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  1. Dammit Doc... I grabbed the same. Plus 10 pmags, some magpul glock mags and a couple more CMC Powermags, which I was going get more but I must’ve cleaned them out myself. Can you 65b yourself?
  2. As far as compatibility you are correct. Some companies products won’t play well with others, others will but cosmetically won’t match. We often suggest if at all possible by an upper an lower from the same company to avoid tolerance stacking issues. With luck, the upper you choose will fit, and all will be well. I suggest if you can, after milling your lower test fit a couple different brands of uppers if at all possible. There is no spec for the 308AR, so every manufacturer does their own thing.The 16” barrel is the right choice, much easier and lighter. Plus the closer to you the weight is the lighter it will feel. welcome
  3. The best beer I’ve had in a very long time, and that is saying something!!! My buddy’s new brewery in a colander with a bigger local brewery, resulting that good good!!!! I'm going to try to get a couple more and maybe send out care packages to my two beer buds if I can get some.
  4. Start with details of recoil system please, my money is that is the culprit
  5. If that is your buffer measurement it’s off. Also don’t shoot soft point ammo in any AR with expectations of proper feeding. The feed ramps will catch the soft end of the projectile and cause you issues. If you’re going to hunt with them your better off hand loading into the chamber.
  6. This guy knows his stuff, and at the very least, the two of you can shoot off and get a few mils. (Inside joke here, not at your expense). Your buffer appears correct but no your receiver extension. (Buffer tube) That should have a measured internal depth of 7” for that buffer.
  7. This. To me not knowing your parts manual I’d start with recoil system. Just by your description it sounds like it is most likely incorrect.
  8. I think your idea of mil spec is off. It has absolutely nothing to do with running in any condition. Also, you seem to have the belief that these guns are made of sugar and can’t get wet or dirty and if they do they won’t work. AK’s aren’t that much more reliable than modern AR’s and there are plenty of tests to prove it. That misconception has been long ago proven. The SCS is best meant for race guns and what most mean by that is a gun that uses one ammo tuned by the end user for competition. If you truly want a “SHTF” gun then you are building something that will shoot any given ammo and cycle properly without changing parts or tuning on the fly. That’s why we are giving you recommendations based on your verbage. Again, just a bunch of salty trigger pullers with experience. Mil spec is a specification of machining tolerances, not a requirement of performance capability.
  9. You’re good, it was just a statement. Many come here with internet knowledge but not much practical and refuse the information we try to give them. You’ll be fine here. We will help you get sorted and out to the range.
  10. No worries, it just clears up restrictions and what we can advise.
  11. Also. Many here have trigger time and give answers based on that. Calculators and internet logic are fine until it’s not. 98z5v has the most of all of us and he and Matt Cross have both taught some great classes at a top secret facility which were proven on afterward on the range.
  12. 18” and 175 gr plus can get you out there with some practice. That’s a nice little set up. I like the option of the 16.5” rifle gas, just not the price.
  13. So, I read your post and didn’t see you planned shooting range desired. I saw the bit about energy, but not your purpose for this weapon. I will also ask your experience in shooting as well, for my own info to assist you. Nothing wrong with a 12.5” out to 400. 16” to 800. The thing I will correct you on is your statement on accuracy. The shorter barrels are no less accurate but suffer from velocity loss resulting in drop, not a loss in accuracy. Wind will affect a projectile more with less weight and velocity.
  14. Last I knew STAG was completely proprietary
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