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  1. edgecrusher

    Vltor 308AR spring..........

    He’s our wise man, he’d his advice works (and will sometimes cause outrageous expenditures)
  2. edgecrusher

    PSA PX-10 aftermarket accessories question

    Consider nomenclature when ordering parts. An AR10 is an Armalite, then there is DPMS pattern, Rock River has its own.... so on and such.
  3. edgecrusher

    Help Me Make Sure My Lower Goes To Use

    Yup, easy fix but added cost unfortunately. I am in MA and have friends and family in CT. Crappy deal down there for sure. My bad on the Larue suggestion, I thought it was a match. Guess only the receiver is cut the same.
  4. edgecrusher

    Help Me Make Sure My Lower Goes To Use

    Larue uppers will fit a B series.
  5. edgecrusher

    Buffer Made of Brass

    Why not buy a heavier buffer?
  6. edgecrusher

    Finishing 80% Lowers

    Short answer is yes. Cerakote is better
  7. edgecrusher

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

  8. edgecrusher

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    Looks like I jumped the gun, he is still alive but not doing well, I’ll update as info becomes available
  9. edgecrusher

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    https://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/07/police_officer_seriously_injur.html Happened this morning. Officer didn’t make it. Bad guys have nothing to far by going to trial. Even the death penalty is fought and usually not carried out for years in the states that have it.
  10. edgecrusher

    New Magpul Bipod, Should be Good!

    Robo, separate buy thread?
  11. edgecrusher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    But I cannot entrust him with a quality bourbon.... that shit will disappear like an x files case!!!
  12. edgecrusher

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Sir, I can verify 98’s a man of integrity and vast knowledge on this and all AR platforms. If you entrust him with your weapon it will be fixed.
  13. edgecrusher

    GWLA M14 build

    I want me a Crom m14!!!!
  14. edgecrusher

    GWLA M14 build

    Now I want one...... sumbitch!