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  1. Hi guys, like the title says. I know how to do the forward assist on a normal ar-15 but can't figure out how to do it on the lightweight LR 308 upper. I put the pin in from the top and the forward assist just locks stiff and you can't move it. I know on the ar-15's you put it in from underneath but i'm not seeing how that's possible on the LR 308 upper. Can anyone help?
  2. wow! luckily no one was hurt! I'd contact Winchester...maybe they'll ask you to send that box of ammo in for them to test...never know, they could have double packed a few rounds and maybe they'll help you out with the guns if that's the case.
  3. haha first time i saw the green furniture (not really furniture though) was on Sons of Guns when steph built a green AR. Stupid in my mind but it's all what a company can do to appeal to different people.
  4. tried to send a pm but it wouldn't let me...I didn't see the tubes on your website but i'd rather buy it all at the same place anyway if i could...if you can shoot me a PM
  5. pm sent, didn't get a response
  6. I'm in the process of an LR308 build. Currently i just have the lower receiver and lower parts kit. This will be a slow project as i piece together exactly everything i want. Here is a list of things i'm currently looking for. If you have any of this PM me please. CTR buttstock LR 308 buffer tube Slash heavy buffer for LR 308 tube a3 upper ATC gold trigger
  7. awesome looking rifle! selling the CTR stock you're not using?!? lol
  8. o good to know; I think i'm going to go with a CTR stock and get the enhanced buttpad.
  9. Like the title says...Thinking of getting this butt stock but before i do i would like to ask around to see if anyone has any first hand experience to see if it's worth the money or not. Thanks for any help.
  10. Thanks a lot. I think i'll just stick with the DPMS and see if i can find some gen 1 AR-10 mags or some sr-25 mags.
  11. So would you say a RRA would be a good choice? I've heard mixed reviews because i guess there's a lack of aftermarket parts for them.
  12. I called DPMS and the GEN I AR-10 mags...which are the preban ones will fit in the DPMS lower (just need to find those). I looked at the RRA lower but the whole configuration looks different. For one, i didn't see the push drop bolt button on the side and the mag release looked like it was right infront of the trigger and not on the side where it usually is on an AR platform. Am i right or wrong on that observation?
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