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  1. edgecrusher


    Couch stands are actually better than you think. Better from a kitchen chair. If you want some ideas I’m always available. I kicked my own ass two days ago with bosu ball squats with a 110 lb dumbbell and walking lunges with 135 lb. I’m younger than you guys and have a physical job (and hobbies). PT is more than a hobby and I’ve seen quite a few different variations and ideas. Anything is better than nothing and surprisingly a lot can be done from home with no extra gizmos or gadgets
  2. Permethrin! We use it with in our unit. Spray the seats of the cruiser, clothes and dogs. I try to find the pre mix but mixing isn’t difficult https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/happy-jack-kennel-dip-8-oz
  3. Disregard for poor reading comprehension skills
  4. If it’s an 80% lower I can already tell you your fire control group is too high and at an angle
  5. Also please provide more details on your rifle, factory or assembled, and parts list.
  6. No, the one forward of that. Pull it down all the way and slide it off.
  7. He doesn’t. Cracks me up every fall when I hear,”that’s where that went”. I have three safes. Small, big, huge. Still need more room
  8. It has DPMS thread pitch. You’ll be buying a DPMS rail, again, nothing to do with your receiver cut.
  9. That does NOT determine your rail choice. It’s the thread pitch on the receiver for the barrel nut. I don’t have it off hand but it’s in here.....
  10. Nice work. I would like to know the reason for such a long barrel and why so thick? Maybe aside from personal preference?
  11. Yes, it’s a .308... I’ll get to this tomorrow or the next day. Have some personal stuff taking up time
  12. Brother, if I had b platform stuff I’d be in all day long... funny how I haven’t seen @Rsquared in this thread yet 😈
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