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AR308-for sale 99% build.. all new parts..


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Right Before Sandy Hook I started purchasing parts for another AR308 build and I was able to get everything but a forearm/quad rail. I just couldnt decide which one I wanted to get. So i held off. then the shooting happened then NY safe happened and while Im moving from NY- its not soon enough. and I wont register this rifle.. so its got to go. also I am having a bolt action rifle built that I need glass for. So that being said all parts are brand new.  I used the same parts in my last build and the gun was a total shooter..

So I am after two things. cash for my scope or a trade for the glass I am looking for.

Iam looking for NF scopes or SB scopes.. obviously cash on my end if the scope is worth more than my trade value.

NF f1, SB 4x16x50 PM2- try me ?


Here is my list of parts...

Outlaw guns and ammo lower-DPMS compat.

DPMS lower parts kit

Magpul PRS stock

A2 buffer tube

Heavy buffer and spring kit- 10oz - these are must for reloading and shooting the AR10..

Ergo grip

Rainier arms 1/11 twist 20nch select barrel

vortex flash hider

rifle length gas tube and low profile gas block

AR308 bolt that has been headspaced to the barrel

chrome bolt carrier

POF rolling cam pin

titanium nitride coated gas key- with screws.. has not been staked yet.. 2 screws for now and two extra

firing pin

DPMS standard upper receiver with forward assist

BCM mod 3 charging handle.

1 C products magazine - 20rd New in package

4 Pmags 20rd new in package



$1850 spent on parts...mags were bought separate.

I paid retail normal pricing for all parts... so Iam not passing on any stupid pricing.

yes I am new to this forum.. dont have posts.. but I have seen there a few guys looking for rifles so I figured I would try here.

If you feel you need to verify me.. Please do. call AJ at Foresaken Arms his name on the forum is Mac83


$2000 shipped .. with mags and all.. thats mags for $30 a piece..

again all new parts..

there is one small mark on the barrel near where the gas block covers.. and I bought it that way.. it is what it is...


Please PM me if you have questions...




i tried to upload pics but my files are too big.. and Im too dumb to know how to change them?





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