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  1. Venom_6

    New SI Build in the works.

    Quick update: Here she is as she stands now. Waiting for my bolt/barrel back from Krieger. Some Badger rings are on the way. Just needs a Nightforce F1, chrome bolt carrier or SID's if they ever come out, and a KAC rail if I can ever find a URX or FF RAS. So far she's got: Colt A2 buttstock RRA NM 2 Stage trig
  2. Venom_6

    SI Defense Bolt Carrier Group

    Shoot I just sent them an email asking the same thing. Its gonna be a long two months.
  3. Let me know what ya got. I need one in rifle length. Thanks.
  4. Venom_6

    New SI Build in the works.

    Thanks for the help. I got a DPMS LR308 bolt from Midway and also a 1:11tw M110 bbl from Krieger yesterday. I have the buttstock/grip on its way. SI receivers on the way to my FFL. My wife is gonna flip when all this starts arriving, lol!! I'm thinking Nightforce for the scope, but that'll take a little longer. I like the Armalite NM forearm, but since that wont fit, I'm thinking SWS E1 for the rail. Then the rest of the smaller stuff follows. Any suggestions or things I should look out for?
  5. Venom_6

    New SI Build in the works.

    The barrel extension needs to be DPMS format to match the SI Upper anyways correct? Thanks.
  6. Venom_6

    New SI Build in the works.

    I just ordered a matched pair of GenIII receivers. Looking at ordering a Krieger M110 barrel. I have to send them a bolt to match the barrel. I'm assuming a regular DPMS LR308 bolt/assembly will work with the SI upper correct?
  7. Venom_6

    Titan M110 Barrels

    Sort of interested in the 20" M110 barrel from Fulton. Anyone use one? How do they shoot ? How do they hold up/round count? Who makes them for Fulton?
  8. Ok, thanks. Is there any rail similar for the dpms format other than the KAC ?
  9. FNG here. New to the LR308 scene so please excuse the question, but would there be any fitting issues putting an Armalite railed forearm (AR10 NM forearm) on a SI Defense barreled upper? Thanks, V6
  10. Venom_6

    SI-Defense based 308

    Very nice! I'm lining up a matched SI pair of receivers as well and was wondering about their coating.