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  1. @Albroswiftthat is Data from hodgon website I was using for quick reference. Yes I agree. Just need more bench time hahah.
  2. @Albroswifti haven’t ran the numbers for SD yet with this data. The load data I am using has 45.9 grains as max and it’s compressed.
  3. @Albroswiftupdate: finally got to the range yesterday. Used 168 gr hpbt sierra matchkings. Loaded with 42.1-43.7 gr of imr-4064.~ 2500 with 42.1 and ~2600 with 43.7. Decent accuracy. I will say though they did seem very consistent. I think I am gonna up the charge a little bit.
  4. @Albroswiftwill do! I made 10 rounds the other night. I am gonna try and get to the range today.
  5. @Albroswiftok will do. I see what you mean. That makes sense.
  6. @edgecrusheroh that’s awesome! I am very glad to hear that. I have a decent amount on hand.
  7. @Albroswifti don’t have a ton of ar-comp on hand. Did you like using varget at all?
  8. Good morning. Do any of you guys load for the LR-308? I am curious if you have and tips or tricks for it. When I have loaded 556 ammo I have ran into load data being to soft to cycle my AR. Curious if this happens with 308 as well. Also if anyone has any preferred loads that work well for them. I have in hand 168 gr sierra match king hpbt, varget, ar comp, imr4064 for powder. Thank you!
  9. My apologies. I thought I responded a bit ago. The bolt face looks ok. No issues that stand out so far. My guess is that the old extractor claw part was not up to spec and grabbing the rim like it should be.
  10. Update: installed a adjustable gas block and jp enterprise upgraded extractor. I also ran it very wet for a while. Cycling everything now perfectly. Thank you guys for all the help. Couldn’t have done it with you guys.
  11. @shooterrexi will get a picture of it tonight. yes. I use a dry lube. about 200ish. I was having the exact same issues with that spring in as well. it looks as if the extractor is not always grabbing the rim.
  12. Update: installed orange sprinco buffer spring and enhanced reliability extractor spring. I went to the range today… not good. First had a few of the same malfunctions in a row. Then I remembered I still had the quarter in place in the buffer extension tube. Then it ran several rounds in a row perfectly. 16 to be exact. Then I loaded a magazine with just Winchester white box M80 7.62X51. I fired 2 rounds and then a malfunction. I locked the bcg back with the bolt catch. This is where it gets weird. I could not remove the magazine easily at all and then I could not release the bolt with the bolt catch. There was no round trying to be chambered or anything. I had a friend help me release the Magazine. I had to hold the charging handle back as far as I could possibly could while he yanked in the mag. Something was clearly blocking it, as part of the magazine catch was protruding from the lower receiver. We could kinda hear some rattling around but could not locate anything. I was then looking at the ejected round and then my friend noticed that on the rounds that failed to extract from the chamber properly, they had a mark of the rim from the extractor. It was not a normal mark on the rim like the others. On those you could see the claw markings on the interior of the rim, but on these ones it was on the outside diameter of the rim. A definite line on the rim was made on the failed extracted cases. My question after all of this is, what can cause this? I am leaning towards the claw on the extractor is failing and should be replaced. But would love to hear some suggestions. Thank you as always! I attached a couple photos of the malfunctions so you guys can see what’s going wrong.
  13. Got the sprinco orange spring and extractor spring in. I hope to test it this week and have some feedback for you guys.
  14. @98Z5Vit wasn’t to bad after I figured it out! I I used my vice and tightened it lightly to hold them in place. It is just one pin across to held it together.
  15. @98Z5V You weren’t kidding! What an P.I.A!!! I got it out, cleaned it, and back together. It was definitely dirty in there. Some brass in there and a little chunk of metal or something came out. I cleaned it well. Degreased all the parts. So we will see. I ordered the sprinco orange buffer spring and extractor spring combo. Figured why not get both.
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