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  1. She’s barely at 8, I’ve tried pretty hard to talk her into staying in but it’s hell on her mental health.
  2. Yes sir, that’s correct. After these orders she is planning on getting out and going to school though!
  3. I get the feeling we’ll get along swimmingly.
  4. P.S. Don’t take my response for being butthurt, I’m a bartender so I’m pretty used to people who think being abrasive is a personality trait. I also wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your day to write four separate replies, three of them being to challenge my intelligence as if you know me. I will limit myself to two replies 😂
  5. Recently joined my Fiancée on her PCS to West TN and my extra free time lead me down a train of thought to build a Grendel “Mod H” style upper. Not at all new to the AR platform but I have zero experience with the Grendel.
  6. That post actually didn’t answer my question, it just showed that you shot the thing. Matt’s actually looks like it has the collar and appropriate muzzle device but yours didn’t appear to at that time and I was curious where/how those were attained. I’m sure glad I read that post and learned about your off-road adventure and .260 upper. Thank you for your incredibly “friendly” and “welcoming” response though. I’ll take a look at the intro post thread.
  7. Did this project ever get finished? I thing a 6.5 Grendel “Mod H” is in my future and I want to know what my hurdles to overcome are.
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