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  1. Amen to that. We will do whatever it takes to keep our Constitution intact. It is America. Without the 2nd Amendment, the Bill of Rights won't matter. When I enlisted in the United States Army, 42 years ago, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath has no time limit.
  2. Magpul! Come to El Paso, Texas. Just take I-25 south and switch to I-10 in Las Cruces,NM without even exiting! You can be here overnight! We have the manufacturing base and the workforce to get you going. No taxes! Freedom abounds! We don't tolerate hand wringing, AR banning sissies!
  3. Amen on the use of deadly force. This battle can be won by superior intellect and tact. When you look at it, we are much more capable intellectually than the feces throwing burnt out cry baby hippies. Also, if the administration, DOJ, or other government agencies think they can enforce any kind of ban; or seize our weapons; they are sadly mistaken. Their own inefficiency will be their downfall. All we have to do is stay above it and capitalize on their errors. I believe we can out-think and outmaneuver them in defense of the Constitution of the United States of America.
  4. Two recent targets at 100 yds. The first was to set initial zero for my Leatherwood M1000 ART; the second for my new Pentax 3 - 15 X 50 Ultrazoom.
  5. When I lived in California, I was required to fire fully automatic weapons every day! I guess that was just a local rule at Ft. Ord! Seriously, though; get out of there. We have no firearms restrictions in Texas and plenty of room and jobs for you here.
  6. Of all of the load development methods I've read about, the OCW makes the most sense. It accomplishes the same thing as the ladder, but with a little less effort and ammo. The OCW is actually a statistical methodology broken down to a practical level. The math works great, but you don't need to be a mathematician to use OCW. I intend to try it out for myself in the next few weeks and see.
  7. This is a good catch! I just installed a Rock River Two Stage Trigger in my DPMS LR 308. For those who have never removed the pistol grip, the detents and springs for both the rear takedwon pin and safety lever are held in by the pistol grip. I haven't seen that in the drop-in trigger instructions yet. There aren't many parts in an AR, but you need all of them to operate safely. JK
  8. Just as I am about to begin working up loads for the new .308, I see the CFE223! This is definitely going to be a part of my load workup. In the meantime I will use the CFE223 to rehab my poor little AR15 who has probably got commercially minable quantities of copper fowling in the bore. Let me know how the test batch of 168's goes.
  9. The silence has been broken! Thanks for all of the input. To answer 392heminut (I'm a 6.1 L Heminut); I do occaisionally go to Ft. Bliss Rod & Gun. It's a great facility. However, the range I use the most is a little to the West of there. I have a portable stooting bench and target stand that fold up in the back of my Jeep and I go set up out in the vast open spaces of the BLM land that stretches from El Paso to San Diego to the west and from the Mexican Border to probably Canada on the north. I have endless land to hunt and shoot in, so I don't go to formal ranges unless I need to spread out (like when I am developing loads). As to the reloading; I am going to start with about a hundred of the 147 and 168's and work up a few loads to see what works best. I will probably load up some of the 180's for grins anyway. I'll do this work in lots of ten rounds per each different powder charge and/or brand using my RCBS Rock Chucker. When I find the load I want, I'll set it up on my Dillon RL550B and mass produce it. My goal is to always have at least 1,000 rounds of each caliber on hand. Right now I'm cranking out the .223's and the .45 ACP's. I do a lot of shooting. Seldom does a week pass that I don't at least go plinking. I have been known to shoot jack rabbits with a .300 Win Mag and a .50 BMG. JK
  10. It is really quiet here. Must be some real secrets to be guarded. In that case, I will begin this week with some 180 gr. Match King Boatails I had set aside for the .300 Win. Mag. I have unlimited access to the largest range in North American, so I'll set up and start working at 100 and 200 yds. and see what happens. I will also get started on the 147 and 168 gr. loads and see what works best for each. There must be some reason that the military favors the 147, so I'll see why for myself. The 168 gr. is self explanatory and the 180 gr. is just becsause they already live on the loading bench. JK
  11. A big Texas Howdy from us out here in the West Texas Town of El Paso! Thanks to Marty for the last good plug we ever had! And a big thank you for your service to this great country. Fortunately I never had to be attended to by a medic, but I delivered a number of their patients to the Evac. Hospitals. You fellows definitely do God's work. I'm just beginning an experiment to see what accuracy and reliability I can develop out of a bare bones 16" LR308. Keep us posted on the M14 comparison. JK
  12. I'm looking for reloading data and results others may have had recently with the shorter barreled 308's. I just got a DPMS LR308 RECON 16" (Stainless). It's the first 7.62/.308 I've had in 40 years (the last one belonged to the Army and they just had to keep it). I reload practically everything made but the .308. What I am really interested in is a dependable, accurate 7.62 X 51 equivalent. I don't need speed or long range stuff. Got plenty of that in other calibers and platforms. I want to be able to engage targets to around 300 yds and be able to stay in a 6" circle. What seems to be the most probable venue is a good 168 gr bullet that mimics the National Match velocities and trajectory. Any help with load data, especially powder choices, will be greatly appreciated. JK
  13. Thank you all for such a warm welcome:-) I did check out the buffer link and will probably buy the buffer and Armalite spring. YWHIC, I'll be right there, just make sure the cooler is full when my shift is done. I hunt on a couple of ranches south of you on the border. I started packing the AR15 when the druggies started ambushing hunters and ranchers looking to hijack competitor's drug shipments. No trouble so far, but you never know...it's wild country over there, just like "no country for old men" be careful in your new place when you hear a knock at the door, especially after dark. Jk
  14. Thanks gunjunkie and washguy! I lived in the DFW area for many years and I know all about the shooting oportunities in that neighborhood. I chased pipelines all across the Panhandle (some pheasant, sandhill cranes, ducks and geese too) in my younger days. I like the prairie dog idea, but I use my .220 Swift on those guys. I chose the 16" barrel because I might need the firepower at medium range. For long range I have a number of options, but my .300 Win. Mag. is my favorite. Its all good! I do notice a touch of recoil that my AR15 doesn't have, but it is manageable. It is also taking quite a few rounds to season the stainless steel barrel and pull in the group sizes. Because I want the rifle to be a "grab and go" tool, I've placed and ACOG 4X on it, so I don't have the same precision as the 6 x 24X on my Swift. I have also ordered a Chip McCormick drop in 3.5 pound trigger. The factory DPMS trigger is horrible and crunchy and sounds like an old screen door opening when you start your takeup.
  15. A Big Texas Howdy from the land West of the Pecos and directly across the river from the current murder capital of the world. I just bought a DPMS RECON 16" LR-308. It joins my Bushmaster AR15 20" Heavy Barrel. I have kept the AR15 handy in my Jeep for the past several years when hunting along the border and just roaming the desert. I felt the need to get some more punch. Anyway, I look forward to learning from others who have gone this route, and their experiences with the .308/7.62X51 AR platform. My last 7.62X51 was an M60 and they made me turn it in when I re-crossed the big pond. JK
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