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  1. Friday night I went to Slayer, Primus, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals and Ministry. Unbelievable. Should only be topped by TOOL Thursday. I have videos but can’t upload them....😓
  2. A-4 is in regards to the configuration not the serial number
  3. No offense, unless your doing a face to face with cash, you are not getting rid of anything. A digital footprint is never really gone.
  4. More weight and a brake. Mine shoot a little harder than my ‘15’s
  5. A brake and more buffer weight will help. Also you could try turning the gas down as long as it will still lock back on an empty mag you are ok.
  6. Airport was shutdown for a while, when we first heard we didn’t expect it to be so bad.
  7. Op. What do you mean 25 yds? Are you asking about bore sighting then going out to the range at 25 yds?
  8. XPS 2 uses a CR123 battery, which are available everywhere. Most of my flashlights use them anyway so I have a bunch.
  9. I have not had any bad experiences. I have an XPS 2 that has been on my mossberg 930 and has seen 1000 plus rounds
  10. Yup, just like when I found that guy and his grips......
  11. May not help but how wet are you running this? Larger frame rifles need more lube during the break in process to mate parts.
  12. Save the weight, save your shoulders and back
  13. https://faxonfirearms.com/16-pencil-308-win-mid-length-4150-nitride/
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