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  1. Mine was drilled out to 5/64. I don't have a numbered drill bit set. Ran another 50 rounds through it today. 1 failure to extract. My barrel is marked 7.62x51 not 308. Not sure if that makes a difference. Still getting good groups.
  2. The big bore AR's are not like the smaller calibers. We ask for information to try and help you with your problem. These guns are not "milspec". Different manufacturers come up with their own version of what MIGHT work. No need to leave but we can't help you if you don't give us the information we ask for.
  3. You ask us for help with a problem. We ask you for some pictures and measurements. Now you tell us you have solved the problem by talking to people who sell poop not people who build,fix,and shoot these guns. GOOD LUCK.
  4. It may not be overgased it may be under recoiled. What is the inside depth of the buffer tube? How long is the buffer? What does the buffer weigh? Where does the gas tube end in the upper receiver?
  5. I remember that thread. Had more to do with how they measured OAL. The main question was about forward vertical grips. And having to be over 26.5" to have one or it turned the pistol into an AOW.
  6. Cool. Doesn't apply to me. I'm just a Rex not a T-Rex.
  7. How can you have a LOP on a pistol? Definition of pistol is designed to be used one handed.
  8. Just trying to understand. LOP would apply to a gunstock. A pistol brace is not a gunstock. What am i missing?
  9. Don't see a burr in that one either. I will build something with it some day. Now I need to order another gas tube.
  10. I just ran a boresnake through it 3 or 4 times. Didn't see any burr. If there was one I didn't see the first FMJ removed it.
  11. The build of my ar308 pistol is finally working. Sig 12.5in barrel PA10 Space Cannon lower. PA10 stripped upper. 12 inch keymod rail from LGS Armalite carbine buffer tube, spring, and buffer. PSA adjustable brace. Cheap Monstrum 2x7 scope. White Oak custom gas tube. Lower parts kit from Midway. The Midway bolt catch didn't fit and neither did the Sig one I bought. Looking at the lower the slot the bolt catch fits in needed to be a bit longer side to side for the bolt catch to move up and down. I removed a little bit of material off the bolt catch and now it works as it should. Still waiting on the PSA takedown and pivot pins to come back in stock. The ones midway sent stick out the right side just a bit. They do go all the was through the receiver just stick out on the one side a bit. 1st target 190 gr hertenburger match @95 yards 2nd target top group PPU 168 match same distance. 3rd target 149gr ball. 2 different groups w/scope adjustment. Groups shot off of bipod with no bags. A better trigger and better optics and bags should improve the groups a bit. For a truck gun it will do just fine.
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