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  1. edgecrusher

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    In RobOcops area. Unfortunately I believe one has gone through the gates to Valhalla. World is a terrible place right now for us, stay diligent, no stop is routine.
  2. edgecrusher


    I have locked and cleaned this up for prosperity of the forum. I went off the tracks and became unproductive.
  3. edgecrusher

    New man checking signing in.

    Welcome aboard
  4. With a good holster I don’t print wearing a t and gym shorts, it’s the perfect ccw. I run +P Winchester Ranger Ammo, 17 rounds with the spare and one in the pipe. Any more than that and I need to get to a primary weapon system
  5. I daily a G43 with Vickers +2 baseplates. It’s a great shooter for a lil fella and accurate.
  6. edgecrusher

    Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    That’s a nice one.
  7. edgecrusher

    In production...

    S&B match is on sale for $40 a box at my pusher
  8. edgecrusher

    Sunspot New Mexico

    Skull Squadron baby!
  9. edgecrusher

    Sunspot New Mexico

  10. edgecrusher

    New fella from Montana

    It’s not his PA10 but another forum member who owns one that needed a remedy. While 98 had it he tried out and measured the weapon to see its compatibility with other manufacturers for info to put on here. What you are telling us contradicts, not saying you’re wrong, what he found first hand.
  11. edgecrusher

    Romano Fenati needs an asskicking

    Mad Max! That was who I trying to think of! My bike now is fucking retarded. No joke. I’ve been on two wheels on the road for 20 years on various bikes, always owning a rocket, and the SKRR is just amazing in its power. I’m eagerly waiting to see what the ‘19 or ‘20 big gen 4 brings to the table. Rumor has it 200 plus hp with no mods. I’m at 212 at the rear wheel now.... what a starting point!
  12. edgecrusher

    Romano Fenati needs an asskicking

    Agreed, but Rossi Stoner and Marquez have had some great battles as well.
  13. edgecrusher

    Janesville, WI drag race work...

    I’m at the track several times a year. It’s easy to appreciate some of the fine craftsmanship you see at the track.