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  1. edgecrusher

    Missing girl found

    That’s too bad. It’s a huge officer safety issue
  2. edgecrusher

    I'm going back.

    If the king of naps threatened you with that, I give it 12 hrs. God love him but no way he can keep up.
  3. edgecrusher

    I'm going back.

    If you can, hit up the LWRC booth and see if the pdw sub gun is coming to market
  4. edgecrusher

    I'm going back.

  5. edgecrusher

    Missing girl found

    All our stuff is recorded and can be used against us for punishment. But the 800hz system is at least far superior in reception and transmission. Our encryption stuff is decent enough to be the news teams
  6. edgecrusher

    Glock 19 BBQ Build Challenge

    Great sale on DVOR right now if you guys need slides https://www.dvor.com/handgun-slides-35-2019-01-15.html?page=1
  7. edgecrusher

    New Magpul D-50 7.62x51/.308 Win Mag

    Rob, I’ll take two please! Along with my two bipod. And two d60..... add it to the list.
  8. edgecrusher

    Missing girl found

    No digital radio channels? Ours are encrypted. Not impervious but not a cb though...
  9. Another G Code holster. This will be for the Glock 34/p80 build and it’ll clip right into the belt I have from them
  10. edgecrusher

    Need additional horsepower

    Also shared your FB stuff!
  11. edgecrusher

    I hate Kel Tec

    He’s buying one...
  12. edgecrusher

    Need additional horsepower

    Liked and commented
  13. edgecrusher

    *Limited Release* Sharps Relia-Bolt

    I’m in, why not!
  14. Me too. Debating between this now (thanks!) and a slide swap like Kimber or Ed Brown. I have a gsg -5 and runs like a top