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  1. @dpetehahahahahahah. That is true! I would say it got sidetracked but veering back kinda hahah.
  2. @Armed Eye Docawesome thank you! Will do. @dpetemakes sene! Hahaha definitely created an image. Not exactly as @98Z5Vposted but along those lines but similar for sure haha. just reading the progression of that made me laugh like crazy.
  3. @Magwathank you I will do that! Do you remove the firing pin or anything before soaking? Do you remove the oil from any certain areas extensively afterwards?
  4. Update: it is carbine length. the gas port was undersized. extractor claw is broken.
  5. @98Z5Vnot sure yet. I will try to find out ASAP.
  6. The details I have as of right now from him are standard carbine extension. Standard carbine spring. H1 buffer. Midlength gas tube.
  7. Do you guys have the specs on the gas port of the 50 Beowulf? Midlength gas system? A coworker of mine has one, and the issues that he is running into seem eerily familiar to the issues I was having with the LR-308. Cycles some stuff barrel but then with other ammo it stovepipes ever time.
  8. @98Z5V thank you! just out of curiosity. Are you guys familiar with .458 socom or 50 Beowulf?
  9. @shooterrexok thank you. That is good to know. Is there any that is known to be better than others?
  10. Hello all. I was wonder What surplus ammo you guys run if at all? Have noticed can be cost saving. I am interested in some of it but unsure what’s junk and to stay away from and what’s good to go ammo.
  11. @Albroswift hahahah that’s hilarious. That’s very good to know about the customer service though. Makes a huge difference.
  12. @Albroswiftit looks nice. How is their durability?
  13. @Albroswiftthat looks awesome! Very sleek looking. What is that handguard?
  14. @98Z5Vthank you very much! Could not have done it with out you for sure. You were very helpful. I learned a ton!
  15. @Albroswifti honestly really like it due to weight savings. It also gives it a sleek look. The accuracy is great for what I wanted. I built it as a maneuverable spr. Not a bench gun.
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