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  1. Did a Treehouse run, had a limited release of doubleganger, very good. But the surprise for me was summer, I didn’t max out and now wish I had!!! I did grab a case of Julius, more alter ego and an assortment of others.
  2. I’ve never tried. @98Z5V
  3. I have a bunch of upgrades. Most are Nordic and Mesa tactical https://nordiccomp.com/nc-products/ https://mesatactical.com/mossberg/
  4. Tom and I both have one, I love it. Nice soft shooter
  5. Sorry, didn’t see anything funny to laugh at.
  6. Doubt it was even available. Only our SWAT has that option. We have tasers as our only ltl
  7. Really? Hmm. Good luck with that.
  8. Yup. It’s a bitch, for sure. I only would’ve done two things different. 1. Less lethal earlier. Say, as the cover officer, before we hit the main drag. My taser has 30’ of range and that’s my engagement range for lethal in this case. Shooter did good. 2. Bad approach, should’ve had less lethal available before they approached, lucky the guy can second guess that. Nice shooting on at the end. This shit sucks but it happens daily.
  9. Welcome, you have the first Saint on the site so a complete range report is officially requested!!!
  10. It really is amazing how the P80 changes a Glock grip angle to the correct position.
  11. We have grabbed him and he is being brought back to NH. He is facing charges here too for heroin possession. He has oui and drug charges here prior. Fuck him. It’s my understanding the company he works for will be in the cross hairs too.
  12. That was awesome. Thank you, amazing stuff
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