Match ammo when shooting pro. (match is 168 grain bullet) also same brand for 5.56 x 45 & 50 cal. . One thing that you can do is what ever brand take cartridges & weigh them, only shooting ones with same wt. or very close for match shooting, rest use for fun. Another issue is barrel harmonics can drive one nuts, want bullet to exit barrel on top or bottom of sine wave, prefer null just as bullet leaves barrel a silly MM can make a difference. Many ways to solve harmonic issues. If you don't want to do all this, remove what ever is on end of barrel & replace with high quality muzzle brake remember this can also change harmonics. Can also change to a hydraulic buffer/spring set up, make sure rifle functions properly. Success is where you find but must try one thing at a time, all are related. One of the worst rifles for accuracy was due harmonics I machined a sliding wt. for the barrel till I reduced harmonics as stated above.
  5. DPN Obviously you have not paid any attention to what I have said. It was RRA that told me the rifle was in stock & would be delivered in 5-7 days as was my FFL dealer. I also posted that this is not the first time RRA has pulled the same stunt about nine years ago I ordered a Type15 rifle from them, same thing pay dealer & they pay RRA takes 9 months to get rifle . I went to the dealer to pick up rifle, there was a guy from RRA assembling rifles in the shop. There were boxes from all over the U.S. with component parts to assemble, what a joke. All of the excuses I see on these postings tell me that to many people are willing to be ripped off by a scam company. It used to be that if a company did this it was commercial fraud. No-I didn't work for Vespa it was a major Japan-US motorcycle company & I wasn't a salesman, I worked in customer services dept. if any dealer would have pulled a stunt like this instant loss of Franchise. The comparison of companies are the same. QUALITY-QUALITY, Service=SALES. Maybe all of you are suckers fore such companies I'm not. I'll bet if you all went to a hospital for surgery & the doctor removed the wrong part you would say OH that's okay, UNBELEVIABLE. I will not write any more on this subject, as it is to sad to see people who will allow a company treat customers like this. No I wont be buying anything from this corrupt Co. I will only deal with high quality CO's.
  6. unforgiven Any company who tells a customer a product is in stock & ready to be shipped & cant produce what they promised is what I call a whore of an industry. I have worked for one of the largest international motorcycle companies, if one of our dealers pulled this stunt they wouldn't be a dealer for very long. Their franchise license would be pulled & most likely would be sued, this I know because it was part of my job to get these idiots closed. QUALITY ALWAYS SELLS LGA
  7. LGA


    Armed Eye Doc From LGA regarding ammo: Many firearms are finiky about the brand of ammo they like, not all ammo is created equal as well as ability to cycle . I have found Hornady to be best overall may be a little more money but get what you pay for. Run Hornady from 556 x 45 up to 50 cal.
  8. Belt Fed: Any company shouldn't tell a customer a product is in stock & available for shipment then tells the customer they cant honor their commitment, this just doesn't fly with me nor should it with any other customer. If this is their reason why can other manufactures supply rifles & parts. I drove to my home town 225 miles South a fantastic dealer there can assemble anyone of four caliber rifles in two hours while you wait, with about any accessories you want. I bought a beautiful 7.62 x 51 rifle in our nations flag colors, included three spare mags, mounted scope & adjusted it, shot 100 rds for quality check $1800.00 out the door. THATS SERVICE Have contacted RRA got insulted by staff & FFL has done also. EXCUSES ARE NOT REASONS
  9. To Armed Eye Doc This isn't the first time I have had problems with RRA delivering what was promised. A few years I ordered a Type 15 rifle from RRA same issue paid dealer, dealer paid RRA took 9 months to get rifle. So I doubt parts availability is the issue as this is their history. I find its their poor management of product availability. I have talked to other RRA customers & find this is their norm of operation. They do not make anything only assemble parts from who knows where, if cant get parts need to look at other sources. I have worked for one of worlds largest motorcycle manufactures, lack of parts availability is an excuse not a reason. One of the best indicators of a quality product is parts availability & as such will only increase sales(PROVEN). I have tried to talk to RRA now that's a JOKE only excuses, FFL has done also. RRA has lost me as a customer & other people who were looking for such rifles.
  10. I ordered a Rock River standard A4 lar-8 rifle Sept 11 2020 through my FFL dealer, he paid for it on his credit card & payment has cleared through his CC company. I had checked Sept 8 if such rifle was in stock & available for shipping & was told yes. As result I had FFL order rifle then found out wasn't actually available so now have a rifle fully paid for but no rifle, where is it at?????? I could have gotten component parts & built it myself, all parts are readily available.
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