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  1. I am using the Hiperfire Enhanced duty trigger and I now have one in my AR 15 as well. I had a CMC trigger in the LR308, their 2-stage match trigger and didn't like it, so I went with the Hiperfire Trigger and when using the lower power trigger and hammer springs the trigger pulls are right at 3-4 lbs at the top of the trigger, when using the lower flat trigger section, it went to 2-3lbs, with a clean break and crisp quick reset.
  2. Well, Back to the range again. I got the gas port drilled out to .096" and this was still not enough, was still getting feeding issues with 7.62x51 NATO ammunition but would run okay with 308 ammunition. So, I found a 40-drill bit that is .098" and I just drilled it out to that diameter, getting an adjustable gas block after going from .089"-.090" up to the .098" gas port diameter figured an adjustable gas block will help just in case I went too far and am over gassed. The adjustable gas block I went with is the Aero Precision model, since this rifle is an Aero Precision build. Also, changing out the muzzle brake from the Strike Industries J2 comp to the Precision Armament M4-72 comp. I will use 7.62x51 with the gas block fully open and one round in the magazine and close the gas off until it doesn't hold back on the lower power 7.62x51 ammo then open it up just that bit more to cycle the lower power ammo then shoot the higher power 308. Also, what a good round to use on white tail deer and hogs? I was going to use soft point ammunition but that at time has issue feeding and the tips can get damaged while feeding causing accuracy issues, from what I've read about soft point in semi-auto rifles. Thank all.
  3. I have this 2-stage CMC match trigger for sale Asking $150.00 Shipped Will take PayPal for payment, please pay any PayPal fees since cover shipping Thank you for your interest and possible purchase.
  4. Hello, I have a few postings in the for sale and trade that were sold elsewhere. I am wondering how you delete posts and pics? Thank you.
  5. I thought about 6.5 Creedmore, but I just wanted something with less weight than the Lr308 platform but could still deliver the stopping power needed for Indiana deer. I trucked around that Lr308 build in the pic one day on a 25-mile hike and I am no small guy and can lift some weight but even with sling and with 2 full 10 round magazines, it was lighter after we got to our spot to shoot that day, and we weren't hunting just doing some long-range shooting that day, but the hike to get back to the range was like I stated 25-miles there and that back to the truck. I am not also getting any younger as well, lol. So just recently the same buddy and I took out our new 6.5 Grendel rifles and did the same shooting and I would have to say I am highly impressed with the round. I will admit that someday in the future a Lr308 will be built, but this time it will have the 18" barrel with the rifle gas system and have the other items that I've always wanted, but this time I might go with a custom built 308 bolt action rifles instead.
  6. Well, Sadly I had to part with this 308 rifle. I got a good deal for it and then I built an 6.5 Grendel instead. I think my Lr308 building days are over since this was one of several that I have built and gotten rid of over the last decade. I did get a CZ P10C out of the deal and $$$.
  7. Thanks for the ammo information. I got some today some Federal Hydro-shock 150 grain SP.
  8. Hello all, I thought I would share this new build that I just got done with. So far got almost 500 rds through it, about 100 on the new Aero Precision BCG that I just got for it. So far it has been running like a champ. I thank all the advice that I have gotten on this forum for building and tuning the AR308 rifle. Here is the parts list Aero M5 Upper Aero M5 lower Aero M5 Enhanced buffer kit with Armalite buffer spring and 5.4 oz buffer Aero M5 lower parts kit, minus FCG Aero Nickle Boron BCG Larue Tactical MBT Flat trigger 2-stage Radian Ambi-safety BA Modern Series 16" 308 Winchester barrel/Aero Precision .750 gas block and Aero Melonite gas tube Mid-length M-Lok 15" Handguard that I had laying around that was sent to me by mistake for a AR15 build, so I kept it. Lucky it was high profile to fit the Aero upper receiver Magpul K2 Grip Magpul ACS butt stock Tippmann Arms BUIS (Just trying them out to see if the hold zero) looking at a Holosun 507 offset or Magpul 45 degree offset sights for it after the new scope install Sig Sauer MRS Romeo red dot, wanting the SwampFox 1-10 Arrowhead scope for it. Here soon. Magazines- 1-25 round, 2-20 round, 1-10 round Magpul magazines. Now anyone have any suggestions on metal GI style magazines that will work in this rifle, all I can find in my location is Magpul?
  9. So what are everyone's thoughts on the Aero BCGs, I just finished my AR 308 build and I got a Nickle Boron Aero Precision BCG for it, so far shooting very well with the buffer spring and buffer weight setup I have in it. I haven't had many Aero Products before and have here they can be hit and miss at times with quality. Thanks of any information on this product.
  10. Thanks Black_Sheep. I am looking to get that here soon but the 1-10. I have been researching the hell out of it. Also, just curious what mount do you use on your 1-8?
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