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Long flash suppressor

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I am offering for sale a flash suppressor that is 5 1/2" long. Its diameter is 0.875". With dimensions like that, it looks pretty snarky. Even on a long barrel. Pinned to a short barrel, it would help meet the minimum barrel length mandate.


Here's a pic, with a .308 Win cartridge next to it for comparison and scale:




The indented 'ridges' at the bottom of the unit is where the threads are. That's intended to make it visually appropriate for a variety of barrel diameters. It's drilled and tapped the standard 5/8" x 24 threads per inch.


I originally got this for two reasons: first, I thought a long tube with holes might reduce muzzle blast. Second, I wanted to experiment with forbidden gun muzzle technology. The dimensions are ideal for such experiments, but the nature of my experiments must forever be kept secret.


On its own, it didn't reduce muzzle blast, and my experiments are done. After all that, and maybe a total of 10 rounds through it, it still looks new and snarky. And of course good for another experimenter as well.


I'm asking $30. I will cover shipping, which will include parcel tracking so that you can snoop on US Postal Service activities.

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