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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sliced open by a zip tie, we used to use the big 36” ones for making pipe hangers.....they’re sharp as a knife
  2. I would go to jail, I’d burn a Mf’rs house down! My biggest fear is her getting outside, she never leaves the yard but still worries me. I really don’t like outside cats but not that much...
  3. This is hank she’s a world class coon cat similar story twice she’s woke me up with a fat fucking coon in the bird feeder, toss her in the other room grab the .22 fling the patio door open, a crack and ting ting of the casing bouncing across the kitchen tile.
  4. Was gonna day the same they’ve always seemed cool
  5. Thought I’d never see it but I’m at a stare down with it right now all our projects got pushed back to June, so sounds like we’ll just be covering our call week for service. STRANGE FUCKING TIMES!
  6. shepp


    Damn that looks good, I did some pulled pork quesadilla with some, chopped the pork, with some monetary jack and bbq sauce cooked up in the skillet. I usually freeze the left Overs vac packet to do things like that with it as I feel
  7. Edit*** If he would have done it correctly I wouldn’t have to kick him in the dick
  8. 100% truth, if some guy ever comes up to me and says “hey I’m the guy who finished your basement” I’m gonna kick him straight in the dick and tell him he’s an idiot
  9. Leave it to a controls guy to over engineer the fuck outta something so simple 😘😘
  10. shepp

    Owl release

  11. shepp

    Owl release

    Are they down close to where you live? I’d love to see them next time im down
  12. shepp

    Favorite Recipes

    Pulled some chili verde outta the freezer I made earlier this year. The recipe is also where my canned salsa verde comes for I’ve shared in the desert https://honest-food.net/wild-boar-chile-verde-recipe/ I garnish with creme fresh and quest cotija over rice
  13. You’re right but all they do is bar hop and that’s gay like aids I wanna ride not drink and kill myself
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