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  1. Issue with bolt catch jamming bolt

    You can also look into an Armalite bolt catch, they are the right size
  2. Reserve guys in my town only work traffic detail....
  3. So you have two issues. A true fail to feed is a magazine issue. A stovepipe and fail to eject might be an extractor issue. A new spring won’t fix either. We might be able to help with a build sheet in a dedicated thread.
  4. In the neck.....again.

    I love machine guns but I’m far too poor to feed one lol
  5. A*B Arms Urban Sniper Stock (USS)

    My only issue is I like having adjustments on carbine stocks while wearing body armor. If it’s a precision rig then I will not need a collapsible stock. If it’s a hybrid type rifle then yes. The button idea seems to be a good compromise or, dare I say, an option for you?
  6. 308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    Disregard that the picture imbedded is the same, they are two different links
  7. 308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    This one is more directly for your potential build
  8. 308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    Ok. The answer is still the same, no matter how many times you ask, worded differently with the same meaning. Use the search option. This topic has been beaten to death at least 5 times over in several long threads. You’ve read something somewhere else or have been given poor information by someone who doesn’t have the knowledge base on this platform needed to properly assist you. There is a huge knowledge base here. On more than AR platform too. See if if this helps you understand better, Mr Raley was the head armorer for Armalite for an awful long time up until 5 years ago I believe.
  9. 308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    No my man. There should be no issues. What my friend here was trying to tell you is that many people go to the Armalite buffer system because it’s a proven system that will work (some carbine parts do work well, others do not). But normally buffer system has nothing to do with your receiver sets or bolt carrier group /barrel, where is mixing and matching generally is a no go (and here is where you can use the Armalite buffer parts with any brand receivers) If you continue to use the parts that you have listed you should have no problem. Again if you do we will help you.
  10. 308 Build... Carbine buffer w/ Rifle gas??

    Your stock choice has no bearing on the length you choose for your gas port. At all. Is this your first AR build? Maybe we can help you with your choice if you tell us a little more about you and your expectations for this weapon.
  11. 17 dead in Florida School shooting

    I agree with the strengthening of mental illness aspect of background checks. It’s not about 2A but more about prevention of possible crimes with weapons by unstable people. Yes, they will likely commit a crime still. Maybe even kill or injure someone. But the hope is not with a weapon allowing a strength multiplier. HIPPA needs to be revised. All reports need to be checked and verified (this is just doing good Police work and not being a lazy fuck collecting a check) Documentation and diligence is the only way this stuff can START to be prevented. (and no I don’t want Vanilla Sky)
  12. FNX-45 Tactical $868

    I would do it but thanks to Rob I’m two paychecks away from one of these http://www.kimberamerica.com/warrior-soc-tfs
  13. Bulk ammo?

    I thought he was asking the difference between.308 and 7.62x51. My bad
  14. Venting

    We in Mass actually have it much better but that’s still not as good as a free state. As young as you are look at the Carolina’s. Good balance of opportunities and laws favorable to pro gun community. If I were young and starting out that would be my first choice. I’m going to ride it out here and end up in AZ, raising hell with a gorilla, a cowboy, a Viking and an engineer.
  15. Bulk ammo?

    None. If so it’s all in your head. That or your more sensitive than the rest of us.