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  1. The low mass bolt carrier now weighs less. You ordered a recoil system for the heavier BCG. It all works as a unit. You change something it effects everything else.
  2. I think the pin the jig comes with to hold the 80% lower in the jig has a ball detent on the end to make it stay in place .
  3. The long range targets need 75 gr projectiles for 5.56 https://www.theamericanmarksman.com/bullets-1st-7.62-m118lr-175-gr-125-ct.html These are priced decent for long range ammo. The shoot well in my guns.
  4. The more F's the finer the grind on the powder. I'm betting if you use your powder measure then weigh the charges the 4F would which more. The larger grind would have more air spaces.
  5. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/cci-blazer-aluminum-9-mm-luger-115-grain-centerfire-ammunition?trk_msg=I1ERROLHST54HD6JK2ETIC7F24&trk_contact=R1P9LKPDN6HVCTRF80SS5RFG18&trk_sid=KGBQ0RHO83ED4T2I3B1NIJQA0K&trk_link=1EMU37GB248414GOPNED7FAP1K&ogmap=EM|Hunting_Shooting||||||9MM_AMMO_RESTOCK&ogemid=80f239bdb124efea1bda4108ac77d39fdf83b117a365e270374e13735ebf69b2&mi_u=80f239bdb124efea1bda4108ac77d39fdf83b117a365e270374e13735ebf69b2&mi_ecmp=9MM_AMMO_RESTOCK&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Star-Blazer&utm_campaign=9MM_AMMO_RESTOCK&utm_content=Hunting+%26+Shooting
  6. That looks like a bear creek upper. They should have head spaced it before it left the factory.
  7. My Grendels run the steel cased ammo just fine. Not quite as accurate as the Hornady American Gunner or Black. Sure does a job on snapping turtles though.
  8. The KAK buffer in the 5 1/2 oz range w/the springco orange spring will probably work in your buffer tube. The Armalite set up is just a bit longer on length. That's why the buffer is a bit longer. Doesn't matter which stock set up you run as long as the the springs and buffer weights are correct to offset the BCG mass and amount of gas pushing the BCG rearward.
  9. This should fix your problem. If the web shows out of stock call them. https://www.armalite.com/SACItem.aspx?Item=AR10REKIT01&ReturnURL=/Armalite/Product-Category/AR10-Parts-Accessories/Lower-Receiver-Parts&Category=ac614400-ff09-4cdf-9d35-419a654e7201
  10. Think about this. Your scope tube is solid. You start changing the height of one ring and not the other you are putting the scope tube in a bind unless you lapp the rings. Then if you lapp them you can't adjust them again. On a 22 maybe but something to shoot distance you're not going to have the whole ring in contact with the scope tube
  11. Luth is a small company that has been around for years. Their products are top shelf. I have not tried either of those stocks on my rifles. I have installed the Magpul 1 st gen PRS on several rifles for others. You should be well served by either. Green would match the rest of the rifle.
  12. Guess I should actually read the box. 325 rnds not 333. Yes Federal Automatch. Just so surprised they had anything in the case at all. They don't even have shotshell.
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