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  1. Do you have anything or in need of all components and equipment? If that’s the case now is a bad time to start. There’s just nothing available. I found I don’t save any money. I shoot more for relatively the same cost. More time involved but more control over what I shoot. I only load rifle though, I still find handgun rounds are cheap enough for now
  2. No, but with pictures we can tell you what pattern may fit. Too much proprietary parts on these to guarantee you anything. You’re the first one here that I know who has one of these.
  3. Palmetto stuff doesn’t play well with others. Maybe some pictures would help
  4. Now see the company you’re keeping? All for the betterment of the community, lol
  5. You didn’t do anything wrong. We have an un written rule that if you ask about a product and no one has tried it, the rule is you SHALL purchase it and write up a full review for the better of the community.
  6. Well…. Pics? Also is there a build thread related to this gun? Has it been shot? How familiar are you to AR’s? I have had duty issued POS that I could slide a poker hand through… M4 but still
  7. Working out before shift, on shuffle, this little guy came up They are heavy. Whales is another good one from them. Classically trained metal group
  8. Just to be clear, there has never been an internal depth receiver extension that measured 7.25”….. or at least not one that worked. This chart is from Clint @heavybuffers.com, THE #1 guy in the industry on buffers
  9. They are keeping 1000 jobs here. The rest goes, too good to pass up. Steve did the same thing a few months ago (Troy, of Troy Ind.). Only a matter of time before we lose Savage and Yankee Hill.
  10. I cleaned up this thread, it’s a memorial page, proper comments only please. Opinions, debates and other comments should be placed elsewhere
  11. I’ll say new technology in these rifles is progressing forward like AR technology did in the early 2000’s. If you are ready to spend the money they can be as accurate as AR rifles, at the same cost. Some of the nicest stuff is made by Meridian. Or upgrading the handguard and dust cover to Zenitco parts will help an older rifle. Do not expect an office the shelf surplus rifle to be better than 2 MOA, it’s not happening. Are we talking AR or AK rifles, I guess this should be clarified
  12. Rainier arms seems to have several options…..
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