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  1. Hello & Thanks everybody! Survivalshop yes that's what I did. I do that a lot anyway, I have a feeling because of reading a lot of your posts or comments few & plus years ago helped.
  2. MikedaddyH!!! I remember you too. Thanks for the reply, understood, I'm trying to get back, just been hectic last few years, s happens!! thanks my brother ? Edit: oh yes the icon, I forgot about that one heh heh, I think I'll keep it there too :)
  3. Hey there, Unforgiven!!! Yes everyone is very well, I am pretty good, been working a lot, but I gave my two weeks notice and start a terrific new job on the 9th. Have not been actively shooting hardly at all, I miss it, I've missed all of you guys, but I'm trying to get back now. Good to hear from you, brother!!!
  4. Today I'm sitting here at my reloading spot & thinking what the heck do I wanna do. I have s loads of prepped brass good to go, lots of pills, lots of powders, all the equipment I need. I reckon I'll just go for it. It's been a hella long time. Cheers!!
  5. Hi, been a long time since I've been here. I have not been very active for the last few years. I have the sound of brass wet tumbling in my ear right now, I need to get going again. I've been thinking of purchasing some Lake City once fired & I think that that brass has thicker walls, less volume, is that correct? In that circumstance I reckon a lesser charge weight is prudent, compared to the many Winchester and Hornady commercial brass I have. Any recommendations? Thanks guys, it's been awhile since I've been here.
  6. Yes it fills up to the shoulder line. I would not go higher. It was the hottest I loaded in a string starting from 43.5 gr IMR 4064 and the 168 amax. No pressure signs all thru the OCW test. 16" barrel and I don't have velocity data. I'm bringing my PACT meter for shooting these this time and I'll inform on that next week. FWIW... JP Supermatch barrel, JP LMOS BCG & adjustable gas block
  7. I hate it when I hide poop from myself
  8. Yeah. They fit my Pmags & I've measured every one of them after sinking the pills.
  9. Last year about this time I was doing a round robin test to find OAL for a 168 Amax on top of 44.5 gr IMR 4064 in Hornady .308 Win cases with BR2 primers. I am loading some up now like these and using a 2.810" OAL and will shoot them next weekend in the mountains above me. Here's the target from last year.
  10. Oh I use "WFT" trimmer. It is fast and works great for me.
  11. Oh, okay I remember now. Anything new here, seasprite?
  12. Why didn't I finish this thread? What the hell? I wonder how I did? Huh......
  13. A debur tool comes with it at least. It came with a powder dispenser option not pictured but I weigh by hand on the scale anyway.
  14. This is what I do. It works great for me and is fast. I'll spin the brass at a moderate speed and hit with propane torch for 7-8 seconds. No more than that, don't wanna over anneal!!!!
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