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Took it out and shot it yesterday


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Overall, not too bad of a sunday morning. Brought 110 rounds with me (and 100 for the 1911) and my 16 year old daughter. Went through the tedious one shot - clean, one shot - clean cycle to break in the barrel then started trying to zero my $25 Chinese holographic sight. Retrospectively, I should have worked on the BUIS instead, but it wasn't particularly about accuracy, just running rounds through to get breakin started.


I had a couple issues though. On some of the early shots, it seemed to me like the extractor was scraping the bottom of the brass excessively (not on the rim though, on the bottom) but it seemed to lighten up as we went on. The 2 more significant problems were failure to feeds, failure to fires, and I think not such a big deal the bcg not sliding all the way forwards without letting it slam from locked.


So my ammo was 80s vintage south African mil surplus, and I was a dummy and didn't tumble or clean it first either. Some of it was fairly rough, and as I mentioned, some failed to fire entirely. So i'm thinking the failure to feeds were due to the crappy ammo vs the rifle itself. It might be though that I have the adjustable gas block turned down some from fully open too though. not really sure how to tell. Out of 110 rounds, 4 failed to fire, and we had maybe 15 or so total failure to feeds


It was satisfying to shoot, loud but pretty controllable. when I had the reflex sight close to zero, I was able to dump a full 20 round mag in less than 20 seconds and stay in a group 3-4" at 25 yards. I'll worry about actual accuracy once my scope rings come in :) Recoil wasn't bad at all. Granted the 100 or so rounds we fired were split up some, but If my 16 year old 120lb daughter can deal with it, its pretty good. It could be the Mako GL shock stock is helping some, without something else to throw on though I have nothing to compare it to.

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