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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. I’ve rode one of these they’re sketchy as fuck but fun I rode this one in Indy https://youtu.be/ZVf7DwMs99E
  2. I think sketch was talking about the FOJ footage from LA sat
  3. Oh I know what a “blood eagle” is
  4. It’s summer, it’s to hot for jeans
  5. Started watching Vikings last night I feel something deep in my genes watching this
  6. Lol it’s cool I don’t have quite as much FU as some of the other guys
  7. You also posted it in “bar and grill” I looked to see if anyone made a post before mine, it’s all good I merged it with my post 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  8. He’s an amazing human
  9. shepp


  10. shepp


    Finished IMG_7725.MOV
  11. shepp


    I’ve use these I wished they were a bit stronger
  12. shepp


    You want my meat in your mouth
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