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PSAPA!) GEN 2 Build (repost from 308 parts topic)


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This will be a build list, cost and lessons learned post about building a PSA PA10 Gen II .308 AR  platform rifle. I started the build with the mindset that I could get a good quality upper , lower and barrel combo for a reasonable price, so I could splurge on better quality components and come away with a solid performing rifle. The core of the rifle is the PSA PA10 Gen II upper , lower and 14.7" barrel. I price shopped on the LPK and bought a DPMS LPK for $69.99 figuring I would save $30.00 over the PSA LPK, but we will get to that later. I will list the parts and then note where I could have saved some money is I went with some generic options over some of the components I selected to build this rifle.


PSA Gen 2 PA10 .308 stripped lower                                                              $99.99

PSA AR10 14.7" mid length barrel                                                                   $99.99

PSA PA10 Gen2 complete upper                                                                   $149.99

PSA PA10 pivot pin                                                                                          $14.99

PSA PA10 .308 takedown pin                                                                          $16.95

Midwest Industries 308ss15 DLM  rail                                                            $209.95

ACE skeleton stock 9.9"                                                                                   $91.99

JP Enterprises silent capture recoil spring assy Gen @ AR-10, LR 308        $139.95

Vltor BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 Med CH                                                               $52.15

Troy Industries low profile gas block                                                                 $35.99

gas tube mid length                                                                                           $13.86

SilencerCo Specwar 762 Muzzle Brake                                                            $79.99

DPMS LPK .308                                                                                                $69.99

Plus 1 Armory Nickle Boron DPMS Spec .308 BCG                                      $179.99

Doublestar A2 Buffer Tube                                                                                $24.99

MagPul MOE RVG                                                                                            $26.99

MagPul K2 Grip Black                                                                                       $24.99

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope w/ EBR-556B Reticle                         $314.10

TOTAL COST                                                                                               $1646.84

MINUS OPTICS AND ACCESSORIES   (MagPul   grip and RVG)              $1280.75



PSA has a lot of PSA specific parts, trying to save a buck or thirty has cost me more.

Everyone plays by their own rules, All the same yet different

A little more research and less impulse would go a long way

If they recommend to use only their parts, heed their advice

Patience is a virtue


ON THE CHEAP( going full budget build):

NO need to upgrade to MagPul grip and RVG all LPKs come with an A2 pistol grip

Convention buffer  and spring saves money

Rear stocks are cheap, did not need the ACE skeletonize rear stock

Charging handles are cheap

.308 muzzles devices are cheap can be had as cheap as $15.00 (had a .308 A2 style flash hider in a parts box)

There is a large variety of front rail systems did not need to spend over $200.00 on a free float rail


generic rail                      $24.21

.308 recoil spring              $5.99

.308 buffer                        $5.25

AR 3 prong Flash hider    $9.90

PSA lpk                          $99.99

TOTAL PARTS             $145.34


UPGRADE PARTS       $630.96



MINUS UPGRADE PARTS                                       $630.96

TOTAL                                                                       $649.79

PLUS BUDGET PARTS                                            $145.34

TOTAL BUDGET BUILD                                           $795.13 

Keen observers will note the pivot and takedown pins are incorrect. I hope to have it at the range this weekend but I have a bolt catch issue and need to get the Muzzle brake pinned and welded.


I know this was long but hopeful it was informative and will help someone avoid the mistakes I made.




















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