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  1. The slide doesn't really contain the explosion that's the chamber and barrels job.
  2. If the bcg Is designed for Glock mags the Mean Arms inserts for P Mags work well.
  3. I have a couple of mbt's in the parts bin if LaRue is out.
  4. Are you going to owe doc another trigger???
  5. Pro mags for the most.part SUCK. Magpul Lr308/SR25 are good to go for DPMS Gen 1.
  6. Glock 17 slide and internals. Lower parts kit for 80% lower. Still waiting for the spring that holds the takedown lever in on my g23 build. Damn thing is here somewhere but I can't find it. Those little springs are out of stock almost everywhere. More Grendel mags and Glock mags for the 2new pistols.
  7. Was going to buy some more Grendel ammo on Gunbroker. The American Gunner Grendel ammo I paid $139.00 for 200 rnds last spring got to over $3.00 a round on an auction. NO THANKS. Don't need it that bad.
  8. The PSA bcg,'s are dpms pattern. Ballistic Advantage barrel fit in my PSA upper just fine. Rail was dpms high from local gun store. Yes Aero is easier to find stuff that works. The PSA upper will probably only fit a PSA lower.
  9. We convoyed from Ft Bliss to Ft Hood once. Two day at 50mph each way.
  10. Glad you got it running right. I think the only thing on my PSA that is still original is the upper and lower receiver and take down pins. And the bolt carrier group but it has a different ejector now.
  11. Also check the ejector face. Is it square or rounded ? My creedmoor had to have a rounded ejector before it would run right. https://www.kakindustry.com/lr-308-parts/308-upper-parts/308-bcg-and-spare-parts/kak-bcg-ejector-308
  12. Just use whatever recoil system and stock you prefer. The uppers barrel length has nothing to do with the stock configuration as long as the gas port and tube are set up properly.
  13. The PSA barrel should be fine. You will need a dpms pattern BCG. You will need to check the gas system for length of gas tube and port size.
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