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  1. Welcome from NJ…and as @Armed Eye Docmentioned. It seems like at least 75% of these need the ports drilled out larger. Get all you water board stuff up and these guys will have you up and running in no time at all!! My rifle wouldn’t cycle ANYTHING a single time. Came here, posted my water board stuff, within a few hours @98Z5Vtold me to drill out the gas port to “x” size and went to the range yesterday for the second time and with over 200 rounds down range, not a single issue. I’m relatively new here too, but these guys know there stuff and will have you cycling better than Lance Armstrong doped out of his mind!! I’m willing to bet, there isn’t a single rifle that these guys can’t get running…so long as you give them the info they need!! Best of luck, and welcome to the site!!
  2. I appreciate the tip, although being in NJ, “silencers” make the rifle “silent” and therefore, in the minds of our idiot government in NJ…only a criminal would need a “silent gun.” So, therefore…not aloud in NJ (1 of 8 states left that have a ban on them). It has NOTHING to do with someone wanting to reduce the decibel level to a less ear damaging point…gotta love the Libs… i do appreciate the tips!
  3. Went to the range today….and she’s running like a top now!! Thank you all for the help!! And thanks @98Z5V for having me drill out the gas port. I put about 150 rounds down range and didn’t have a single hiccup! Cycled perfectly, extracted perfectly, locked back on an empty mag…tested with 3 different types of factory ammo and 2 different hand loads. All of which performed perfectly. Granted, the groupings weren’t great…around 1.5-2.5 MOA @ 100 yards (depending on the ammo)…but considering this is the first time I had it running properly, and using several different loads, I’m plenty happy with that for now. Now, onto the next step. I’m not at all “seasoned” with adjustable gas blocks. In fact, this is the only one I have. All my AR15s have standard gas blocks. So, I have a superlative arms adjustable bleed off gas block. As I now have zero issues with the rifle cycling properly, I’m guessing it’s time to get the gas block setup properly, or close to it at least…as I assume it may need slightly different settings for different loads. Today, I ran it full open with no bleed off and it was throwing the brass at 4-5 o’clock, so maybe theres not much adjustments needed?? With this gas block, I can close it off some (restrict the flow) or bleed off some. According to superlative arms, they say to use the bleed function, rather than the restrictive function as it’s easier on the rifle components. That makes sense to me…anyone disagree with that? And, as far as adjusting it goes, from what I’ve read…I just start slowly opening up the bleed off function little by little until it stops cycling, then go back towards full open a few clicks, and “done.” Does that sound right? Again, this is my first adjustable block and with the bleed off…it just complicates it a little more. So I wanna make sure I’m doing it properly. Any input you guys have would be appreciated!!
  4. MJV83

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    Welcome from NJ
  5. So it’s supposed to be a double O-Ring in there? I have a Ballistic Advantage BCG that came paired with the 20” premium series BA barrel. I took the extra one out thinking it wasn’t supposed to be there, but since my rifle hasn’t cycle properly yet, I don’t know if it’s doing anything good or bad? Should I put the second one back in? I’m going to the range tomorrow and hopefully the rifle will cycle properly after the “tweaks” I made to it…thanks again for the help with that!! Im thinking I might as well put it back in, as it’s something I can easily remove at the range if the need arises. Do you keep both O-Rings installed on your BCG?
  6. I hopefully will FINALLY be able to get back to the range this coming Friday!! Yay!! Anyway, hoping with the drilled out gas port (thanks @98Z5V for the tip) and better aligning the gas block with the port…fingers crossed, it will cycle properly!! If I do make it to the range on Friday, I will report back with my success, or failure/back to the drawing board. I’ll be bringing more variety in terms of ammo this time, including some newly reloaded ammo as I finally have my reloading setup up and running. Thanks to all who gave me tips with that!! Here’s my new reloading setup!! And my first .308 rounds!! I did plan on only reloading 308 at first when I decided to start reloading…but I couldn’t help myself and got the stuff to do 223 as well… Anyway, hopefully all goes smoothly at the range on Friday!! Thanks again to all who provided input, tips, cautions, etc…
  7. I’m definitely short on knowledge compared to everyone else here, but have you taken apart the BCG? First time I took mine apart, there was 2 o-rings installed around the spring. I’ve also read of numerous others finding double o-rings installed. Not exactly sure why some manufacturers do that?? Maybe someone else here knows. And possible could be a cause of the extraction issue?
  8. Hey guys…there’s a Caldwell AR15 mag loader on sale for $40 with 5 ammo boxes included. It “looks” like it works pretty well and the reviews are mostly positive. Just wondering if any of you guys have ever tried this…and if so, how well does it work? Caldwell product number: 397500 Its listed on Caldwell for $100 and seems to be $60-$80 most other places…so on sale at $40 seems like a good deal…just don’t wanna through away $40 if it’s a POS. If anyone has one or knows someone that does, let me know what you think about it. Thanks…
  9. @BrianK My mic does go down to .0001, I used to be a car mechanic, so I have a good SnapOn mic and analog caliper. And that’s a crazy story about those bullets being .004” bigger than you expected, and I’m glad nothing severe came of it. Appreciate the tips, I’ll definitely be sure to keep my eye out for EVERYTHING. As far as NJ goes, I’m in Toms River. Loved there pretty much my whole life. It’s that, my job, and my family that keeps me there…otherwise I would have been long gone. It took 4 months to get my last permit for a pistol…FOUR MONTHS!!! That’s insane!! At least with long guns, it only takes 1-3 days for the NICs to come back. @Steve crawford I plan to do the same as you. I have a Frankfort Arsenal depriming tool and I’m going to deprime prior to cleaning as well. Then use the Lee bench prime to reprise the cases…I rather do everything one step at a time and make sure I’m doing everything correct…especially with this all being so new to me. Thanks again to everyone for all your feedback!! I really appreciate the help!!
