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  1. That VG6 muzzle break is for 6.5mm not 308. LaRue MBT-2 Trigger is good and less than $100.00 shipped.
  2. My dad has a Winchester 94 in 45 colt. Recoil is not bad at all till we get to some handloads or the Corbon +P 300 gr stuff. He has killed deer and hogs with it. At 50 yds or less the 250gr lead cowboy loads should knock a deer over and not kick much at all. Till my Dad shot some of those corbon's he didn't think the rifle kicked at all. 300 gr at 1400fps.
  3. Measured the other barrel I need 11 1/8" For the second barrel.
  4. Another organisation has picked up the cause. DAV I think. Rolling Thunder still lives.
  5. I'm not in a big hurry. I do have the upper,rail,and adjustable gas block. No lower yet but I do have everything else to comepleat another pistol. If we can get a group buy on these tubes and save some money that would be good.
  6. shooterrex


    Welcome from Ky
  7. I need to order a gas tube for my 2nd barrel. Anyone else need to order any? If we order 3 they are only $20 ea.
  8. Leopold 1.5x4 firedot, 20moa Nikon mount, 2 gun cases, barrel nut wrench I didn't have, forward assist plugs, linear comps for 308, new phone cables,,case etc. Been an expensive week.
  9. There is about a dozen of us that try and make it every year. Sometimes life gets in the way. I think l my oldest shirt is from 2006.
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