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  • Birthday September 23

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    Shelby Co Ky
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    Guns, motorcycles, cigars

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  1. shooterrex

    Happy Birthday Tom!!!

    Happy Birthday
  2. shooterrex

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome from Ky
  3. shooterrex


    Welcome from Ky
  4. Ordered last night. Received the email with tracking number today. LaRue must have some in stock at this time.
  5. shooterrex

    Man shot at indoor range

    Don's guns in Indianapolis has 1 or 2 a year. They come in rent a gun then off themselves.
  6. shooterrex

    what ammo?

    I like varget for 308 and 223.
  7. Another LaRue MBT-2
  8. shooterrex


    Welcome from Ky
  9. shooterrex

    Palmetto PA-10 failure to eject

    Gas tube looks good. Finishing nails work sometimes. I made a take down pin detent out of one once. It worked till I replaced the one that flew across the room.
  10. shooterrex

    Hello from Burnaby Canada

    Welcome from Ky
  11. shooterrex


    Welcome from Ky
  12. shooterrex

    Just arrived from NC

    Welcome from Ky
  13. shooterrex

    My class 3 guns

  14. shooterrex

    Palmetto PA-10 failure to eject

    Welcome from Ky
  15. shooterrex

    Recent Convert.... So long MDR

    Welcome from Ky