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  1. I have these triggers in all of my AR type rifles. They are a great alternative for the money and a great upgrade from the standard offerings.
  2. Thanks. Looks like you gentlemen have a great forum here with a TON of useful info. I can see this helping me out a great deal, and I do appreciate it.
  3. Hey, That's great info to know. Thanks. What is the difference between what I'm reading about Gen 1 and 2 DPMS ? Sorry to be so dense, I'm new to 308 caliber AR type rifles. They aren't very common in my area. I have a ton of other stuff come through the shop, just many of those.
  4. Hello to all, I recently got into the 308 AR platform after having been a FN/FAL owner and shooter for about 35 years. I am LE, a certified LE firearms instructor for my department and a regional police academy, a Glock and AR-15 armorer, and a 07 FFL holder. I look forward to learning from all of you to this new endeavor of mine. Thanks, ScottFN308
  5. Geez. Sorry to start a firestorm guys. I am from Sig talk, and have been a member in good standing at ARFcom for years under the same name. I did see the spec chart for the various measurements, and many thanks to the one who put all that together. I plan on giving it quite a bit of study. I'll try to obtain a DPMS style bolt and carrier to see if it will work in the 716i. Thanks for all the help
  6. I have recently purchased a Sig 716i and am looking for spare parts such as bolt, extractor, ejector, ect. Sig has declined to sell factory parts to me, and I was wondering what other manufacturers may work in this rifle. Thanks, Scott
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