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    So. Wisconsin
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    i aim to please, but also shoot to kill.

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  1. shepp


    @sketch I hate you right now!!!
  2. I’m not huge on sours/Berliner’s but gose style are pretty good, tart like a margarita where some sours and Berliner’s taste like bile. This was pretty good and the can art is great Glasgow smile by nightmare brewing
  3. shepp


    Brats on the grill asparagus, potatoes, onion and mushrooms in the skillet
  4. Summer sounds awesome, I’m loving oat ipa’s
  5. Welcome from the better side of the northern boarder
  6. shepp


    That’s who got me started on it! I saw it in the store this winter, bought it and text him “how the fuck do I cook this thing?!?!?!”
  7. shepp


    I never tried black ops but of all the rubs I have your salt pepper garlic powder is the best, actually gone back to that on steaks too, KISS! I been doing it low 175° grill temp to 100-105°, pull it cover it crank the grill to 450-500 and put it in the grill grates till it hits 120-125 searing both side, and resting it seems to carry over about 10°, I’ll rest it till it stops the carry over. I’ve ate it hot the nights I grill it, but I love it sliced cold in my lunch. Each night I’ll slice some off and dump some of the juice in a container for the next day
  8. shepp


    Pretty sure myself and the guy that runs the grill dept at the local ace have been keeping them in stock at the local grocery store, love’n me some tri tip
  9. Drink a few for me JT I’m on call and it’s hot as fuck, can’t wait till thurs night
  10. There was a decent one in Erie a few weeks back, Atleast for the Midwest. Guess there’s been a bunch probably with all that extra water in the great lakes
  11. That’s what she said
  12. shepp


    Yea idk bout smoking and slicing it like brisket, feel it would be tough, this was the first time I marinaded one and it was a game changer sauce sounds good, I don’t like how thick sweet baby rays is, so I bet that tinned it out Nicely
  13. shepp


    Past three days been marinating and smoking a chuck roast for barbacoa tacos
  14. shepp


    A lot of guys do them and call it poor mans brisket
  15. Cheers fuckers 🍻🍻 hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend
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