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Mad scientist


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Well I played the mad scientist this afternoon and cooked up a few loads with a buddy's help.  We loaded 50 Lapua cartridges with CCI #34 primers, 44.5gr of Varget, and topped it off with a Hornady Match 168gr BTHP seated to an overall length of 2.8. 

Then we loaded 50 Hornady Match cartridges with CCI #34 primers, 42gr of Reloder 15, and topped 20 with Hornady 168gr AMAX, 15 with Hornady 165gr Interbond, and 15 with Hornady Match 168gr BTHP; all of them seated to 2.855 for a more snug chamber fit.  We also reloaded 18 odd cartridges with 44.5gr of Varget and topped 10 with the AMAX bullets and 8 with the Interbond

The only immediate problem was where to store all these loads separately, so I started loading them into clips.  The C-products mags were good for any of the loads but I found out that the 2.855 lengths were about .02-.03 to long to fit into the factory DPMS mags.

I haven't been able to shoot any of the new loads as the weather here in Oklahoma took a nasty turn this weekend with high wind and snow :-\  I hope to be able to get some shooting done soon though.

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I like a 100 rd plastic cartridge box. I take an extra fine sharpie and write the load on the side of the cartridge. Makes it easier to keep the brass sorted out after firing and checking for pressure signs. Leave an empty row between loads. I've also used different colored markers on the primers to help sort things out too. When you decap the casings the marks are gone.

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Good idea about the colored sharpies on the primer, then you just write down what each color is and you are good to go.  I do like the idea of the 100 or even two 50 shell boxes (my reloading buddy has a 50) but as I hadn't ever done any reloading I did not have one :o lol I got all the different loads stored and labeled well enough for now though.  I loaded them into a couple empty factory shell boxes I had, and put the rest in clips with the load info on a piece of paper inserted between the top shell and the feed lips :) For future reloading though, DEFINATELY want to get some of the little green reloading boxes lol

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