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Site Rules: Read Before Posting

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Violating any forum rule will result in a warning or permanent ban from this site. There are no second warnings. Any Administrator may warn or ban a user for violating forum rules. Moderators may warn users or recommend a user be banned to any Administrator. We trust their judgement and will respond accordingly.


1.  No conversations in which the subject content relates to circumventing federal, state and local firearm laws
2.  No advertising or product promotion without being a site sponsor. This includes promotion through an avatar or your signature. Contact  administrator imschur for details on the possibility of becoming a sponsor.
3.  Treat each other with respect. We have a zero tolerance for trolling, instigating and lying.
4.  If you disagree be factual do not rely on word of mouth and rumors.
5.  No derogatory remarks about people, websites and manufacturers. If you have an issue with a manufacturer back it up with evidence such as pictures.
6.  Representing this site for your own gain elsewhere on the net.
7.  Do not register under multiple accounts
8.  No racist or hate remarks
9.  No inappropriate pictures and subject matter
10. Represent yourself truthfully - Do not misrepresent your status, position, rank etc.
11. Transactions between forum members, advertisers and sponsors are your own personal responsibilities. However If a sale or trade was conducted from a members post, a reply that the transaction went well is encouraged.
12. Sponsors and Advertisers are not exempt from the forum rules.
13. Poor conduct at other sites - Most staff members are members of other popular firearm forums. It's a safe bet that if someone is a problem elsewhere they will be a problem here.
14.  Do not post others content as your own
15. No use of tracking links or revenue generating links to benefit an individual member.
16. Keep pictures of dead animals in the hunting section. Remember while we all share a common interest in firearms not all members and gun owners are hunters.
17. Group buys must be approved by imschur
18. Picture's or it did not happen. Do not discredit a product or organization without factual proof that you can share publicly.

While it's our hope that everyone will get along peacefully, we understand that some people just wont fit in here. We reserve the right to ban or remove anyone from this site for any reason we choose for the benefit of the community as a whole.

*Do have fun
*Do invite your friends
*Please use our sponsors when possible

*Piss me or the staff off and your gone. I will always side with them.

As this is a public forum use the information contained here at your own risk. You are responsible for your own actions and safety

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