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old plumber

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  1. I never could get my head around a 223. have hunted with several different calibers( first kill was with a 25-35 Winchester). Always went back to 30 caliber . and i love my 308 mx (real marlin ) 2010 B.S before Soros. For a long time i wanted an AR-10 308. now i have one
  2. I have finally treated myself to an AR-10 in 308 win. I am an avid re loader and love the 308 . I also have a (real) Marlin 308mx (not REMLIN) I re stocked and bedded myself as well as did a little trigger work , where i can get 1 1/2 moa at 250 yards. That being said, I own a Palmetto pa-10 second gen 18'' that started out as 1 moa stock. I have sense installed a Geissle nm trigger and have a EC tuner brake coming. I joined this group in order to glean more knowledge about my platform and get help in turning this rifle into a 600 yd. hog gun. I am an accuracy nut and want to try to get these groups a little tighter(1/2 moa @100 yds. at least so any advice or help is greatly appreciated ,and welcome. i.e barrels, loads etc.
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