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My AR-10 build

Bill Eckberg

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i started my AR-10 build in November with purchase of a 80% lower and trigger group from 5dtacticle. I had no clue as to what to do. The interweb is great I found forums to check out. I recently purchased a router jig kit from 5dtacticle and the suggested router and router / drill kit. I do recommend the purchase of a kit that will do ar-10 &-15s. After hogging out the block that turned out great. My story took a turn down the road of troubles. I could not get the trigger group to function properly. Moving along I purchased a complete upper, bolt carrier, charging handle, stock and spring tube assembly. After putting it all together, four things showed up the trigger would not work properly, the spring tube had troubles, the bolt carrier would not cycle and the bolt would not lock back. So here is what I had to do! First I disassembled the trigger group smoothed out and polished all the parts that had rough edges. Then the spring under the disconnect had to much tension so I removed one coil, now the trigger group works. Next the recoil spring tube had a issue where the keeper pin would fall out, the fix the stock has to be threaded in enough to retain the buffer spring plunger so the pi sits hard against the stock end. Next the bolt was very rough and the charging handle was rough easy enough smooth out the parts. The biggest problem was the bolt catch wasn’t doing its job. It turns out that with the upper and lower mated together was causing the bolt catch to not lift up high enough. Everything looked right when it was just the lower the magazine would ingage and lift the catch up enough. It took some time to identify the problem, with upper and lower mated, without the buffer system installed. I slid the bolt back to expose the catch, then while installing the magazine I noticed the catch was contacting the upper  side wall not allowing the catch to move up far enough. After carefully removing material from this upper area the catch does what it should. Now the weapon operates properly. I found all the info. online by asking about each problem one at a time. Until each problem was solved.  I know this thread is long winded but if you are having any of these troubles maybe my expirence will help point you in the right direction, because I can’t be the only one to face these issues. Thanks for reading.

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