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  1. JJ109

    Side Charger Upper

    Nice rifle......... Work bench is cool to. Like the CD player/ radio install into it. Nice touch
  2. JJ109


    Yea that sucks
  3. JJ109


    Yea all liberal ran states that have crappy gun laws that dont work.
  4. JJ109


    Yes 7 round mag. .......NY has probably worst gun law in the country. Right up there with CA.
  5. Yup. That is the truth!! .......although im right in the middle of building an AR15 which im hoping it will be badass!
  6. JJ109

    Popular New Guy, Cell Block A

    LMAO! I know I'm a little late on this one but this is funny ass sh!t right here
  7. I was shooting a tin metal home made target from a 100 yards up against a 8" to 10" pine tree with my AR15 . My buddy was with me and shot the same target with his Remington 308 and it went thru the pine tree. Thats when i seen how much more power of a 30 cal rifle is Got the bug now. I dont think there is a cure........
  8. JJ109


    What you got going on Robocop? You got to let us know. I should have some pics to share in the month
  9. JJ109

    What to do...

    If they would have handle it differently my attitude towards Nikon would have been positive. They basically told me to send it in on my dime and there could be a possible charge depending on what's wrong. That was my 1st call into the issue. Which is a ridiculous answer for a new scope. Now that scope I have is completely discontinued. Must have been to many issue's with it. I think it was more about my experience with them . The glass is super clear and the BDC is pretty much on the money.
  10. JJ109


    Ok this is my next move soon. http://faxonfirearms.com/16-gunner-5-56-nato-mid-length-4150-qpq/?attributes=eyIxNjgiOiIzMTMiLCIxNjkiOiIxNDAiLCI0MjEiOiIyNzIifQ Build project was put on hold for a while. I have a lower my buddy picked up for me at a show. Im not sure if I want to buy a seperate upper and use a separate lower. If i buy a matched receiver set it will be Battle Arms Developmentl . I know that blows my budget then but what the hell
  11. JJ109

    What to do...

    I have a Nikon M223 2.5-10x40 laser IRT scope for my one AR15 . Glass is super clear. Had a problem 6 months in with mount ( Nikon exclusive to this scope) which the hardware they give u is garbage. I bought upgraded hardware for it. Only complaint was Nikon refused to stand behind their product even though I registered the scope. It took almost 3 months later to get them to send me a new mount with hardware. Which I found to be poor customer service. It shouldn't take a hand full of phone calls and emails with them arguing about sending me new hardware and a mount. Now im using Primary Arms for alot of optic purchases just cause they stand be their product and others as well.
  12. JJ109

    What to do...

  13. JJ109

    What to do...

    Wash Please tell me you do not eat those little bastards
  14. JJ109

    What to do...

    Your not kidding SS. My eyes arent what they use to be. My neighbor asked why Im going with the PA 6-24x50 308 hud dmr scope. So i can see what the hell im shooting at!!! Lmao!
  15. JJ109

    Elftmann trigger WARNING

    Right on ARTrooper, Im tired of buying store bought AR's cause i end up changing them everytime. Im selling my store bought AR's this spring. If were so easy everyone will build one vs buying a complete. Plus its you appreciate your gun more when u build them