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  1. I’ll make this easy. Hydraulic buffers aren’t designed for general use. They are meant to be set up and tailored to a certain load and that’s it. It will work fine for that purpose. A standard set up offers you flexibility for all ammo. As for you titanium question I think start with the Armalite system and you can go to lighter buffer using standard ar15 buffers. It’s a simple and efficient design that works
  2. Your problem will be those receivers more than any other part you’ve mentioned. Daytona Tactical is all seconds and functional blem parts that they sell. Good luck
  3. I use RCBS and finished with the Lee factory crimp dies. I’ve been collecting stuff for a few years but actually started loading this year. So far I’ve loaded around 4000 rounds. It’s not as scary as it seems.
  4. Yup, hit 30 here today and we were training all day outside
  5. @unforgiven that’s a good price on that. My buddy has one and it’s a hell of a shooter
  6. CAR-10 buffer on the chart. And it’s 5.4, not 4.5. The other alternative is the Armalite AR10 recoil system. You can buy it from their site, the whole kit including the tube is needed.
  7. Land of the lost? I think I see a sleezack
  8. Ultimately I would carry my X5 Legion if given a choice. It’s perfect. The m17/18 is probably close too. Fantastic weapons. Wish I had a choice.
  9. Capacity for me, is a no there, no fault on the platform. You need to shoot the shadow, it’s beautiful. Nope, not for LEO work, they give no support. We have wasting UMP and failing mp5’s. They are more concerned with selling new guns at over inflated prices to consumers. And they are a far cry from their previous quality.
  10. I’ll suggest Heavybuffers.com, great supporter of this site and great guy. USA made.
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