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Everything posted by mikefla31

  1. I tried taking some off of it last night but its all just to jammed up in there. I think I will just have to take the Bi pod off and get a nice fore grip to use when i hunt with the rifle.. here is a pic.. I think you can tell from this pic not much space.. If i need to I can take a close up..
  2. Well I mentioned this with my pic I posted, but no feedback on that part yet .. My question is I tried a grip on my rail behind my bipod and the grip is about 1/16 of a inch to long to fit it hits the swivel screw on my pod and its as far up as it can go. I believe the grip was made by tapco, are all grips pretty much the same lenght on the rail end or are some shorter? That way I could move it back a Tad. If so can you give me a manufacturer name thanks
  3. Well here is a updated pic of my Oracle.. Got the Nikon 3x12x42 scope, the Burris mount, Harris adjustable Bi-pod, Magpul stock only two things left I'm wanting is a fore grip and a tact. light.. Only problem I have run into so far is the grip i got is about 1/16 of inch to long to fit on my rail behind the bipod it hits the swivel finger screw on the back, but im sure someone makes one a tad bit shorter.. I can't wait to hit the range Tuesday with her!
  4. Well I just took care of the problem... I ordered it myself from them and it will be here in 7-10 business days and found a guy who will put it on for 25.00 being i dont have the tools to do it. Should have done this from the start. I'm learning lol
  5. Hello.. I have a question .. I ordered a free float rail for my oracle from a local gun shop five weeks ago. I call once a week to check the status of it,every week I get its on order . Well this week I called dpms which is who he said he ordered it from .. they said they have them in stock and ready to ship and I would have it in 5-7 days... what do you think is the deal here? All I know is if isn't here by Tues this coming week I give up ! I haven't paid a dime toward it but I also hate to cause problems cause I go into this shop often. I called the shop and told them what dpms told me and he kinda just blew me off..what would you guys do?
  6. LOL If someone takes that pic serious.. they got some serious issues... I had it on my golf cart around about 20,000 ppl this past weekend and heard nothing bad, but got alot "likes" on it...
  7. new sticker i had made this weekend...
  8. this is the problem im having trying to find a quad rail for my DPMS the barrel nut is to big wont fit with most rails..
  9. Well after talking to a DPMS Rep. today he told me there are no two piece quad rails that will work on my rifle because the barrel nut is bigger on the DPMS that I have to go with a one piece free float.. Anyone else run into this problem?
  10. So bore snakes are bad to use on a barrel? I just bought one to use on my new DPMS should i not use it?
  11. The Plastic one that comes on it comes off in two pieces.. If you slide the delta ring back it will allow the two pieces to separate and slide out.. I think i'm going to go back with a two piece quad rail instead of a free float but i will post back with what i go with.. There is a gun show here in town sunday if i don't find anything there probably going to order a two piece from MidWest Ind. that 98Z5V recommended thanks!
  12. From Tampa area.. Nice site here looks like loads of friendly and helpful people here.... finally what I've been looking for!!
  13. Hey guys nice site here.. glad i finally found a site for AR10's... I just bought a new Oracle that I mounted a new Nikon Monarch scope on.. I'm having a tough time finding a two piece quad rail for this thing seems like everyone is either sold out or they want over 300.00 for them anywhere I might find some a bit cheaper? My second problem is i only have 1/8 inch gap with extra tall rings between the stock plastic piece im hoping that the quads will not be any taller? Thanks in advance for the help take care guys Ill be around thats for sure as this is all new to me.. :)
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