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  1. Yep that one is too long.
  2. Pics would help. Install gas block and tube w/o the BCG and take a picture looking up from the mag well. Where in the cam cutout does the gas block end?
  3. https://www.theamericanmarksman.com/bullets-1st-762-147-gr-m80-fmj--400-ct.html?utm_source=American+Marksman+-+Newsletter&utm_campaign=81416343f7-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_04_02_04_29_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_989cbdbfd3-81416343f7-120660005&mc_cid=81416343f7&mc_eid=7f2c169229
  4. Guy from work and his son came out to sight in 308ars. The new Stag didn't run till I put an Armalite recoil spring in it. After about 100 rounds it ran with his stock spring from Stag. What was unreal was his son built a PSA that ran ok. He even used one of the JP silent spring things. Gas tube barely made it into the receiver. He is going to replace that. It did have an adjustable gas block so wondering if the gas port is huge. The only thing he ran through it was M80 ball. I expected to have to work on the PSA and had to work on the Stag. The BCG on the Stag was soaked in Mobile one overnight. It was good to see smiles on their faces when they were banging steel @275 yds when the farthest they had ever shot before was 100yds.
  5. Everyone's parts don't fit everyone else's stuff. A stripped upper from the maker of your lower is the only thing you can be sure will fit that lower. Is there a gun shop near you that sells large frame uppers? If so take your lower in and see if you can find one that works.
  6. My Beowulf upper was Alexander arms factory built. Never took it apart to measure anything. I'm running it on a A2 stocked lower. Rifle buffer and spring.
  7. Scope mount loose? Barrel nut not tight? Gas block touching rail?
  8. If the barrel nut and forend will never be used again a pipe wrench might be able to remove the barrel nut. If it's junk anyway don't worry about some marks. Yep you need a 16" barrel for a rrifle. Welcome from KY.
  9. Push in the threaded part with a punch and see if you can't get it to turn a time or two more. I install the mag catch before I install the bolt catch so it's not in the way when I'm screwing in the mag catch.
  10. Happy Father's day. Just got back from a trip to Dad's. Fixed his ham radio antenna that he fell off the roof and almost killed himself last fall trying to fix. Also mowed his yard and fixed an old dresser. The glue that held it together finally gave out. They have had that dresser about 65 years and it's still in good shape except for the wood gule finally giving out. Dad is still in okay shape but the head injury from his fall is still got him messed up as to being able to remember from one moment to the next what he is doing. But he is 89 so old age might be part of it.
  11. I buy a lot of ammo from these people. https://www.sgammo.com/catalog/rifle-ammo-sale/308-win-762x51-ammo Most M80 Surplus ball ammo is in good shape. I have bought a lot of the web and never had any problems. Sportsman guide had a lot of 80's production M80 a while back and it shot and ran just fine. As long as it isn't corroded it usually works fine.
  12. I would open the gas port up a bit before I messed with the fancy recoil system. A lot of folks here haven't had very much luck with that recoil system.
  13. We just band ours right before they go to the sale barn. That way they are someone else's problem if they are pissed off.
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