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  1. Mine is a White Oak barrel but I’m in the same boat. I’m down to 4 lbs of Varget. Sucks. Right when I got going…
  2. 77gr smk/23.8grVarget/LC brass/CCI #41. Shot out of an 18” SPR rifle gas barrel I’m getting 10 shot groups around an inch.
  3. Needs parts list to try to solve tolerance stacking issues. Also, has the bolt been headspaced to the barrel?
  4. I don’t feel disrespected, lot thicker skin than that. I posted the why so you could learn.
  5. 1. I already listed alternate parts 2. your bolt carrier group isn’t under gassed, it’s under assed. It’s not slowing the reciprocating mass down enough. Ejection don’t mean shit if it won’t function.
  6. Recoil system bro. Looks like you’ve read some posts, thank you, it’ll help this go much faster. Buffer is too light, needs to be over 5 oz, either 5.3 or 5.6. Spring is also junk. Should be 13.75”. If it’s available you can get the whole Armalite system and be done. Or…. Shop for a sprinco orange and a kak buffer. Your gas tube is good. Gas port is a little on the small side but glaring issues first
  7. Nice! If you haven’t bought the engine yet try to get a Gen three motor, it has a third injector in the direct injection that cleans the valves. That deserves a build thread!
  8. There is no Gen 1 or Gen 2. The GII was an attempt to make the .308 platform lighter and smaller but had many proprietary parts. It was short lived. Some other companies have tried the same but none play with the other kids in the sand box. The DPMS/SR25 platform isn’t completely compatible but many share interchangeable parts. Also, never, ever assume an AR10 part will, since in proper terms AR10 is strictly Armalite and is not interchangeable as it’s separate from the DPMS/SR25.
  9. Lmao!!! That dude was so confident…. Poor bastard…
  10. Welcome aboard! Some pictures with detailed measurements may clear this up too. Either way hang around and have some fun!!
  11. Lantau makes good stuff
  12. I got my shipping notification yesterday for a”few”
  13. Knife came today, shoes are supposed to come tomorrow
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