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  • Birthday 09/06/1981

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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. shepp


    Thighs are greatly under rated!
  2. shepp


    Chicken bOmbs, recipe photo has had some tweaking. I now used boneless thighs, they’re cheaper, they roll better and they’re superior. I used a mixture 50/50 of garlic herb cream cheese and some shredded queso type but that’s open for your preference. half and seed your pener stuff half of it with the cheese mix and roll up in the chicken thigh. Take 2-3 slices of bacon and seal up the thigh and then I use one more length wise seal the ends and help keep the cheese in, season with your fav rub
  3. shepp


    I only pitch soooooo
  4. shepp


    And the reason is because I’m a better cook! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. shepp


    nah I’m just wondering when @DNP is gonna tell Dusty we in a thrupple now 😆😉😘
  6. shepp


    Like at Boy Scout camp?
  7. shepp


    This is starting to get weird!
  8. shepp


    closet, refrigerator, potato, patato
  9. shepp


    I’m um…….flattered?
  10. shepp


    thank you ❤️ Half photographer, half cook 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. shepp


    Another taco Tuesday I reverse seared a flank steak tonight for the first time, 45 min @ 225° then 2.5 min each side at 450°. normally I cook them 500° 5 min per side. It turned out soooooo freaking tender!
  12. Oh you brought up cousins. The definition of relative humidity is when the sweat drips off your balls and down your cousins ass crack 🫣😂
  13. Is that like the definition of relative humidity?
  14. This is literally the only thing I’ve ever used from highschool math
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