  10. That’s a new “autocorrect”…lmao…meant to say, “f*** something up”. Not sure if my phone did that or the website??
  11. I did mention 9mm, but don’t plan on loading anything but .308 for quite some time. And I can’t say for sure how deep into the hobby I will go, but I know I will take it step by step, being extra cautious. As I said, the last thing I would want to do is put myself, or especially someone else, at any risk whatsoever. I plan on keeping it extremely basic for a while!! Doing nothing but loads that are published in books and plan to stay at the low end of the powder…using the specific powders mentioned in the books. I’m not the type of person who thinks he knows everything right off the bat. In fact, I’m quite the opposite…which is why I’m here…to learn from guys with experience!! I’m sure I’ll ask some dumb questions along the way, but I much rather do that than assume I know what I’m doing and fornicate something up.
  12. Gotcha…I’m gonna order the case gauge then. I’m brand new to this and am the last person to “pretend” I know what I’m doing!! I misunderstood the actual difference between the two parts. That’s why I started this thread, there seems to be thousands of parts you can buy for reloading and was completely overwhelmed…even after reading a few books. Actually, the books just overwhelmed me more, lol. @BrianK I don’t plan on ignoring anyones input here. Being brand new, I much rather learn as much as I can from others mistakes, I’m sure I’ll make mistakes here and there, but much rather them be dumb mistakes that cost me time, not foolish mistakes that risk peoples lives!! I didn’t get a progressive press, but did get a turret press…mainly for the ease of switching dies. And I’ve always been on the cautious side when it comes to firearms and plan to be no different with loading. When the primers finally arrive and I start out, I plan to start at the min recommended loads and gradually work from there. Again, appreciate the tips!!
  13. @dpete Thanks…I’m gonna give the Lee one a try…see how well it works. Then, either way…I’ll probably end up getting one of those just to simplify things.
  14. That’s the reason I went with that press. I found that 95% of the reviews were very positive and at the price point, seemed like it couldn’t be beat. And when I do start reloading different calibers, the plates are only $10/each!! For $150, it seemed like nothing came close to being so highly reviewed without going up to $350-$500 and up…
  15. @98Z5V I believe those pieces are included in this kit (which I do have). But thanks for looking out!!
  16. I’m just doing .308 for now…Currently, I only have a .308, two 5.56, and a 9mm. I plan on reloading the 5.56 and 9 in a few months…only focusing on .308 for now because they are so much more expensive and I have tons of .223 and 9mm ammo on hand. But only have 200-300 rounds of .308.
  17. Thanks for all the tips!! I decided to start out on the cheaper end with a Lee Classic 4 hole turret press. I don’t plan on priming o the press. I did also get Lee bench prime that Dpete mentioned…and I’m really glad you posted that picture, because I forgot about the flip trays for the bench prime!! That would have really pissed me off… I do have a hard copy of Lyman 50th reloading book, digital Hogdon 2022 reloading manual, and downloaded the Hornady reloading app and paid the $0.99 for the .308 data. I don’t have a bullet puller, so I guess I’ll need to get one of those. But do have a case gauge and a trimmer, and the mic’ I have does go down to 1/10,000”.
  18. I got the Lee Ultimate 4 die set for .308. It comes with the factory crimp…I plan on only doing 308 for the time being…at least for a few months. Then plan on adding more dies to do .223 and 9mm. The .308 was my biggest concern because they are so much more expensive and I plan on shooting that the most. “Includes a full length sizer, collet neck sizer, Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seating Die & Factory Crimp Die.” So I got that taken care of at least. Thats a great tip, and I absolutely never would have thought of it. Thanks a lot!! By the way, you are an amazing resource!! Every thing I post about, you have a solid answer to within a few hours…at most!! I really appreciate the help!!
  19. Hey guys, Im just starting out with reloading. Finally found some primers and have them on the way. I “believe” I have everything else I need…press, dies, shell holders, lube, case prep tools, tumbler and media, primers (in the mail), powder, bullets, scale, powder dispenser, caliper and micrometer, etc (few other things that aren’t coming to mind right now). I’m just wondering if there’s anything that I might be “overlooking?” Basically when you guys started reloading, was there anything in particular that you said, “oh poop, I forgot all about that?” And had to place another order or run out to the store, which isn’t an option for me. I live in NJ, so reloading supplies pretty have to come in the mail. And the last thing I want is for the primers to arrive and I find out I’m missing something…especially something important. Any pointers would be appreciated!! Thanks guys!!
  20. I have noticed that, but have not seen them ANYWHERE near me. I do fly a lot for work and saw a Bass Pro out in the Phoenix area but I couldn’t get the store to ship them to me, and obviously can’t take them on the plane with me…so I was hoping maybe some stores in PA or something might have them. I might just suck it up and buy the ones from natchezss…way more than I wanted to pay, but at least that will give me something to start with…until the supply catches back up. Whenever the hell that actually happens?!?
  21. Thanks guys!! Appreciate any help!! Joined the notification list. Thanks again!
  22. Hey guys, I’m in NJ and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find primers in stock. Obviously online there are pretty much ZERO!! I know a lot of stores carry them and will sell them in limited quantities, but can’t find any near me. Anyone know of any stores with 150-200 miles of NJ that have large rifle primers in stock? Any help would be GREAT appreciated!! I’ve been “trying” to get into reloading. Have everything I need, just can’t find any damn primers. Thanks guys!!
  23. Welcome from NJ, I just recently joined as well…for pretty much the same reasons as you.
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