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  1. I did this too, only smaller, with a QB card holder for plays
  2. Triangle tray, no issues once you get the hang of it. 30 bucks and well worth it. Once in a while give the tray a flick if the stick
  3. If by standard weight you mean 5.4oz then yes
  4. 16” barrel and 12” handguard will cut weight where it matters most, forward of your pivot point. It will feel like you took double off
  5. I’m in for some, don’t have any of those.... Venmo? Or I can Venmo someone else then they can pay you? Can’t not get in
  6. That’s from your shell deflector. You can add weight to your buffer or cut back on your gas. If you do the latter, go back till it won’t lock open on empty then go one up so it will
  7. I think we have the full cad drawings here somewhere..... but that’s a rabbit hole in and of itself. Welcome aboard!
  8. Check out Rubber City Armory. They make parts for many high to include Noveske.
  9. You don’t need to change your gas tube. Adjustable gas blocks are needed for running suppressors. If you don’t plan on doing this then no, you don’t need one. One thing we would request you do while it’s apart is measure gas port diameter. Also give full measurements on recoil system. Read up on threads here to find out why. It’s your rifle so you use it how you deem fit, but.... 308AR rifles are not home defense rifles unless you own a ranch in Montana. You will over penetrate anything you shoot at and it will go through your target, your house, the neighbors house and the house next to it if it doesn’t hit a solid steel object. Just saying, in case you didn’t think of that.
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