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  1. I was here for the very beginning of this forum and Life happens. I gifted the owner a AR multi tool, as I just thought he was a Great guy and deserved it. Not sure if he is still around? Anyways, I’m back on solid ground!!! I’ve got a 6.5 Creedmoor and a 6 Creedmoor for AR10’s. They both shoot Great, but the 6CM is the only one that I can use my Suppressor on as that’s the Max caliber for it. Have a Great 4th of July!!
  2. Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I have been on here! Thanks for the comments, it's a fun truck!
  3. This setup is in Coyote Brown. I had a Coyote Brown Blackhawk Serpa holster mounted in the center. Its got 2 pouches for .308 mags and a Triple mag pouch for Doublestack pistol mags. The pouches are by Tactical Taylor. This is all New and Unused. $110.00 shipped I prefer Paypal. Thanks!
  4. Tactilite T-1 Ultralite .50 BMG upper with 29" flutted barrel 2nd Generation which is the current Generation JP Enterprises 30 mm Scope Mount Sightron 6-24x50 with Duplex Reticle Magpul ladder rail covers on all rails(Dark Earth) Long Range Accuracy Bipod DPMS Lower Magpul PRS stock with Limbsaver pad and adapter for pad, from a Bushmaster BA50(Dark Earth) Magpul MIAD Grip(Dark Earth) Extented Take Down Pins for ease of takedown Magpul trigger guard Trigger from Bill Springfield 3 lbs Magpul 20 round mag filled with lead for a little extra weight(Dark Earth) AccuShot Mono Pod Zel Custom Bore Guide About 100 rounds of brass and about 50 rounds of ball ammo Jags/Brushes TacForce DragBag that fits the rifle when assembled / High Quality Bag / Has elastic loops made specificly to hold 10 rounds of .50 / Black Wieght of complete rifle is 28 lbs. There is no damage anywhere on this entire setup. I have about 100 rounds thru it, so its really not even broke in yet. I am only selling to fund a .338 Lapua rifle. I can send any amount of pics you want to your email and you can ask any questions you need to ask. No Trades Paypal or Money Order $3200.00 shipped, this is way below what I have into it and its still like new.
  5. i will add, Glocks are not the perfect pistola, everyone has a preferance. My opinion, is that they became very popular with Law Enforcement because they are easy to handle, ie. just pull the trigger and that is all you have to do to make them shoot, just like revolvers, but with high cap mags. Nothing to mess with. Some say they are not accurate, well, like all pistols, that depends on who is pulling the trigger. Now 1911's are the poop!!! The military screwed up big time when they dropped the 1911 and of course the 45acp round is very much needed for stopping power and they have now finnally figured this out with all the wars we have been in since adopting the 9mm.
  6. I have done about everthing that can be done on a Glock or changed out. Right now, I have my G23 out to Bowie Tactical for a stipple job. The KKM barrel is a good choice and any guide rod is better than the factory plastic one. Tungsten will add weight to reduce felt recoil.
  7. My all time favorite is the Maurader. I also love the new Koala, it has a compartment to put a handgun with mags and you do not even know its there. Plus, it sits right at yor belly, and at a blink of an eye, you con have your pistol out at the ready. And it still has pleny of room for small items you might need ready at any time. It comes with low profile shoulder straps and a low pro waist belt, so you can put your pack on and it will not be in the way. I have an extra Coyote Koala, if you want to try it out imschur?
  8. Serious! You have never heard of them? Its a brand name. it is some Great Gear. I could put 100 lbs of gear in one of my med packs and take the shoulder straps off my shoulders and the pack would stay put and still be comfortable as ever. That is how good their belt system is. You should check them out imschur! <thumbsup>
  9. I know! I got one 2 years ago when they were cheaper, they were $10.00 cheaper! <laughs> <lmao> <dontknow> :'( LOL!!!
  10. this is another one of my obsessions! If you like packs and heavy duty gear, take a look at Kifaru.
  11. That is some Sweet fishing gear. You might as well get back on there and get yourself one of those Shimano Stella's!!!
  12. Specialized Stumpjumper. I love it!
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