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  • Birthday 09/06/1981

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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. shepp


    That’s a big bitch
  2. shepp


    The Kraft single works as a moisture barrier to keep the bun from getting soggy
  3. shepp


    Found a new recipe for you 😁
  4. shepp


    No wonder you’re so angry
  5. shepp

    Sad news

    Sorry for your loss buddy, glad you could say your good byes and be there for his wife
  6. shepp


    @DNP you’re always so humble, but you deserve homage for introducing me to tri tip. I’ve found a different distributor here, and they leave the fat cap on it. Idk if that makes a difference but it’s so much better than the butchered ones I was getting. kinders “the blend” with extra black pepper and garlic, smoked at 175° till 105°. Pulled wrapped in alum foil raised the temp to 500° put it back on flipped at 115° and left till 15-130° rest till the temp started going backward about 142°
  7. shepp


    Looks great! I actually stole it from a comic named Dave Whilliamson who also loved to smoke and grill meat. looks great! I agree it’s a great recipe!!
  8. every night I jerk off I ask the NSA if they like it, and call them a dirty fuck for a good 15-25 sec then I call Them a dirty whore and tell them to clean themselves up Also I mention hunter Biden and crack and then the micro phone shuts off
  9. Do they need a cook?
  10. Just finished stranger things and starting the terminal list
  11. there’s a frito/Lay plant near me too, my ex’s uncle used to take a load everyday from the state line up to the twin cities. I can’t tell you the amount of out of date and blem lays products I’ve consumed in my life lol.
  12. All the Canadians brag about those chips, but ketchup is trash
  13. As I read this Bowie is playing golden years. I’ve always loved his music
  14. I listen to this as a podcast but here it is on YouTube
  15. Been jamming to the guardian's of the galaxy sound track,
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