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  1. Seeing a lot of YouTube posts on the extended firing pin to get a solid strike on the x39 rounds and for around $11.00 all the FTF were a thing of the past. Been looking at farmland in Southern KY if I decide to leave NM. Nice to see green again.
  2. Thanks for the welcome! Yeah. I'm in cartel hell above and below ground and an aiding and abetting local gov. that for a final month I'm still employed by. So I don't have a bunch of guns since I split my allowance with musical gear too :) the rest is family. If I were to choose between the 10 and the 15, with the help of some of the valuable information here, I'd probably go for the 16" 308 and start reloading. When I clear a few more projects and stabilize funds, I'll get the 15 with the x39 upper. That just keeps gnawing at me! Interesting post regarding the Colt. I was unaware. Maybe they didn't get past the Gen 1 failures which have all been addressed at this time. The extended pin, hammer spring. etc.
  3. Love the 308 and my son put together a boutique AR. I have a classic Rem. Mod 6 pump in .308 that's a beaut that's going up for sale and going for a basic first AR build. I'm also getting very interested in the x39 uppers...but they don't stick on an AR-10 lower 🤣 guess I'm not getting that 2 for 1 there.
  4. Hi. Thanks. I get that regarding need, nor would it fit the larger AR-10 Lower. I just think it would be hugely convenient to grab one rifle and one upper, that would handle a variety of scenarios and ammo availability that demand might tempt a manufacturer to develop such a lower/upper or some adapter thingy😁 Thanks for the invite.
  5. Would love to know about an x39uper on an AR-10 lower. Hi good people. First post from South Central NM borderlands. Behind enemy territory standing still.💥🇺🇸💥
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