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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. I was curious in your review of this, it’s odd and complex Forsure!!
  2. Good luck with that shit bag we got that calls himself governor
  3. I love that brewery, one of my top 5 for sure, they make great beer for a good price! I’m glad you’re enjoying!! 🍻 cheers
  4. shepp


    That looks good too!! Great thing about spatcock is I took a call at 330 got home at 7 prepped everything and had plenty I’ve time to start it at 1030 and it be done in 3h:44m pretty good time for a 14# bird thank you gentlemen
  5. shepp


    I spatchcocked my first turkey, thought this was a whole new craze, but I got talking to a friend and he was saying his grandma used to do all her birds like that any ways I final thawed in fresh water (think I would do That twice),brined with treagers brine mix, pulled it out this morning, rinsed and then rubbed with an Italian herb paste and treager chicken/pork rub. In the green mountain with treager turkey mix I started off at 225 till breast hit 100 then raised the temp to 350 and pulled the bird when breast temp was 160, thighs were 185-200. Everything was super juicy family was happy and my old man actually half ass complimented me for once
  6. shepp


    Happy thanksgiving brother!!
  7. 100%, that thought of god will save me doesn’t always work when dealing with the devil, especially when your god was made up by some whack a doo in early America
  8. shepp


    I got a reply from kiwi I told him to take care and we were all worried about him Hi Neal, yeah been super busy, relocating to a new town and uplifting family has kept me tied up. All is going as well as can be expected over here, still dealing with the fallout and keeping up the fight, another court case pending to try and at least curb the damage already done. They are coming at us from every angle, now they have banned all ‘mil spec’ ammunition, whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean, with a 5 year prison term for possession of even a single round of ‘mil spec’ ammo. It’s just chaos, no one knows what’s really happening, all this is being conceived behind closed doors and without consultation. You know the types of dirty tricks that socialist/commie scum employs. I’ll try to get on the forum and make a post to let you all know what we are dealing with. I appreciate the contact. All the best, Steve.
  9. shepp


    I’ve got keys to a cabin in the woods a tank of gas away
  10. It was a great dessert after supper
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