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  1. Yup, just like when I found that guy and his grips......
  2. May not help but how wet are you running this? Larger frame rifles need more lube during the break in process to mate parts.
  3. Save the weight, save your shoulders and back
  4. https://faxonfirearms.com/16-pencil-308-win-mid-length-4150-nitride/
  5. You’re building a tank for no reason. There is no point in a bull barrel, other than keeping it cooler during repeated target shooting. If I were you I would get a 16” pencil barrel if I could find one (Faxon maybe, they used to have a 16” rifle gas too) and keep it as light as possible. You won’t be doing full auto, mag dumps or any other nonsense so why buy something that doesn’t fit the bill. Get a light 1-6 or 3-9 power scope and done. Put it this way. If I ask you for a screwdriver and you hand me an 8lb sledgehammer, I may be able to get the job done but I will be way more tired by the end. ps. Not only have we done that but we also lose money to a board member regularly at meets for a 14.5” 5.56 with a red dot out to 450.
  6. Will still hit 800yds on paper or steel, and much like your AO, hunting distances are easily covered
  7. If this is going to be considered for hunting I would get a 16” barrel. Keep it as light as possible. That’ll be enough to get you to any distance in the north east with ease.
  8. Can we have a complete parts list as well. There is a lot going on...
  9. Well.... I’m in MASS and there are lions, bear and rattlesnakes here. But I digress. Not having the license in your state is your weak spot.
  10. This is amazing. And that’s saying something when you’re comparing Treehouse beers but damn.....
  11. Awesome. My tomatoes have been ok this year but I only did one plant. Chocolate mole pepper, japs, and bonnets this year. Bonnets are only supposed to be around 20k scovilles but I would put these way up around habenero, maybe hotter. I’ve grown many peppers, these are definitely an anomaly
  12. Just started picking my peaches. Peppers have been crazy this year, I do several varieties and my scotch bonnets are melt your face hot for some reason 😳
  13. You say silent capture buffer system but what extension and what is the internal depth? Did it all come together or ordered separate?
  14. Raven, the problem is that these guys (delta, Davidson, whatever name they are currently using) typically get blended parts but 9/10 it is a functional blem. I don’t think Tom was trying to insult or offend you. Trust me. It was more of a warning, in his warm fuzzy silver spotted way. I think personally Doc has given a safe inexpensive alternative for you.
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