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  1. That's an excellent point and one I hadn't considered. Thanks!
  2. Yeah - after blindly just buying factory AR15s for decades, my limited AR10 build experience has taught me to not trust anything from anyone ever. To be fair that's not a stretch for me, but it was eye-opening to say the least.
  3. I've built two (mostly) Wilson Combat .308 ARs and on the second one the barrel would close on a no-go gauge - with two Wilson Combat BCGs! Thread about it here. They took it back no problem, but my perception of "buy it all from WC so it will work right" is gone. On the first build I had all sorts of problems, too. I guess my point is that I don't have much confidence that a WC BCG is needed for a WC barrel.
  4. WTF - "Female cat-cat?" LOL What a weird thing to censor. Weird that I can only edit for 10 minutes.
  5. Just an update that I finally got back to the range with the finished rifle along with its XH 8.5oz heavy buffer in its Armalite tube and it is an absolute female cat-cat of a rifle now! It's not quite "watch the target through the scope while firing" smooth, but it's only an 18" barrel and a muzzle brake would solve that. I had a couple of friends along and they both commented on how freaking smooth it was. You guys fucking rock.
  6. BA Hanson 16" .308 on the way for $199 shipped. Can't beat that!
  7. I was literally just looking at BA barrels because they're on sale right now at Grayman: https://graymanindustries.com/ballistic-advantage/
  8. Also since they seem to be sold out of most .308 barrels, I'm gonna try a Faxon based on what seem to be some good experiences around here.
  9. Just wanted to update that I sent the barrel back to WC and requested a refund with the explanation that it closed on a no-go gauge. No argument, no drama - just a refund notice in my email. That's... kind of great.
  10. It's sitting on my desk right now. It's a monster. I'll update when I get to test it out.
  11. You have no idea how much I'd love to go down the suppressor route, but here behind enemy lines our benevolent dictator dickhead governor won't allow a flash-hider let alone a can.
  12. I'd like to tame the recoil a bit. My first AR10 was an actual Armalite AR-10(t) back in the early '00s and it was smooth as silk - I could watch apples explode through the scope after firing. It has a 24" barrel, but I'm hoping I can at least get in the ballpark of that sort of feel with this gun, and hopefully without a muzzle brake. To that end, now that I've got the Armalite receiver extension on there, any reason to not try an XH 8.5 Carbine Buffer and 308R spring from heavybuffers.com?
  13. Finally got the Armalite kit. Put it together and went out to range in the rain. 80 rounds of a mix of 308 and 7.62 downrange and while I wouldn’t quite say it ran like a top, it ran. The of feeding errors and the one stovepipe I had I can easily attribute to break-in. It only failed to lock back on an empty mag once, but since it was such a PITA before I’m being hyper critical of any failure. Other than that it’s behaving the way it should and I anticipate after another range trip or two it will settle in nicely. Thanks so much for your help!
  14. Had a weird conversation with WC today in which went like this: WC: "We don't headspace using gauges - we headspace using the bolt." Me: "Are you telling me that you don't headspace using NATO or SAAMI gauges?" WC: "We headspace using the bolt" Me: "How about this, then: I have two WC bolts and it closes on no-go with one but not with the other while my first barrel performs properly with either." WC: "Hang on.." WC: "I just talked to the rifle manager (or something) and he said that if you're not happy send it in and we'll look at it." Not a terribly satisfying conversation, and while it's great that they'll look at it, that means no rifle for another couple of weeks. Am I wrong for thinking that a brand new barrel closing on a no-go a problem?
  15. Yeah, that's the plan. I'm annoyed now because I can't shoot it, I can't call them until Tuesday because Monday's a holiday, and if I send it back and get another it will be weeks until I see it. On top of that USPS lost my Armalite buffer kits so now I've got two complete WC rifles that I can't shoot. I anticipate that they'll both totally kick ass in the end, but what an uphill battle.
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