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  1. G Shock. I beat the living tar out of them and they still roll
  2. Nothing in the picture you posted concerns me. Unless you have some that are worse I would not mess with your extractor.
  3. You don’t mention ejection issues
  4. Their barrels are second to none. I have two and will only replace them with the same quality barrel
  5. Hmmm. I’d argue that statement. That might be good for inside 400 yds but your fairly lacking power needed after that.
  6. Excuse me sir…. I believe i fit in somewhere here…..
  7. That lil hooker will join the family…. I have ammo and look but no 22lr pistols… which reminds me I need to clean up the good ol gsg-5.
  8. I was at SIG this weekend and will be adding a 322 soon. Nice pistol for sure
  9. No hysteria bud. Lots of facts, backed up with real information. Good for you that you can do that, with one of these, without issue. You are in the minority.
  10. To answer the main question, no, my 5.56 guns would be choice number one. Lighter, lighter load out with more rounds, much more common to pick up off the ground. .308AR is a nice weapon but it’s much heavier, loaded mags are twice as heavy carrying 10 rds less each mag at least. think…. If I’m carrying this several days in a row, out on the field, or running with it, which would I rather have? As usual Tom hit the nail on the head with his post on firefights… it’s hectic, and all plans swirl down the shitter cause everything goes sideways. High pressure brings you down to your lowest level of training. You can have a MK19 but if you haven’t trained you are as useless as a snow shovel in the desert
  11. Also, these beasts take more time to break in. Lots of heavy metal mating together. Run it wetter than a fat chick at prom night with a sweaty 13 yr old virgin. It may take 1-300 rounds
  12. These have skid steer quick detach front attachment points
  13. This one is coming home soon, getting the 55 hp with cab. 72” brush hog and some other implements
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