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About shooterrex

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    Shelby Co Ky
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    Guns, motorcycles, cigars

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  1. shooterrex

    Hello from Wisconsin and I got ?'s

    Welcome from Ky.
  2. shooterrex

    New to AR10, looking at ADM UIC-10A.

    Welcome from Ky
  3. shooterrex

    Let's See Those 1911's

    Nice 22's. Here is my pile of Kimbers. All original series like the 70 series Colts. Top on is 1 of 250. Gold guardian. Ciener kit let's me shoot 22' through all of them. Middle one is an ultra elite. This is before they started the CPD series. Bottom one is my carry gun with crimson trace. All of them shoot better than I can.
  4. shooterrex

    Hello, New Member

    Good looking rifle. Welcome from Ky
  5. shooterrex

    new here...

    Welcome from Ky
  6. shooterrex

    My PA-10

    Gas tube showed up today.
  7. shooterrex

    PSA awesomeness

    That wasn't much of an answer from PSA. Keep forgetting not everyone has access to a place to shoot. Again good luck with the guns. They will work eventually.
  8. shooterrex

    EOW: Officer Corona 1/10/2019

    These attacks on LE and first responders needs to stop. We need to go back to monthly hangings in the court house square. Kill or attempt to kill a first responder gets you the front of the line next month in the square.
  9. shooterrex

    PSA awesomeness

    Till your parts come in might I suggest you put the A2 stocked lower on the 18" with the handguards. Mine is an A2 with the handguard and runs. I did buy the lower complete from PSA. I do have the proper gas tube on the way and will change it out when it arrives. Good luck.
  10. shooterrex

    Old Jarhead here, New to AR10, love the .308.

    Welcome from Ky
  11. shooterrex


    Good idea.
  12. shooterrex

    New here - total novice

    Welcome from Ky. Lots to read and learn here. 24" sounds like overkill to me but it is your rifle. My 20" bolt gun in 308 shoots 1/2 MOA when I do my part. These things are heavy as it is. Have fun with your new project.
  13. shooterrex

    My PA-10

    YES!! they changed the shipping cost. Now only $8 shipping on a $15 part.
  14. shooterrex

    My PA-10

    It's worth a try
  15. shooterrex

    Bluegrass State?

    Fished Ky lake years ago (like 50). We are ENE of Louisville a bit. 200 acre farm.