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  1. For the buffer kit check out an Armalite complete assembly, set it and forget it. Gas system depends on your barrel. Lots of good triggers out there but save the money for other things and get the LaRue. Also save a few bucks and grab a Toolcraft bcg.
  2. Recoil system.... what ya got? Buffer weight and size, internal depth, and spring info
  3. ??? I will go on record to say they are great for tailgating
  4. edgecrusher

    GSC 16

    Nope, but I’m interested, got a link
  5. That was the point...not me alone, I’ve been to all of them.
  6. This thread makes me think instead of a shoot I should do a brewery tour. Treehouse, trillium and greater good one day. Vermont brewery’s day two. Day three Connecticut and RI
  7. edgecrusher

    GSC 16

    I have the very first gen and have had zero problems
  8. I have a piston and two DI. There is absolutely no benefit unless: your running suppressed or full auto.
  9. Friday night I went to Slayer, Primus, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals and Ministry. Unbelievable. Should only be topped by TOOL Thursday. I have videos but can’t upload them....😓
  10. A-4 is in regards to the configuration not the serial number
  11. No offense, unless your doing a face to face with cash, you are not getting rid of anything. A digital footprint is never really gone.
  12. More weight and a brake. Mine shoot a little harder than my ‘15’s
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