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Shotgun wedding


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This is just a short skit, much like a funny movie scene in writing. Just a little something that popped in to my head today during a conversation.


John and Jenny were walking up the isle, getting married. John repeatedly looked over his shoulder to notice Jenny's father. He had a rough look on his face and a military style haircut and could easily be taken for a drill sergeant. He constantly stared at John, as to show he meant business.

A few weeks later, Jenny's father, "Edward" was walking John through the woods. Edward carried a shotgun in his hands, which John regularly glanced over his shoulder at in terror.

As Ed was guiding John through the woods, John, in a terrified tone, said, "you know, you can get in allot of trouble for this." Ed replied, "KEEP MOVING!" and John nervously turned and kept walking.

A little later, they stopped at their destination and Ed started readying his shotgun when John said, "I don't see why this is really necessary. I'm in love with your daughter,  I'm a good man, I work hard and am more then able to take care of her."

Ed replied, "Do you really think I give a !@#$% about that right now?"

Now in a state of extreme terror, John looked at the shotgun and said, "You're Sure this thing doesn't kick as hard as they say?"

Ed replied, "Correct, and that job of yours counts for nothing if the world goes to hell in a hand basket, so you need to learn how to hunt if you're going to take care of my daughter."

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