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    SE Wisconsin
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    Firearms, Hunting, Fishing, Whiskey, Beer, Military, Trucks, Tang.

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  1. welcome from the frozen tundra!! I hope you like the DPMS, 2 guys in my hunting party had new ones this year and they really like em
  2. I have yet to ever build or reload. but that is coming soon i hope. Life has not been very cooperative with me professionally, but i am bludgeoning it into submission and taking my place hahahahahaha!! It always seems like i have the money but not the time, or the time but not the money fkkk. I think the two are about to align i have a good feeling about 2017. To take your meat with a gun you built filled with your own handloads, thats good livin!!
  3. thats awesome!! I swear .308 AR type rifles are good luck. first year in the woods with mine i got a buck as well, the biggest i have ever seen! something magic about these rifles, and it is awesome to lay one out with the AR10. Congratulations!!
  4. Hoff

    Lets see em boys!!

    oooh damn man nice buck!! he is a real dandy!!
  5. Hoff

    Lets see em boys!!

    Nice bucks! the little fella thats a good eater. The other one, is he a big six or a small 8? nice looking buck either way
  6. Hoff

    Lets see em boys!!

    Thats a real shame bro. that sucks big. But, no time like the present to start some new traditions! Pick you out a spot of good public land, grab some good friends or family, or even try it alone. If you dont hunt i wish you the best year of ice fishing you ever had though sorry about the situation. I know my life long traditions are going to get turned inside out in the next 5 years so I might be in the same boat. but i got two kids counting on me to have hunt and tradition for them someday so i gotta drive on. at least my land should always be there it is public
  7. Hoff

    Lets see em boys!!

    you got it sketch hunting alone is different but i love it its peaceful.
  8. Hoff

    Lets see em boys!!

    do some sitting do some drives you guys will see something! Im hoping to tag out 2 more does quick with the bow before the 18th rolls around and i get to really play. Got my ar10 new last year 3 days before gun season and shot a massive booner!! now sunday a good friend is bringing his brand new ar10 build to shoot with me, i think i talked him into sighting it in quick and hunting with it this year. I gotta be ready you never know what you will see in the woods! even on the public land where i hunt!
  9. Hoff

    Lets see em boys!!

    Thanks guys!! hoping to keep this train a rollin. Shepp you gotta go. you know you want to! Something about the feeling of walking through the woods with that big azz ar10 in you hands knowing you can blast a large animal, its special hunting with these things. family, time in the woods, pure natural food God its so great!! gets you ready for ice fishing too
  10. Thanks trooper you know it!! That was supposed to say "beer drinkin"
  11. welcome from WI! let me know if that sportical cycles reliably and how the accuracy is. I am gathering info for a bud.
  12. Welcome from WI!! if you want to be popular on this site, just a suggestion make sure you tell everyone you are a huge hillary fan
  13. Phones at work? you're fired!! welcome from WI thanks for serving brother. 6/27th Field Artillery STEEL RAIN!!!!
  14. welcome from WI! I have a RRA predator HP with a 20 inch heavy barrel. Love the accuracy but it weighs a ton. oh well worth it!!
  15. Welcome from WI, your southern neighbors!! P.S. our state shows up blue on them political maps but we are very conservative. The blue is just the mess in our trash cities like milwaukee and madison. Trust me we are totally deplorables most of our state is rural gun owning beer in deer hunters!!
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