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  1. Welcome aboard, maybe some pictures so we can see the issue?
  2. Jay is pretty big too, I think he goes 6’4” at least. I was busy when they took that one. There was an anvil in a sand pit that needed breakin’
  3. Congrats on working it out! No, not too much to ask. These rifles will need and extensive break in, so I would say eventually you can turn your gas down and get that. Right not it’s hitting the deflector so hard your getting 2 o clock. A little less gas and it’ll happen but honestly it doesn’t matter that much.
  4. Glad I built a mod 0 already or this thread would get me in hot water
  5. No, it will not fit. Larue is armalite cut for receiver pattern. Stick with matched receivers. It is the best principle in any .308 AR. If you look at any thread it’s our first suggestion. I have an OBR and love it. Buy both from Larue
  6. This. If you’re buying off the shelf ammo and ammo of different weights and sizes you are going to have issues between the different types. If you reload tune it for your load and it’ll be fine. The problem with those parts is they cannot be reliable across a range of different ammo. It’s not what they were made for
  7. I saw them this year with Primus, Phil Anselmo And Ministry. They kicked ass. Not too many bands sport the metal look nowadays, shit Metallica looks like a bunch of preppy bitches. As long as it thrashes I’m in!
  8. These have been the go to lately for bite calls with the fur missile. Raining blood worked perfect for our vehicle assault two weeks ago
  9. Not sure it’s possible at all. Your optics for that kind of range will be at minimum $6-700 plus including a mount. How do you plan to build a rifle for $300?
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