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  1. I took a class on reading wind as mirage. It was taught by a gorilla and a redneck. Funny thing was I remember it well and can still judge wind through the scope!
  2. I understand what you’re trying to say but I don’t think you understand my point. It’s stupid hard to hit that mark. MOA is over 10”. If he hits the target in the corners it’s still a 2.5 MOA spread. Human error can’t be calculated into an equation but is 50% or more of a determining factor. The .260 offers a better chance than say a 6.5 creed or certainly.308 but you’re really needing .300 win mag or up if the conditions are as challenging as he stated to cancel some of that effect out. Out of curiosity what is the furthest you have shot? Or shoot on a regular basis?
  3. See above. Math is great but only half the equation. Especially at 1100 yds.
  4. If you haven’t shot distance yet, greater than 500, it’s not an exact application of math. Wind is a bitch and you can have several varying cross winds. Not to mention your fundamentals matter so much more. Throw a shot and your missing by feet. If the steel rings it don’t matter where..... especially when you are not shooting off s bench with a bench gun. Field shooting puts different stress on you
  5. If Tom is going today I may make him grab me one
  6. Shows up as $165 for me. I’d venmo you $50 and pay for shipping if you grab one for me at that price
  7. He’ll be ok, he’s stated he’s buying Leupold mk4/6/8. Mine worked on our night shoot
  8. Happy days of birth you two, and rob too
  9. This is the limited release of my favorite. These guys have it down...
  10. Umm I think your confused. We are talking patrol rifle ammo.... I’m sure they have a duty sidearm. We use M&P 45’s
  11. I find it strange they use that round in duty ammo. We are issued m193 for our weapons.
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