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  1. Very cool! When CTD has the HK G3 mags for 97¢, I picked up more of them than I had any reason to buy. This is good! With a radius on the tower buffer, it looks like a DPMS 308 AR pattern rather than Armalite AR-10. (I prefer DPMS pattern anyway.) Curious about a clarification.
  2. AR platform chambered in 7.62x54r to shoot the cheap mil-surp stuff. That's like shooting 1/2 price 30-06.
  3. I've been a member of WG for a couple years. Great people and incredible info if you're into building. The .308 AR bolt I just picked up was from Shadow Ops. The quality was on par with the best I've seen. I expect nothing less on these. And they have a great reputation. They've delivered on every GB I've ever seen them do. Latest news is that these are less than 25 days out for delivery. EasyEJL, That billet 308 Lower is a piece of art!
  4. Does anyone have prints for a 16" 308 AR barrel profile they could share?
  5. Saw this finally: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?sid=23782428&nid=148&title=sheriffs-feds-cant-take-away-utahns-2nd-amendment-rights&s_cid=featured-4 The Utah Sheriffs' Association: "No federal official will be permitted to descend upon our constituents and take from them what the Bill of Rights — in particular Amendment II — has given them" YEAH!
  6. Nov. 16, 2012: GAO dismisses Colt’s protest. Insert ---> Nov. 15, 2012, Remington acquires LAR Manufacturing. I don't actually know when it was announced publicly. But I have a feeling that Remington made it clear to the right Government decision makers that they were acquiring LAR before it was announced publicly. http://aftermathgunclub.com/?p=1470 http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2012/11/28/lar-manufacturing-acquired-by-remington/
  7. WOAH! I know a bunch of guys that work there... what's this going to mean?
  8. This is one of my other AR's on a follow up of desert/sand color schemes. Rock River Up/Down, Yankee BCG, Troy handguard, DPMS 2-stage trigger. It also has a picatinny mounted cigarette holder/bottle opener ;D
  9. That's sweet. I'm fond of sand/desert finishes. And that's practical tactical.
  10. Yes! The KR-7. Too bad they aren't being made. I wonder if it was the supply or the demand that did it in.
  11. Thanks all. Sanding and polishing -I don't like. And it's completely impractical for anything other than being different. Altho my buddy pointed out that if you send your wife out on patrol, she can check her makeup while on maneuvers. Or might be good for blinding zombies in bright sunlight. It's probably best classified as Anti-Tactical. Yeah, my wife likes to cook and I like to build guns. If she gets what she wants, I sometimes get to build something I want. Once in a while. <lmao> I have a Tactical Machining TM-10 lower (DPMS pattern) and a custom billet side charge upper. The lower is done and polished. I'm dreading the sanding on the upper. But the idea is/was a polished pair, one "little" and one "big". I need a barrel and a 308 BCG to get that build back on track.
  12. Yeah, the pistol grip, gas block, hand guard, barrel nut are all machined from some scrap billet. My pops is/was a machinist by trade. But if I'm shooting in temps below 50 degress, that pistol grip just sucks the heat out of your hand. It's a fair weather bench riding shooter. I haven't found a good clear coat that doesn't dull the shine a bit. So I've been hesitant to coat it. The aluminum doesn't tarnish too fast if you keep some Mothers Aluminum polish on it. Even after hands have been all over it when shooting and I let it sit for a while, it just wipes clean with the polish. I love that ASA non-recip side-charge. Just not the price. There was another AR upper out there that charged in the handguard like a HK G3 or Cetme. Non-recip, it was _very_ cool. And expensive. If money was no object, I'd track down one of those for fun. I'll see if I can dig up a picture of it.
  13. I just posted this in the side-charge thread, so should post here too! It's my more recent build. 6.5 Grendel/264 LBC, Tactical Machining 80% lower, LAR Grizzly OPS4 side charge upper. AA bolt, Polygonal barrel (from that one place that apparently shall remain un-named), Magpul PRS stock, custom billet grip, gas block, barrel nut, hand guard and trigger guard. DPMS 2-stage trigger.
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