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  1. The trigger was a good deal. The almost $19.00 shipping sucks. That's for shipping via the post office. Last I checked flat rate boxes big enough for that trigger are still less than $10.00.
  2. 338LM because of off the shelf ammo availability.
  3. Only been here about 7 years. Grew up around Indianapolis.
  4. Always a good time hunting with the kids.
  5. So are you building a SBR or a rifle? I have a 12.5" barrel pistol and a 12.5" rifle with a 4" muzzle brake. Both shoot pretty well.
  6. There is no milspec for the large platform AR's. Most are either Armalite pattern or DPMS pattern. As long as the upper and lower is from the same manufacturer things usually work out. Stag, Diamondback, Wilson Combat, Windham, DPMS, Daniel Defense all sell quality guns.
  7. Who's carbine buffer system? What does the buffer weigh? What is the internal depth of the buffer tube? What spring are you using? Your barrel length and gas system length doesn't really matter if you have the proper gas port diameter for the length barrel balanced by the recoil system with the proper weight buffer and spring. The buffer should weigh close to 5.5 oz .
  8. Knew I forgot someone. Mikedaddyh thanks for the help w/my tent. Blue thanks for the help w/my tent also.
  9. Welcome from KY. Lots of luck w/that buffer.
  10. Vice, 2 45acp cases and a pin punch All you need. Maybe an extra pair of hands. 1 case over tail of the bolt. 1case in the head. Tighten in vice Remove pin(s) Loosen vice.
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