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  1. A little bit of powdered graphite wiped off with the dryer sheet may work even better.
  2. For bottle neck rifle cartridges, I’ve only loaded 5.56 NATO, 270 Winchester, and 308 Winchester. Forster’s “bench rest seater” die is simply a better mousetrap IMHO. There’s a spring loaded, sliding sleeve inside the die that mimics a chamber. This is supposed to improve alignment/reduce runout. In my somewhat limited experience it works. I started with Hornady die sets. They work, no doubt. I just prefer the Forster and believe that consistent bullet seating is vitally important for accuracy. My hand loading mentor loved to say “If it’s not accurate, it’s not interesting.” Note: Redding’s competition seating die is virtually identical in the way it works. It’s my understanding that Redding waited until Forster’s patents ran out…
  3. Sorry for necro post but this hit me where it hurts. SOooo many wealthy mother truckers from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York converted their stupidly expensive “summer homes” into permanent residences here in Maine since 2019. Now we have to fight CRT on the School Boards and listen to “affordable housing” pitches. Kennebunkport just sold a subsidized “affordable” house for $220,000 and that doesn’t include the land it sits on. Affordable used to be a 1 acre lot with a double wide. GD year roun’ summah people are going to ruin this state.
  4. Expensive but far and away the best tool for installing/removing barrels and muzzle devices. The Midwest Industries version engages the barrel extension and the entire slot inside the upper receiver. So much better than putting a clamshell around the upper that may or may not fit right. This buffer tube clamp is useful as well, especially for any collapsible stock tube. I like being able to rotate the lower instead of being stuck with it upright. https://botach.com/kz-ar15-m4-receiver-extension-buffer-tube-block/
  5. I hope that it’s OK to add to this really old thread. If not, please delete. Sierra, Hodgdon, Hornady and Vihtavuori all have “apps” now. Most if not all require a subscription, but it is nice to have everything in one device. Free load data online: https://www.hodgdonreloading.com https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/ https://www.accuratepowder.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/accurate_load_data_3.5.pdf https://www.barnesbullets.com/load-data/ I’m a firm believer in having 2 data sources if at all possible, with one being the bullet manufacturer. YMMV
  6. MY APOLOGIES 🥴 TL:DR fit is ok when barrel nut is torqued down guttentite. Measurements checked out in terms of barrel extension shoulder to back edge (feed ramps) being almost equal to distance from forward side of receiver shoulder to back side of opening inside receiver. Second measurement was difficult to get accurately. I can’t use torque wrench on my old barrel wrench. That’s why I didn’t just install the barrel before. German torque setting did the job just fine, although I obviously need the barrel wrench my torque wrench will fit into to finish the job. Barrel fit into receiver is pretty loose until the last 1/8” or so which is very tight. Like too tight to press barrel in by hand and a bit of a challenge to pull barrel out again after tightening barrel nut.
  7. Good question. I think so; however, the Aero Precision enhanced upper is different so you can’t see directly. The barrel nut is threaded on the outside and it goes into a housing also used to mount the handguard later. The locator/alignment pin on the barrel extension seems to be as far back as possible but I can’t see it. Need to figure out a way to measure and confirm that. I expect that I’ll be spending time in the phone with Aero Precision tomorrow morning. I will start by asking dimensions from barrel flange to end of extension and where the alignment pin should be.
  8. No - just dry fitting parts to check compatibility. Honestly, I’m waiting on the correct barrel wrench to arrive along with headspace gauges.
  9. First time 308 AR builder so please bear with me. If this is in the wrong forum section I apologize. 5 Aero Precision M5E1 “enhanced” upper receiver. “Accepts standard DPMS 308 components.” Fulton Armory 308 AR 18.5” barrel made by Criterion for FA. “For use on DPMS/Remington/FA pattern rifles…” The “M4 feed ramps” do not match up flush with the barrel extension feed ramps. It looks like the barrel extension needs to go 1/16” or more further back into the receiver for the receiver feed ramps to flow into the barrel extension feed ramps. However, that is not physically possible. Yes, I am positive that the barrel extension alignment pin is all the way into the groove in the upper receiver. Obviously I’ve got a compatibility problem, but I don’t know which manufacturer to contact first in order to resolve the problem. I foolishly thought that if both parts are “DPMS” pattern, then they should fit together. The barrel is the first part I spec’d so I’m not keen on sending it back. Unfortunately, there are several things I really like about Aero Precision’s “enhanced” upper receiver and I already picked up their matching M5 lower. I do NOT want to return an FFL item… On a side note, just before I hit Checkout on the Fulton Armory site, I thought I’d look at their rifle length gas tubes. 15.5” long “for use on FA-308 AR barrels… will also work on “Armalite AR-10”. The barrel description simply says “rifle length gas system” with no mention of Armalite pattern. Based on discussions here, I ordered the FA “rifle length” gas tube. It lines up correctly with the cam pin cutout in the upper when I dry fit everything - adding to the feed ramp mystery. Thanks in advance for suggestions on how to approach this problem.
  10. Amen! Honestly that’s the first public statement from a company opposing the mandates clear as a bell. SSA is such a good trigger anyway but this earns my loyalty.
  11. Wow! Where on earth do you find cases? Cast your own boolits? Load data - just 70 grains of black powder? The stock isn't in good shape at all - think I'll stick with the baby brother cartridge in an 1895. That thing kicks hard enough!
  12. Thanks! It's sort of a joke really - I get off I95 at exit 25 so barely into Maine at all.
  13. Hiya! I moved back to southern Maine near the coast in 2014 after more than 30 years in Virginia. I don't own any firearms, but I'm interested in Colt revolvers (1960 and earlier), Smith & Wessons, Dan Wessons, anything designed by John Moses Browning, and M1As. The What Would Stoner Do series on InRangeTV got me back into the AR15 world. Given shortages of virtually everything, a 308 AR seemed like an interesting topic to research... That's not entirely true - I do own a Brown Bess with a Tower of London proof mark and a Model 1871 Remington Rolling Block chambered in 50-70. I've never fired either one.
  14. I'm an older M1A guy moving to the dark side. Have built more than one AR-15. 18.5" barrel with rifle length gas system and .936" gas block journal. From everything I've read and heard, 308 ARs really benefit from an adjustable gas block even if I never intend to suppress this rifle. Adjustable gas blocks range in price from $60 to over $200. JP Enterprises and SLR both appear to make quality adjustable gas blocks, but I am open to any suggestions. Until this morning, I thought I'd be GTG with a 308 Carbine length buffer tube, buffer and spring. The CAR-10 system from HeavyBuffers seems to get good reviews. However, I just talked with 2 manufacturer techs and they both steered me toward a rifle length buffer tube and fixed stock. This isn't a close-quarters build by any stretch of the imagination so a fixed length of pull would be fine. Also, it would be nice to leave the door open for a second upper with a 22" 6.5 Creedmoor barrel for serious accuracy at longer ranges. So is a carbine length buffer system more problematic than a rifle length system? One thing I don't especially like about a fixed stock is more weight. I appreciate your help on this! Chip
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