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  • Birthday 09/06/1981

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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. They were fucked long before that, nascar is crap, 300 crashes in the last 50 Laps is stupid, not racing in the rain it’s weak and all left turns is poor skill. The same can be said for the nfl they’re both dying sports weather it’s woke culture or shitty rules.
  2. shepp

    Flight 93

    I read this on Facebook last night, it was the first time reading it. It probably took me 5 min longer to read than it should have due to fighting and wiping the tears from my face
  3. My buddy had some friends coming into town from the weekend. He opened up his pontoon to get it ready to take them out on the lake two weekends ago and coons got in it and tore all the seats apart 😳😳🤫
  4. I think the kids call them shit posters now days
  5. I can give you more
  6. I spoke to soon 😏😏😏😏
  7. So with the recent not invasion, the mysterious and magical yeti made some updates. havent got a chance to look around, but it looks like the photo issue has been fixed
  8. I’m on call, worked most the after noon, Hopefully this is t a sign of what 40 has brought me
  9. shepp

    Fire Fire Fire

    To bad you live in that cliff, you have the biggest inland water tank of all
  10. shepp

    Fire Fire Fire

    My buddies have similar for when we burn the CRP on the farm, one is on the 3point and runs off the PTO. The other is a big round 500 gallon tank they run a gas generator and pumps off. hell I ran edge control with my quad and a 100 gal weed sprayer with an electric pump and that knocked down fire a lot better than I thought
  11. shepp


    Brisket tacos tonight (thawed out some) pickled red onions and made avocado cremá last night. Some cherry tomatoes from my buddies garden and some micro greens
  12. shepp


    I’ve always heard that too but thought it was a wives tail, but with as dry as it’s been I believe it
  13. shepp


    I forgot to mention, I got these peppers from my go to pepper guy at the market (garden was an epic fail this year). As I started seeding these peppers my eyes and nose were watering a touch. Didn’t put a lot of thought into it until about 45 sec after I finished the second one my tongue was on fire, brow was sweating and nose was snotting. I’ve never in my life had a jalapeño as hot as these 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 rene that sucks, mine came quick this winter, the supply chain is so fuckedup!!
  14. shepp


    Last night Texas Twinkies basically jalapeño poppers with brisket in the cream cheese
  15. shepp

    Fire Fire Fire

    I mowed my lawn more in the past week than in the past two months. Duck season is gonna suck this year
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