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  1. Congrats on your new rig. I have the exact same AP4 with rear sight also, only my FFT has vent-cuts or slots. Chamber polishing I would not worry about, as that usually is an issue with Stainless Steel barrels. Decent Scope for under $500? Either a Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10 or something Weaver or Bushnell. I hear that the Weaver Tactical Grand Slam is a fully Made in Japan scope, with Mrad adjustments for $299. But, the Burris MTAC 3-10 with Gen. 2 Mildot reticle and Mil adjustments has really piqued my interest. If you really want to keep firmly under $500, go with the Burris. The Gen 2 reticle makes holdovers easier with the 1/2 mil subtensions. http://www.opticsplanet.com/burris-3-5-10x-42mm-mtac-g2b-mil-dot-reticle-rifle-scope.html
  2. Cool. You're right about barrel contour. They made a really good choice with that profile. Now, if only they can get the gas port size right! ??? I think you'll see that around 300 yards or so (if you get out that far), heating does not seem to affect grouping all that much. Here's my recipe: 150 FMJBT CCI Lrg. Mag. Primer 43.6 of BL/C (2)
  3. Bob, you're not kidding. My 'sold' 18" SST was EXTREMELY accurate, albeit unreliable in the same manner as your's was prior to returning to CMMG. But have you noticed that the barrel gets super hot, and stays that way for a long time after shooting? My range session includes around 60 rounds and lasts an hour or so. After 30 rounds it really starts to heat up; more so than any chrome-moly barreled 308 ar I have owned.
  4. don't know my velocity, but.. 150 FMJBT LC brass with LR Mag primer 43.5 Hodg. BL/C (2) Groups tight! I can shoot smiley faces at 200 yards!
  5. MK214!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntf_GrbyxJ8
  6. I have recently begun to load up some LC brass with 35.0 grains of BL/C2 , as opposed to the suggested Hodgdon medium load of 43.5. I will try to get pics, but recoil is slightly mitigated and allows me to fire faster cadences, while keep the muzzle on target with minimal rise. This is with the 150 grain bullet. Give it a try sometime. These were fired from the DPMS AP4.
  7. Yes, I guess RRA was included. I like the new PWS MK216.
  8. Here here, BLKSHEEP. Get your dollars and climb into a DPMS, Armalite, etc.
  9. bummer, BB. Amazes me that they would try to fix this with an A2 buttstock. Can you see marks on the brass where it is hitting something? They should just give you a new rifle altogether.
  10. +1 to your responses. I guess we could say that they ruined a really nice looking rifle with the potential to be a winner in this market. When I saw the 'other' thread on this issue, I cut and ran while I could. The UPS call tag from CMMG was in my Inbox and I DELETED it. And yeah Wash you're right. It's not about being anal; its about function. That gun needs to fire every time the trigger is squeezed. I can't believe that they tried to fix the other guy's gun using a spacer! How cheesy! :cookoo:
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