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  1. DPMS Oracle Accurizing

    Well you’re the expert. You’ll figure it out then.
  2. Any gamers here? Need your help!

    He wants your to subscribe to his you tube channel
  3. DPMS Oracle Accurizing

    Ok, you have a few things going on here so let’s address each. 1. You can buy an upper, or build/change your barrel ( not sure what an extended rifle gas tube is) but I don’t think you’re addressing your main problem. You are looking to hit the ten ring, with solid groupings, consistently correct? Not knowing you or how you targets are looking at the range (you have not posted any pictures) but how are your fundamentals? Are you consistent shooting with your set up now? Groups generally in the same spot? Tight or loose? What FCG is in the rifle? I find that this is usually the first and most useful thing to change. 2. Scopes. The better the scope quality, higher magnification and mount quality will result in repeated shot impact points. Again grouping is more on your end but these keep it consistent. 3. Familiarity with the platform eliminates this. There are fully ambidextrous lowers out there, I like MEGA MATEN personally, but you get used to it with repetition. If you are shooting for groups this isn’t even a factor. More of a defense/drills issue which will resolve itself through repeated use. Can you state your specific goals you are looking to achieve? How about a general budget? Maybe what you dislike the most also as there is a lot of people here with varying tastes who have tried a wide variety of options on these
  4. Football

    Me too! I like the Vikes and took a few guys in fantasy this year! They play tough and don’t give up! They will be even better next year when the starting RB returns. All 3 QB’s are free agents at the end of the season but Keenum looks like he is ready for all the pressure. I like him, he never complained as a back up, just waited and prepared. That’s the sign of a true pro
  5. Football

    I hope so , but ask the Steelers, if you’re not ready you’ll get run over. I realize our window is closing. It’s been one heck of s run. I think Jacksonville is going to be the next dynasty if they keep that defense together and shop wisely in the offseason for a qb. Cousins or A Smith would be able to take them there for 4-5 years. And honestly I hope it happens. Brady is the GOAT, but no one lasts forever and trading Jimmy G hurt our future .
  6. Football

    Go pats!
  7. A Millenial Job Interview

    I don’t think that’s the way he meant it, just that this covers a large portion of the age group. I had one millennial tell me on a traffic stop he was going to be a millionaire by 30. Had no job, no education past high school and was 26. Off to a good start
  8. New here

    I figured. That stuff is just getting here (meth), we have had a few smaller busts, 20 grams or less. It’s only a matter of time. When dealing with the heroin and fentanyl, the users smell like BO and a sour milk/cheese smell. They tend to pick at their skin and have sores. Sorry to turn this into a training bulletin lol
  9. New here

    Lol, weed.... Welcome from MA. MSP here. Our fun in my area is NB/SB on Rt 91, heroin/fentanyl is where I focus most of my time. Be safe brother.
  10. Range Day, 14 Jan.

    Once it gets above freezing I will. Until then I’ll stay warm with thoughts of coming back out there
  11. I go to Dartmouth, MA High Hill Club

    Private land mostly. I think @jrtmasp is out your way.
  12. Superlative Arms AGB in a 308AR?

    Get a heavier buffer.
  13. Superlative Arms AGB in a 308AR?

    This..... it’s not broke, why fix a problem that doesn’t exist?
  14. Welcome from MA, as SS stated, it’s hard to say with out shooting it. Some stuff is fine if mixed. Others not so much. If you are comfortable with discussing details of the sale with me in a PM feel free to send me one. Without knowing the price, parts used or if it functions properly it’s tough to say it’s value