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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. No you eat a fucking dick I have no fucking control over any of that so your firstly barking up the wrong fucking tree. I was trying to be nice and forewarn you of this time, I’m sorry you took the time to type it out and it disappeared, I just have the power to ban people and give warning points. Don’t take it out on me! I’m just the fucking middle man here...........
  2. Just talked to the boss man last of the migration is happening in 30-45 min might wanna refrain from posting, drew said if you post while on the old server it won’t transfer to the new one in the middle of the transfer and that’s what happened the other night @98Z5V @Matt.Cross
  3. shepp

    Ozark trail tent

    You’re on your way to some fun family road camping trips! Hell yea!!
  4. shepp


    Just started 18# of pork butt, 317748E9-94B9-4654-8668-018D417A1AA5.MOV
  5. I can only seem to drag him out when shit hits the fan and it starts to drip off the ceiling
  6. That’s really fucking sad! I feel for you brother
  7. It was me this new diet is ripping me up
  8. It made it here fast, because they’ll try using it for pushing stricter bans here. I was listening to the girl read the news this morning on the radio. They lean towards the conservative side, but just a regular FM morning show. As she read the story she even said wow this is just crazy, they’re being punish for something a guy from another country. I was kinda surprised by her reaction to it.
  9. Fuck man that sucks....... i used to hate the word cunt, but I’ve grown to love it after hearing how the aussies use it, so I’ll say it with you FUCK THAT CUNT
  10. Ok I’ll let you touch my beard
  11. I’m sorry you need me to come give you a hug?
  12. Hey @308kiwi this true? How’s it effect you http://www.fox32chicago.com/news/national/new-zealand-bans-all-assault-weapons-immediately
  13. Hold on to your dentures!!!!!
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