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  1. I have re-discovered that shooting a gun can relieve stress and cause a wonderful pleasant feeling. I sure wish ammo prices would fall and that ammo was available. eh, I have my mossy and can roll my own so I guess I will save the "rare" stuff and go for the loud yet affordable 12g. HA! you know it. I have a lyman foster mold ordered and I can not wait.... That is the next project and for another thread later :) I love this place.
  2. I just found a very old thread on another site and learned Quote: The rear end of the bolt turns like a dial. Al says it is a bolt/hammer spring tensioner, which allows for the use of short cartridges. I.e., adjusting the spring tension allows .22 shorts to cycle the action. sounds cool, but I havent looked into it yet. how it is supposed to work, I haven't a clue. End Quote: Later it goes on to say you can experiment with this knob for what ever round you have to get it to cycle properly. So it is in effect an adjustable gas block, sort of.
  3. After looking at you tube vids it looks like this is a model 85 <shrugs> Still a fine rifle (same as before the learning hehe). I did a quick break down clean and oil. Still can not tell where there are parts missing and it shoots so oh well. I will just keep this "extra" spring in the bag and see what happens down the road. The scope is a JC Higgins 4x made in TX. The scope is in great condition but the reticle was not vertical so a quick loosening of the rings screws, all 8 of them, a little twist and tighten back down and good to go!
  4. Well it does fire but there is a spring in a baggy and my cousin now says that it and a missing "pin" are from the bolt. So I am storm between the it works leave it alone and break it down and find out what is going on. First things first I need o put oil on it. Then I will watch you tube video and watch someone break it down and go from there. I know where to get parts so that is not a problem, only a very few are "sold out". There are other sources too. Bottom line I have a rifle of my Grandfathers. That means a lot esp with his funeral happening while I was in the hospital. I have other guns but this one means the most to me. I am sure to post pics and updates as they happen and ask advice if and when needed ;)
  5. Guess what? Yuup I picked it up today from my FFL guy.. Strange thing is my cousin said it did not work but it fired 5 rounds for me. The scope needs adjusting and the stock needs wood oil and the metal.needs some oil too. The plastic on the butstock needs replacing otherwise I can see nothing wrong with it. If down the road it acts up then I will probably find out what the problem is but until then I will just have fun and enjoy having my Grandfathers 22.
  6. I've read that someplace.... Once it is here I can begin the restoration.
  7. Yes, IFOTW care to guess? Hehe That's right, it's finally on the way. OMG don't tell anyone yet OK?
  8. Well it is finally on its way :)) My cousin wrote me today and told me he brought it to his FFL guy and it is on its way to mine and I am so excited. Did I say it is finally on its way? oh, it is finally on its way. LOL Can not wait until I have it here and I can write something else besides that it is finally on its way. <thumbsup>
  9. I ordered a Lyman Foster slug mold only to find out later it is on back order for about a month. I sure hope it comes in early. The handles (sold separately) arrived 2 days after I placed the order. The mold is the first in a line I hope to get.
  10. Does anyone know if this $25 promo can be used to renew a membership?
  11. I respect that. If it is done wrong it can be very dangerous. That said what I want to do is basicly "garage style" new ammo. Yes, I will also make reloaded brass. These are ideas I am still developing and I am a fair way off from loading anything other than 12 gauge shells. Right now I am only able to make 00 buckshot but it is a place to start and work on my ideas for down the road. Next up will be slugs for the 12g. I am not likely to do any of those exotic rounds one might find on you tube. I am still thinking about the biz side but if the known factory rounds become harder to find it may make it easier to decide what to do. I have a lot of learning to do for anything other than a 12g.
  12. I'm thinking that once I have the press and dies and all the rest of the "non-consumable" equipment all I will need to buy is the brass, primers, powder and lead. I am going to try to cast my own bullets. I have found several molds for 308 one just needs to have a sizing die and make sure the lead is hard enough so none is left behind in the barrel. (I have been reading ahead) LOL. I really want to learn how and do this. Seriously. What components are getting hard to find?
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