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  1. edgecrusher

    Happy Veterans Day!

    My grandfather was a POW in Mussolini occupied Italy. Tough bid for an first generation Italian American. For 13 months he was given two potatoes a day for forced labor. He led 22 men over the border in an escape that carried them through the southern alps into France, Spain and finally Portugal where he was picked up by allied forces. 9 men made it home. I was the first one to hear his story. He asked me not to serve, feeling betrayed by his country for not receiving VA benefits for many ailments until he was diagnosed with cancer too late. I would drive him to chemo as a teenager and did as he asked, with a heavy heart. I serve today domestically, with pride, the best I can to honor him. I serve with some of the best men I know, veterans who all sacrificed in one way or another. My my brother from another mother here, a ten foot tall hairy three rowed tooth beast, is among these men. To TOMASS and all the other vets on the board, I salute you!
  2. edgecrusher

    Bleed Kit on a Budget

    I just bought a cat tourniquet for my duty rig, something to look into for a much better tourniquet option when budget allows. We had a large discussion about this for the fall shoot but I can’t remember if it made it into the thread.
  3. edgecrusher

    Care package

    So a two machinist walk into a bar.... and now three large frame AR’s and ten small frames come out with them...
  4. Opposite in my state.
  5. edgecrusher

    .308's seem...well...problematical...

    Biggest difference between the two is if you cheep out on a 5.56 it’s not a big deal, the have a mil spec to follow in manufacturing. If you cheap out on a large frame, your getting a pile of shit that may or may not jive. There is no one spec manufacturers follow. Each has their own idea on what they think should be. Yes, many suckers will slap a half ass rifle together and want a LaRue. No they won’t even come close. There are plenty of proven parts and systems that work. AERO stuff is pretty good with the exception of what 98Z5B highlighted. It’s not that hard to get fixed and you’ll be glad you did.
  6. edgecrusher

    The Dodge Hellephant... Brace for it...

    I would guess 18-20k
  7. edgecrusher

    THE from AS State, the dry side.

    Lol, no biggie on the title, welcome to the site
  8. edgecrusher

    The Dodge Hellephant... Brace for it...

    No. There isn’t a car based on the engine other than the SEMA car. The engine will be a crate option only... so far
  9. edgecrusher

    The Dodge Hellephant... Brace for it...

    As soon as this came out on FB I tagged you. The green beast needs this. Well this and a whole lot of driveline updates
  10. edgecrusher

    BEER, Reviews and Opinions

    Roman, PM me your address and I’ll send you a couple, see if you like them
  11. edgecrusher

    Barrel bedding

    “Eh”, not needed normally. Maybe more trouble than it’s worth and cause headaches down the road. I can’t remember do you have a barrel already? How does it fit in the extension now?
  12. edgecrusher

    ATF prosecuting a lawful AR pistol owner

    I’m with Rob, this guy did or said something other than this
  13. edgecrusher


    We had an 60 lbs bobcat that was hit by a car up here and it was huge