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  1. This! You never mentioned brand but if it’s a Gibbs good luck
  2. 1 is between 1/2 and 3/4 Moa with me being the difference. Shooting prone off a bipod. None of the bench shooting crap. The other is between 1 and 1 1/2 Moa with a red dot. I'm good with both for practical shooting and their purposes. I’m sure some bench shooter out there would say how terrible that is but he most likely could run a mile never mind 3 with a load out
  3. Settle down Francis. He stated that because hydraulic buffers are a known problem for 308AR builds. If yours has been built and functioning then you could just state that and thank him for his concern. No less than 12 people welcomed you here. You are welcome here, and congrats on your rifle. I would also suggest that if weight is an issue get a smaller magnification or fixed magnification scope. Or maybe buy two. One for long range and one for intermediate with a quality QD mount for each with a repeatable zero
  4. Moriarti has sold many receiver sets out of spec. We need info, both magazines listed are known and typically have no issues
  5. My buddy built cool one using a lot of coppe r
  6. Shot one the other day. It’s a bargain for the price
  7. For about 400 rds I have enjoyed my valdada scope on my mk12. I think I want some more magnification. It’s mounted in a Larue mount. I am open to offers, pm me. This is a Valdada Trident 1.5-8 5.56 bdc
  8. Well that could be an issue. That’s why it was stated. They need a lot more lube than an AR 15. Could you measure you buffer and weigh it? Also the internal depth of your receiver extension and relaxed length of your spring. And please measure the size of your gas port
  9. How wet? These rifles take quite a few rds to break in and like/need to be dripping wet. Also, have you checked head space?
  10. You aren’t over gassed, your buffer is too light. At a minimum it should be 5.4oz. Those silent capture springs should be run with an adjustable gas block, otherwise they aren’t quite enough
  11. He will suggest the Wilson but there are many nice options out there. Your price range will definitely dictate that list. Aero seems to be the best bang for the buck set with no issues. I have a Mega set that is very well done with a lot of nice features. A big problem you may run into is availability
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