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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. shepp


    They sure did. My grandpa ate two poached eggs, toast and bacon every day for at least my life time. Smoked cigars, lost his legs in a train accident and lived to be 92, there’s something to be said about that
  2. shepp


    Tried something new after seeing - video @greenmountaingrills posted a few months back. Trimmed my brisket yesterday, then rendered the fat with a cup of coffee in my crock pot which worked awesome! This morning I injected with the tallow and used as binder (I did not like it as a binder when I pulled it off the cookie sheet, alot stuck to the sheet). Rubbed it with a coffee rub. Flat is a touch dry but cut with a fork tender. ps I now will be saving all of my beef trimmings to make tallow for cooking. @DNPim kinda thinking of injecting a tri tip as an experiment pps: @Armed Eye Doc, Dirk or any others who get beef processed get your fat. Put it in the crock pot with a cup or so of water and let it got 8-9 hours. Save it like you would bacon grease. All this bs about cholesterol from animal fats was started in the 60’s by the sugar industry. In moderation animal fats are good for us, and these seed oils like corn, soy and grape seed were originally developed for industrial lubes and are linked to inflammation especially in our eyes. Probably better for you than bacon grease too cuz it’s straight fat, no salt or nitrates
  3. Yum I could go for a couple of those!@
  4. shepp


    I agree with knife, I have a long boning knife that works well. Problem with a slicer is it spins to fast causing the fat to heat up. They actually make special slicers for bacon because of that. Plus I like THICCC bacon
  5. Friend of mine has an HVAC company and did his, it really is!!
  6. A boiler, bunch of pex and some concrete
  7. He’s been skirting the laws for years, and it finally caught up to him, no need to be sorry. I’m sorry he can’t realize he was in the wrong instead of playing victim, still hasn’t learned from his mistake, and doesn’t understand why I’ll never hunt with him again.
  8. Mmmmmmmmmmm idk bout that…… the guy I know that got in trouble for “party hunting” lost and spent alot of money and to get out of jail time and $000,000 fines. And right off the bat they confiscated ALL his archery equipment. Then went thru his text records and harassed many other people with vague texts pertaining to hunting. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it but it’s far from a slap on the wrist.
  9. Two fucktards here stole boys 1st buck yesterday for the deer opener. One nice thing about Facebook is is spread like wild fire and they were busted this morning
  10. Seems like there were a ton in the 80’s and 90’s and faded off in the mid 00’s dazed and confused is a major one that was 94’ and then of course the classics like cocktail, top gun etc. I’ve talked about it a lot with friends and a lot of them say queen of the damned. another newer show that’s had a killer soundtrack is stranger things, but as an 80’s/90’s kid that whole show plays into my heart with nostalgia the lack of these days probably has a lot to do with what 98 and I were discussing, to many hands in the pots, everyone wants money for nothing and the cost of putting a killer soundtrack together just isn’t cost effective, with out the likes of Disney or Netflix behind the budget
  11. It’s been the same with comedians, they’re tired of the streaming services saying you can’t say this or that. So they’re just releasing it on YouTube and monetizing off that. They advertise on social and go on their friends podcasts and sticking it to the man
  12. He’s awesome and has a great story of turning his life around. He started writing in prison, he’s got some rap that’s just ok. But the man can sign and he’s hitting the country charts with son of a sinner. I’ve listen to him on a few comics pods I listen to and they all say what a great genuine guy he is.
  13. awesome! That’s what I tell everyOne who tells me I should open a restaurant, that takes all the fun outta it!
  14. It’s great isn’t it, I love being able to go to a channel for what ever mood I’m in! the sound track for guardians of the galaxy is a great one probably one of the greatest movie sound tracks in 10 years. I was listening to it with my mom, ELO comes on, she says “I bought this record a week before you were born”. Welp there’s my answer to why I like ELO so much
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