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    Guns, motorcycles, cigars

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  1. Nice looking rifle. Glad it is running on for you.
  2. Looks like a nice setup
  3. Purchased a PSA 4" barrel pistol kit. Upper has a huge flash can and a 5" rail. Didn't weigh the buffer but it seems heavier than normal. I used an Armalite 308 buffer spring. Hand cycles with Glock magazines using Stern Defense adapter. Also hand cycles with the Mean Arms Endomags. Ran 90 rounds through it using the endomags. Not even 1 hickup. Cheap old red dot I had laying arround. Target was at 15 yards. Standing quick double taps.
  4. My grandpa kept a salt shaker full of sulphur in the glove box of his truck. Sprinkled the sulphur on boots and ankles before going in the woods. No ticks or chiggers.
  5. PSA 9mm pistol kit. 4" barrel. 5" rail w/flash can. Adjustable pistol brace.
  6. The PA10 I bought had the rifle lower w/the fixed stock. The upper was 18" with midlength plastic handguard and a front sight. The rifle ran everything I fed it as it came from the factory. I did change out the gas tube to a longer length. I also installed a LaRue MBT-2. This week I installed a free float rail and low profile gas block. None of the changes I made were necessary to make the rifle run. The carbine stocked lowers seem to be where most of the problems arise.
  7. shooterrex


    We had a record amount of rainfall last year. This year is on track to beat that. I need to cut hay but without 3-4 days of no rain and some sun to dry it out there is no point in cutting it. Maybe next week.
  8. Well I finally found time to install the rail and low profile gas block that arrived a week ago. PRESMA® LR .308 M-LOK SERIES SLIM FREE FLOAT HANDGUARDS, 12.5" DPMS LOW PROFILE From justrails.com Fits well and attaches to barrel nut with 3 bolts. The PA10 is now just a bit lighter.
  9. shooterrex


    Welcome from Ky
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