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    Hunting, PRS competitor, Training, Gunsmithing, Fishing, SCUBA Diving, Gaming

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  1. Looking for a factory (unaltered) 24" DPMS .308win bull barrel to complete a build. Anything out there?
  2. On the hunt for the ever elusive DPMS quadrail that fits the LR-308 slick side, high-high top upper. Hope someone can help me conclude my year long search.
  3. Yeah, I have spent the last year researching, just to learn that DPMS was the only one to make a quadrail for that upper. I understand why they made that tall upper, but I am building a couple different uppers with original DPMS parts (St. Cloud factory) and I want to do a slick side with the quad due to how beefy that receiver is. The worst part is when searching for that handguard, as soon as I type in "DPMS" it shows me every handguard that fits the DPMS platform, and not the brand. I was hoping somebody on here could point me in the right direction, or better yet, have one they would sell.
  4. I know this is an extremely old thread. But does anybody know where to find one of those DPMS quadrails for the LR-308 high top uppers? Since DPMS has changed hands they don't make them, and I called Luth-AR (reincarnated DPMS) and asked but they don't know either. Any help would be appreciated. I would even settle for a used one that I can have cerakoted. Much thanks, -DYLAN
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