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  1. NoFail had some problems to I remember.
  2. Yea they treated me and my buddy right when we first when in there a few years back when we were building AR-15's. Well actually i shoudl say the guys we dealt with treated us right. This was just the last straw. Sucks to find another machine shop to do work with but I say if you cant provide customer service then whats the point in even dealing with you
  3. So yesterday I called the good ol' JD Machine number to check on my barrel that i dropped off 3 weeks ago to be cut down and have a KX3 pin and welded making a true 16" barrel. WELL.....after 10 minutes on hold I began to get worried that something was wrong. Once the person on the other end got back to me he said "Sorry the new guy put your barrel in a box and stuck it in the back and no one knew about it, give us another 2 to 3 weeks for us to get more barrels in and we will get right on your" UHM nope wasnt going to take that laying down, so I told them "After being at your shop for 3 weeks already and because of your mistake on your end, I the customer now have to wait longer to complete my build that is what you are telling me?" After that the man said he would give me a call back eiether that same day or the next, with what he could do for me. Ok fine I'll give this a shot. Well no phone call and its close to end of business day the next day before the weekend. I call back and get an answer "Yea man your barrel is cut but you are going to have to bring in the barrel nut before we pin and weld" I told the that was fine and that once I bring in the barrel nut how long the pin and weld process will take. He told me about an additional 2 to 3 weeks. I pretty much poop myself and yelled "for a pin and weld the turn around time is 2 to 3 weeks? What the hell is wrong with this picture?" All he had to say in return was "the pin and weld is very quick, its when we get around to doing your barrel we might take the time to do it in 2 to 3 weeks." "Sir so after you guys forgetting about my barrel which would have never even been seen or started unless I, the customer called to check the status of it, and making 2 extra trips that I shouldnt have to do, and the money I've spent so far in JD parts and labor, not counting the numerous people ive sent to yoru shop and recommended you guys to them, you wont even push my barrel that should have been finished a week ago according to the paperwork, you wont even push that through to get it quicker to me?" And all I got back was "Nope". So now I will wait who knows how long to have my barrel finished which is delaying of course my AR-10 build. This is the last project I will allow JD to have and never again will recommend their products, simply for thier customer service for how long it took me to get my large logo upper from them and now this. Cant put my name behind them anymore, needless to say my hard earned cash.
  4. Hey you finished your build before me! Guess I shouldnt have shipped off for 5 months huh? Haha great looking rifle cant wait to post my pics up when its done and join the ranks of you guys
  5. Thank you guys for the warm welcome, im serious when I say it is awesome to be back. I do have a question tho, being out here in california I need to have a bullet button for the ar-10 but only can find them for Ar15's. Any help on which Manufacture to go with that will fit the AR-10?? Thanks a bunch.
  6. sorry its been awhile gentlmen. went to ft. huachucha for a couple months for training. but im back and have my duracoat FDE in the house and just waiting for JD machine to hurry up and cut my barrel. i will post pics when build is done. sure glad to be back and back to my project
  7. unforgiven If I wasnt cutting the barrel the battle comp would be my choice. I already have plans for putting that on my ar-15 after this ar-10 money pit is done with haha. I feel bad for my ar-15. poor guy has sat on the back burner since this project took place. but thats also most of the fun is building and later upgrading your rifles
  8. Mock up complete. Barrel still needs to be cut to 13.7 and have the KX3 perm attached and anything that black needs to be Duracoated FDE. Forgot to put on the Troy sights >:( >:( >:(. Nofail ill be sending you a PM soon.
  9. I got a mock up picture. But how do I make the picture smaller???? It says its too big to upload.
  10. Yamadawg


    Yep already said I would.
  11. Yamadawg


    Hhahaha all is well
  12. Crossing my fingers and hopefully today, as promised by JDM the matched upper will be ready TODAY. Mock up pictures hopefully up today
  13. Yamadawg


    Not to be rude but talk about a hijacked thread. Anyways Ihave the Raddlock on order it will be in next week. Review will follow.
  14. Thats why its best to build your AR. You pick the parts and you know what you are getting. And the GF wants a gun. Awesome in my opinion and yes she also wants it pink. I look at it this way, if itll keep her safe I dont care what color the weapon is. So when the guy breaks in the house and Im not there he might laugh as he sees the pink and black S&W .38 thats pointed at him but he will be crying or silent later.............. And hopefully I dont make her mad and she uses it on me lol thats why I dont keep mace in the house <thumbsup>
  15. Take her with you. Say its the Art and Garden Expo and when you get there be like 'Oh man must have changed the dates, oh well we paid for parking and bought non-refundable tickets, lets take a peek.' Oh well I dont have this problem as the girl lets me do whatever and shes also into shooting of weapons. She wanted to go with me to the last gun show but my buddy and I were going and I didnt want the female influence if the time caem where I just had to buy something I couldnt afford.
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