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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. shepp


    Post Covid I’ve had little to no appetite, and super tried all I did last week was work and sleep today I went to the store on a mission to make a good dinner, and I remembered I had this meat loaf recipe I’ve been wanting to try. IMG_3365.MOV
  2. Thing that sucks is that I’ve always had makita. about 15 years ago all us guys at work decided to get different sets and it was right when the lithium 18v batteries came out so I picked makita. It’s need a great brand too. I upgraded 6-7 years ago to brushless and gave my dad my old drill and impact. I still have some of the other older tools, my saws all is about to give up on me but it’s been a good run after 15 years of alot of wet oily work
  3. My aunt just started for Milwaukee once things get back to normal I can start buying power tools thru her. I can get accessories now.
  4. Well I ain’t taking that fucker soooooo
  5. Right, for example the power tool industry, I just saw Milwaukee and makita make a “gas ax” cut off saw now. I was talking to a buddy of mine he said the company he works for has a couple and uses them on I closed jobs
  6. I was watching coverage of Dakar last night Audi entered an electric “car” this year I think the whole green electric car thing is a bunch of bullshit as much of us know the reality behind sourcing the materials for electronics. But this is still pretty cool. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/amp37114849/audi-rs-q-e-tron-dakar-rally/ true but around here it would be pretty cool to ride because it’s almost impossible to ride anywhere with out some asshole bitching about the noise. I was sitting in my camp site in hells canyon a month ago, it was dark and all the sudden I hear that electric motor noise and a small light. I’m sitting there like wtf is this?!? It was the guy camping kitty corner from me on what looked like a Electric MX/mountain bike hybrid. He was elk hunting and was using it to get into places still legal for such transportation, but where a truck or ATV wouldn’t go. Gas is king but I think E and it’s tech are interesting
  7. Looks like hell beable to stay up all night and watch those movies now 😁😁😁😁
  8. Yes sir along with a few Other immune boost type products. Noticed last year vit D helped with the seasonal depression too
  9. Thanks buddy, I’m taking it easy and taking in a lot of liquids along with my normal vitamins
  10. Same with Dane county (Madison wisconsin) they’re the highest vaxxed, the highest regulated and the highest amount of cases not long ago
  11. 60% as of a month ago were vaxxed https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/12/09/coronavirus-vaccine-milestone-us-omicron/ As of 6 a.m. EDT Dec. 29, a total of 205,638,307 Americans had been fully vaccinated, or 61.9 percent of the country's population, according to the CDC's data.4 days ago what next do we force everyone to get flu vaxx? Cuz a minor percentage of people die from that yearly too!?
  12. There are anti body tests but price point it’s to high on them for anyone to regularly do it. I actually looked into it 3 weeks ago I’m talking big picture here. Sorry your friends are working so much but it’s well shown that hospitals are struggling due to lack of health nation wide. I’m sorry you took that so personally… From what I’ve read and heard in reports this is FALSE and being vaxxed after contracting Covid can make the side affects of the vaxx far worse. Among the minority population due to things like the Tuskegee experiments and tests the gubberment did to them. 64% of blacks in nyc 80+ in Chicago. Which makes me wonder still where you came up with that 20% the country is unvaxxed I'm not looking to change your mind, but to sit here and name call those who choose not to is asinine. there’s one thing none of us can beat and that’s time, and when it’s your time, it’s your time
  13. Im naive, I took my chance being a perfectly healthy adult rather than a science experiment of a drug pushed thru on greed ignoring multiple other treatments that are still being demonized by pharma and the government while they sit back and count their billions I tested positive yesterday, felt like I got hit by a truck and had a fever. Fever broke 12am this morning, now I feel much better like minor flu. Now I have the best vaxx, natural amenity that’s the only thing that will beat it. Vaxxed people are getting sick too so who’s naive? Also 20% the population isn’t vaxxed? I’d like to see where you got that number? PS: I totally understand those who chose to get vaxxed due to age, or health. How much of that has to do with health care workers being rail roaded. or people with minor symptoms clogging up the system to get tested when they should just stay home and do a couple over the counter tests? Because I know that’s what’s happening down here.
  14. shepp


    New year new recipe. Birria tacos with chuck roast, short ribs and ox tail smoked then braised for about 6 hours total Then some left overs for breakfast IMG_2984.MOV
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