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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. MY buddy can do a consistent pie plate group at 150 with his wife’s 20 gauge slug gun. Thought that was pretty impressive
  2. Bet hope your a good shot shooting a bear with a .22 cal, not gonna make a big enough hole to bleed out
  3. Your welcome anytime
  4. That’s a sexy pistola!!
  5. It's alright to kill babies and those that don't agree with you, but the rest is just disgusting. It's also ok for all the intercity folk to kill each other with illegal guns that's ok too!
  6. Grain belt was outta la crosse iirc, the brewery is still there not sure what it's called these days. I was a blatz man, drank ALOT of it in college thru my 20's, also PBR before the hipsters "made it cool", Hamms too
  7. I drunk my fair share of cheap beer but I'm onto the good stuff and have a larue opener that works dandy
  8. I don't need to hang any coats or open any beers with it son I'm good
  9. I got this one I really like it https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/product-p/mi-308ss12-dlk.htm
  10. No big pharma says weed is bad also he lives in Cali
  11. I listen to his podcasts he smokes and eats ALOT of weed. Saw him late spring in Milwaukee at the pabst, I'd never laughed so hard in my life
  12. Read else where she had seziers which coulda came with the stress. But there are lots of healthy Russians dying like that too so who knows
  13. Yes Yes he is lol
  14. That's what I took from it too, muzzle direction, echos and sounds bounceing off buildings. Most people hear gun fire in a non urban environment. I think the whole thing is fishy but I'm not thinking grass nole shit here.