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  1. Thought I was done ordering for now, but found a site with a great deal on something. MMC Armory……..never heard of them personally. Any of you guys heard of or dealt with them?
  2. Grip angle is something I wasn't thinking about, but now that its mentioned, I now remember on another forum awhile back somebody saying the same that they liked the p80 angle better. This is my first and only pistol and Ive only ever shot a buddys various pistols 20+ years and only a few times. Always shot rifles and shotguns. So this one is really my learner and the most trigger time only 200+/- rounds now since building it this past September, so nothing real to judge it by so im loving it for what it is..........I guess May 32nd Im just going to melt down the polymer...................................
  3. Technically an 80% still can be purchased and built legally until June 1 2022, but has to be serialized and registered June 2023, is how we are reading it. Hence my aggravation at a few places jumping the gun and denying purchases beforehand. This is the only pistol we’ve got and wanted a 2nd with parts interchangeability/ease of crossover if we end up with a stock Glock down the road if I can’t find another 80 by next month
  4. Anyone have a back to back opinion between P80 glocks and real glocks? I was set to order a backup P80 G19 frame this weekend when all of the sudden my usual stores now have a "No sales to Maryland" clause overnight. We have a ban taking place in June for purchases, but not yet so I dont know what gives on already being denied purchases. Looking like its time to do an HQL for future purchases, or move out of my own forsaken state. But i'd still like another 19 frame as a backup or eventually 2nd complete piece with maybe a 22lr conversion upper for my girls to train with. Sorry if this was too political.........really was Glock curious between the factory and p80's
  5. I see we know women cut from the same cloth
  6. https://www.durkintactical.com/product/308-ambi-charging-handle-gen3/
  7. It’s fixed, I ordered the correct length tube and installed it already and it’s working great now. Bear creek arsenal took too long to respond to my emails so ordered it myself elsewhere. I was trying to give BCA credit for finally addressing my complaint and sending out a new tube……..but so much for that. I gave them the dimensions they installed and gave them the dimension I needed but they still sent the short tube that was wrong in the first place.
  8. Just gonna admit, ive looked at page 161 about 30 times now
  9. nevermind............they sent the same size wrong tube.
  10. Yep, love 2 strokes. Ive seen the Unrideables a few years ago. I think tire tech has caught up now to where there would likely be far fewer highsides etc.....that seems to be what most guys that raced back then and still are, believe when comparing modern rubber to what was available back then......or its at least a portion of the old issues on those bikes. I keep "almost" getting a TZ250 to race............but racing fzr400's & fzr400/600s primarily is hard enough to get cranks if needed, really the 400 cranks. TZs are worse I believe for finding parts or just too much$$$$$$$ My dad had an H2 that he bought brand new that I would lay on the tank and hold the bars while he rode me around the little town we lived in, and my mom had an rd125 new...........I grew up knowing and loving 2 strokes. Had a few odds and ends 2 strokes myself (2 H2's, 2 rd350s and an rd200), but I became an FZR hoarder/racer/obsession instead...........3 400's, 4 600's and a yzf750r basket case thats now running but needs the chassis torn down and built back up. A few other Yammi's, but dirtbikes for hare scrambling
  11. Thank god!! Somebody got the reference.........or at least didnt ignore it
  12. Thank you! Before I officially joined here, I was lurking around at different threads, and thought I remembered a charging handle thread, but couldnt find it again.........admitting to a lazy search though😁
  13. Charging handle arrived 30 minutes ago. Works great, no issue with length etc. .....its 8" so whatever thats worth......whether or not there is a difference between manufactures' IDK. Welp, feels far better, and wife likes it too................come on Shirley one of yall has a follow up to that.........I may be a new guy here, but I can take it😁
  14. Just an update on my sit-chee-ation.......BCA did finally email me back to address the incorrect gas tube, and sent tracking for the correct length tube that they sent out today. Yeah, I took care of it already, but glad they did get around to trying to correct it. Now ive got to check 2 of my friends 308 uppers that I recommended to them to try the BCA out, when I was still in the middle of mine............Already broke the news they now need the 5.3+oz buffer and the orange spring...........but at least they got the forewarning I was still in the beginning phases of learning the 308's myself
  15. I have that style on one of the 556's, but its not a DD or anything special.Just some inexpensive no-name I got a year or so ago to try out. Love it, and wish i'da bought enough for all of the 556's. Thats the type I was looking for, for the 308, but wasnt sure about possible length variations with the 308's. I found one from a parts place I get alot of my random small bits like that. It says is for "ar10", but didnt specify length. I threw it my cart along with some other bits/ammo and had a discount code there, so all in it was less than 30 bucks, so not too painful if it doesnt work and great if it does. Should be here Monday.
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