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  1. Whoa whoa whoa, welcome? I've been around for a couple years, just took a little vacation:-P I'm kinda hurt you don't remember me Matt
  2. I know its a little but different ballgame but do firefighters count on this board?
  3. How much did it cost you to get that barrel threaded and the thread saver to match??
  4. Hey guys, long time no see!!! I figured it might have been long enough that I better re-introduce myself:-p P.S. I now have a Magpul PRS stock, a Speedlock carrier weight system and flatwire buffer spring from David Tubb and an SR Gold trigger ;D Very lackadaisicaly looking for a monopod for my stock rail but that's about it for now
  5. no word on that cws yet??? cmon 98, dont start slackin now.... :P
  6. I ordered the weight system about 3 months ago, but sadly I can't tell you whether or not it works effectively or not. I just finally got the complete set because the first one I got didn't have all the parts in it. I haven't even had a chance to put it on or anything. If you get yours installed, I wouldn't mind hearing how much of a difference it makes on your rifle.
  7. nice, sorry for the bum info. I guess they don't feel they should inform the customers that they are out of stock until after they have all the personal info.....which pisses me off btw
  8. Glad you found us, what part of kansas you shooting from??
  9. lol don't worry, I just took the most distorted read and decided to have a little fun with it ;D I got my laugh out of it for sure, just couldn't resist O:-)
  10. lol great find on that master kit, I will probly get one eventually. The price on that 98b isn't that bad either, just make one gun every two months instead of the normal 2 or 3 for 4-6 months and you have the money plus enough left over to buy a few rounds to shoot ;D
  11. I've used quite a bit of John Lott's stuff in papers that I had to write in college. Good stuff, I don't know that the teachers always agreed though ;D
  12. It seems like they might have it now matt. I didn't complete the order but I was all the way to putting all of my delivery and billing info with no problems. Might be worth another try. Dustin
  13. What do you mean dirigo??? It almost sounds like you are saying I don't know anything??? >:( Compared to Imschur and 98 and some of the others I don't know much. I've been on the site for a while, and yes I'm a mod, but I have only had my DPMS 308 for a little over a year. AND, unlike some of the guys (98), I don't have 53 other 5.56 pea shooters too. My 308 is my one and only ;D shhhh don't tell my fiance I said that :o If you have a question, speak up, I guarantee you won't be made fun of and I'm pretty sure you will get the answer you need. And for all you super shots out there, if you had to learn a hard lesson, post it....I wanna learn from your mistakes not my own lol <thumbsup> Dustin
  14. I really like the way it looks too but looks are a mute point honestly....the only question now is, how does it shoot???
  15. I love the shoot-n-see targets but most of the time I don't wanna spend the money for em. Last time I shot I picked up a bunch of timecards from our shop n printed out some of the targets that 98 and drew put up here....works great since the time card are a full size page of heavy cardstock and don't just blow out the first time you shoot them. It's no fun shooting when you have to replace your target every shot cuz the bulls eye is gone ;D
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