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I've only had my LR-308 a couple months and the weather hasn't been very cooperative. I've been shooting a Hornady 190 gr BTSP in Win commercial brass with 44 grs of Varget. IT was about a 1 1/2" shooter before I had the barrel recontoured but doesn't seem to like it now. It is a max load, and I'm sure would be over pressure in mil brass. I'm also shooting a Rem 150 gr Corlokt in Lake City '83 brass and I think the same 44 gr varget load. My rifle shoots this pretty good and I use it as my general purpose load, about 1 1/2-1 3/4" groups. I'm playing with a hornady 165 gr plastic tip bullet in Win Comm brass and Varget also. It  shoots about like the 150 gr Corlokt loads. Next on my agenda is to try the same bullets with H-4895. I would also like to try some 110-130 gr varmint bullets for chucks and 'yotes.

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My first load 43gr Benchmark 150gr SMK and a WLR primer in new WW brass 2.795 OAL if I remember correctly.  I also tried a 155gr Hornady Amax over the same load.  The SMK is an extremely accurate load and seems very mild in my rifle.  I have shot two 5 shot groups with the SMK and both were very tight in the .3-.4in range at 100yds.  I will update as I work up loads as I have lots of different bullets/powders to try...

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Any chance I could get specific recipes for varget and/or reloader 15??  I have Hornady 308 win match brass and Hornday match 168gr bthp.  Another question I had was about the seating depth since most any recommended depth is for bolt guns.  Didn't know if it might need to be seated a little more shallow in the semi auto

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Use the suggested starting loads from a good reloading manual, and slowly work your way up. Use the SAAMI overall length and you won't go wrong. I like a canelure on my bullets so that pretty much determines your oal. The 308AR's load so rough I worry about bullets getting pushed back into the case.

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