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  1. I am not going to build a Sig. I am going to build a direct impingement pistol. Someone already did this on the site. Just need a 11 inch custom gas tube. DPMS bolts work with the Sig barrel.
  2. I remembered reading that. May be a while for the build but the barrel for $50.00 Didn't want rule 96b to bite me in the ass.
  3. Just ordered the 12in Sig 308 barrel from CDNN . Think I need 308 pistol.
  4. https://www.armalite.com/product/ar10rekit01-6-position-receiver-extension-kit/ These parts work.
  5. Don't armorall a motorcycle seat either.
  6. That tube needs to go in another turn. You will need to notch the bottom of the tube just a bit to clear the buffer retaining pin. It might clear the retaining pin without a notch.
  7. If you open it up to measure take a pic The tube might just need to go in a turn or two more.
  8. Welcome from Ky. Pa10's will work. Just not always right out of the box.
  9. Bought a 16in BCA upper in 7.62x39 upper. The first trip to the range was not fun at all. Cases stuck in the chamber, leaving the last round in the magazine . I took it apart and pollished the chamber. Changed from the Silver Bear soft points that are zinc plated to Wolf lacquer coated. Still had FTF and not loading last round from the ASC mags. Bought new mags from Midway. Stoner mags are probably ASC that is what the follower is marked. Put a 308 Armalite spring and H3 buffer in. Runs like a top with the Wolf now. Haven't tried the Silver Bear yet. Now that it runs I'll see how it groups when I have time.
  10. When I ordered mine I received an email from a different named company with an attached PDF. The PDF was the invoice with a tracking number. Armalite website still showed processing. FedEx is who they used to ship it. Check your junk mail folder.
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