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  1. Thanks all. Hope I can get to the range soon.
  2. Just wrapped this up this morning. If we were not having a storm would be at the range. Aero, upper/lower, LPK, Stag 16.5 handguard, BA premium full bull 20". Brownells BCG.
  3. I had a similar issue caused by the lower holding the mag too low. Pushing up on the mag I could get it to run. Also was with a BCA side charger. Lower was a billet 80%. I got the lower replaced and while sorting it out bought an Aero M5 upper and lower. Can’t have too many.
  4. Stag support replied- "That handguard is fairly generous on the I.D. so it should fit no problem. We sell rifles with bull barrels with that size gas block" No actual dimensions but this is reassuring. I ordered the handguard. I did look at Aero first but prefer the look of the Stag, also wanted a bit longer. My "spare" parts seem to turn into complete firearms... Will post up a pic when complete.
  5. I have a Aero M5 upper and lower. Purchased a BA 20" premium bull and Aero .936 low profile gas block. I found a Stag handguard I like but have concerns if the slim line will fit over the bull/block? For some reason I can't find the dimensions of either part ?? I have emailed both companies recently. Stag 10 Slimline NV M-Lok Hand Guards FDE 16.5 in (Blem) | StagArms .936 Low Profile Gas Block | Aero Precision (aeroprecisionusa.com)
  6. I am curious if the M5 model needs the longer rifle (Armalite) gas tube ?
  7. Maine is a very popular vacation destination. In the summer the state floods with people from all over. Sadly some move here and try to make it like the place they (left).
  8. Agreed, in AR15's it did not seem to make too much of a difference but even having the same brand part kits helps with the M5 type IMHO. Do not like the looks of the Aero handguards, curious if they will be similar ? Thanks OR and BC guys.
  9. Thanks for the Welcome. I have a few DPMS type lowers and many ar15's in a 3 different calibers. Been interested in firearms for many years. The Aero lower was a solid purchase. I'm using a Bear creek 20" side charger second gen on it now. A low line upper to play with while I decide what to build on the matching Aero upper I'm waiting to be delivered.
  10. Just a quick note to say Hello. Found your community after searching for some info on a Aero M5 build. Do far more reading than posting than posting but will add my 2¢ on occasion. Unamed_
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