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  1. Update: I got the gun together and it runs great. The gas block allowed me to adjust for m80 ball and the bolt locks back on the last round without a problem. It seems to run Winchester 7.62 NATO, German surplus 7.62 NATO, and .308 Tulammo steel case with no issues. The Aero Precision rail is clamp style unfortunately, and shifted slightly after the first time out. I decided to add a sling mount between the rail and the upper receiver to have two points of contact to prevent it from shifting. Took it out again and it ran the Tula and surplus ammo without shifting. The sling mount looked tacky there so I decided to try something I'd never seen before and I added a second sling mount and made a 750 paracord carry handle out of them. The gun weighs in at just over 9 1/2 lbs unloaded, which is acceptable for me. Still figuring out where I'm going to do the engraving.
  2. Sounds good. I will change the pins out to the originals and see how it goes.
  3. Greetings all. I am new to the forum and wanted to share my build in progress on a gun I'm building as a tribute to my late grandfather who served during WWII on the pictured B-24 that was nicknamed "Tail Dragon". I am planning on laser engraving the upper with the image below. I've built a few AR15s in the past without problems, but I've been apprehensive about getting into an AR10 style build for years because of the issues I knew I would likely run into with reliability and compatibility. What I have so far: Aero Precision M5 upper and lower Geissele SSA-E FCG Griffin Armament maritime receiver extension (AR10 length) AR-SOB 4.9 oz buffer and 17-7 AR10 CAR wire spring Criterion 16" stainless steel nitrided barrel, rifle length gas system, 15.25" gas tube, .094 gas port size, .750 gas block journal, ~3.03" from center of gas port to end of barrel JP Enterprises High Pressure EnhancedBolt Assembly in .308 headspaced from Criterion Barrels Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 Grip Magpul SL-S Stock Strike Industries Anti-Walk Trigger & Hammer Pin Kit On the way: JP Enterprises FMOS Bolt Carrier (heavier than a standard LR-308 carrier) Planned parts: Aero Precision 15" M5 Atlas S-One M-Lok Handguard Wojtek Weaponry ARKTO .750 Set Screw Adjustable Gas Block Radian Raptor Charging Handle (AR10) Precision Armament EFAB .308 Hybrid Muzzle Brake Ultradyne C4 Iron Sights (.308/7.62) I've been reading a lot on these forums about properly balancing my recoil system with my gas system, and have tried to avoid mistakes to save myself the aggravation. I won't know whether there is an issue with my build until it is all put together, but I realize that given this set-up my rifle will likely have cycling issues due to the extra weight in the bolt carrier and the small size of the factory drilled gas port. Coming from the AR15 side of things, the rifle length 16" barrel seemed like an odd choice at first, but I have read of others who reported better reliability with that particular combination, so I figured I would give it a shot. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Thank you for the response, I've been reading though the forums a lot recently and it's clear to me that you are the community expert when it comes to things like this. I had the same hunch that it would likely be too small based on what I've read about manufacturers drilling these ports too small.
  5. It's .750 diameter. Was planning on putting a Wojtek click adjustable block on.
  6. Criterion Barrel, SS Nitrided, .308, 16" barrel, rifle length gas, 15.25" tube, .094 gas port that is ~3.03" inches from center of hole to end of the barrel. Wanting to reliably run m80 ball. First post.
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