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  1. Still got my FFL, and have a few lowers left. I should add "FULL SEMI" on them.
  2. Had to fall off for a bit. Kids issues needed my attention. LMK if you need help. Mike knows how to get a hold of me in a pinch.
  3. Missed your post. Still need it cut? -S
  4. Interesting... still saving up for my Sako TRG42
  5. I should see if they will replace my Viper spotting scope. The picatinny rail broke off it.
  6. Speaking from a licensed FFL manufacturer's standpoint, it's critical to keep accurate records. Never mess with "the process" and keep everything straight in the books and you should be OK with the ATF. The thing is the records are held by the FFL holder and not by the ATF (unless the company goes out of business). To be honest, the process of record keeping is a joke right now if you want to consider it as "registration" so that the gub'mint can track down your stuff.
  7. Somehow this comes to mind.
  8. Thanksgiving is right round the corner. Black friday sales would make good targets. I'd avoid those.
  9. Hmmm.... this makes me want to dig up my 180gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullets and load them with the 308 match brass.
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