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  1. Good lookin paint job.
  2. Toolcraft makes good BCG's. Brownells sells their own brand which is probably Toolcraft.
  3. Have you tried the first one in a gun and actually checked if the gun goes boom? If the gun goes boom does it feed the next round and go boom again? If it does you are probably worried about things that don't matter much in the long run.
  4. Glad it's running well now. Looks good. Ya really need to start a new project .
  5. Yep both my PSA uppers are DPMS high. Just rails.com sells DPMS high Presma rails. My LGS sells them too.
  6. Ok we need more information. Pics would be good too. How long is the barrel etc. I did exactly what you are talking about. I needed to acquire a Armalite carbine 308 gas tube to have the proper length gas tube. A standard 3/4" gas block is what I used. I do not recall if my rail is DPMS hi or low I will check it out when I get home. This was w/the20" barrel upper they sell. I am pretty sure you want a DPMS high rail but I will check in the am.
  7. shooterrex

    New Guy

    Welcome from KY.
  8. How long is your firing pin? Is there crud or something in the BCG keeping the firing pin from traveling all the way forward? If the gun did shoot and now doesn't this is the first place I would investigate.
  9. If your going to put something in the primer pocket use a pencil eraser.
  10. shooterrex


    Nice lookin rifle.
  11. Call armalite. Don't go by the website.
  12. WC got the gas port right on my creedmoor barrel. I have the Armalite rifle recoil system on my rifle and it runs fine after we changed the ejector in the bolt. The bolt was not WC though.
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