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Everything posted by EasyEJL

  1. net sum of my damage, with the eye of irma having passed over my house....
  2. That stuff I have plenty of. For water, my hot water tank is 80 gallons (seriously, special order item), and my one bathtub is a "Corner garden tub" which is about 90 gallons, and i'll fill it if things start to look crazy. Plenty of canned goods, beans, and my house + grill are on city gas, which they never shut down because turning it back on is nightmarish There are a few things in there that aren't obvious, like a takedown 10/22 and a bullpup 10/22 but you're right, I need more in there. Mostly I went over ammo vs rifle for the "what order do I use these in".
  3. it turned out to be the area near the pin hole, was a little thicker than the rest. some sandpaper and it went together. The rest of the rifle is done too, excepting waiting on a 308 carbine buffer + spring....
  4. Here's my hurricane preparedness....
  5. Shows how long its been since I fired an AR :)
  6. I installed a trigger into the matrix lower, and the safety can only be moved from fire to safe while the hammer is cocked. Any ideas why?
  7. in the interim while I haven't been here, I bought a bike
  8. I was wondering about that when I looked at a regular AR15 one. Damn armalite ;)
  9. what i need to do is run a mic across it and see what the width difference is from the one end to the other on the bolt catch. because the lower itself seems perfect as the catch slides in all the way just up to the end.
  10. ok, so actually putting it together now, with a armalite 10A lpk. everything EXCEPT the bolt catch goes in fine. the bolt catch slides in smoothly right up to the last 1/16 of an inch or so then binds. did anyone else run into this? I'm guessing its just slightly malformed, which I really didn't expect from an armalite piece. Outside of that, the rest went together smooth as silk
  11. I tried that coupon code and it says its not valid :(
  12. Can you guys keep an eye out and PM me if they do this again?
  13. EasyEJL


    I took a can of pineapple chunks, ate about half of them :D but used the rest and all the juice, a can of mango nectar, started those boiling. Chopped and added all the peppers, some cilantro, ,some garlic, salt, a little bit of vinegar, some lemon juice, some added sugar. Let it simmer an hour or so, then ran an immersion blender through it and let it continue to simmer down to where it got to the thickness I wanted it (sort of wing tossing sauce grade). Its hotter as a sauce than the buffalo wild wings mango habanero but fairly close (not quite flavor wise, but hotness wise).
  14. EasyEJL


    I managed to make around a quart of hot sauce from the 5 fatally peppers and assorted other not super hot peppers I managed to grow this year. turned out nice, tossed some wings in it last week
  15. new house paint! not as exciting as some of the pics here, but what the heck
  16. grabbed a few of the covert cargo pants and the performance shirts. Good timing, I just got a new job and won't be working from home anymore so I needed some new business casual clothes anyhow :D being able to carry in a hidden pocket in the pants is just an extra bonus, and it's not like I was going to pay much less than $22 even shopping at Ross or Marshalls for khakis. Free shipping too, whoohoo and thanks for putting this up!
  17. unless I somehow missed it, I didn't see a price for this
  18. With all the grease in the pic, it's hard to tell what the gap is between the bottom of the barrel nut and the receiver.
  19. Did the barrel nut come with the rail, with the barrel, or with the upper?
  20. I'm down to trigger (I know I have one here someplace), buffer + buffer spring to complete my matrix 308 build, from the Rediman buy. Figure maybe someone will see a hot deal for labor day and clue me in
  21. too hot to work in the garage on guns, so I ordered myself a coloring book :D
  22. EasyEJL


    I was wearing the nitrile gloves cutting up a fatali pepper, this is the first year I actually got some off any pepper plant (I tend to kill them off)
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