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  1. I'm not trying to make your decision but my 16" barrel is making impressive groups at 300 yards (currently longest distanced offered at my range). I have the same expectation of using this gun for hunting as well (DPMS LR308 AP4). Here little piggy! ;D
  2. I have been working on being an Armorer for Glock, AR-15, Remington 870 & 700. Glock is done, next 870. I also want to become a NRA instructor. I take pistol and shotgun classes every year, plus I shoot IDPA and about to begin 3 gun shooting.
  3. I'm late chiming in here, but I'm also new. Kelly I thought was a little off here in stating that Law Enforcement was getting away from the shotgun. Yes the patrol rifle has been added to a LEO's armament but only as an augmentation and has been improperly deployed in certain cercumstaces by many departments. The shotgun is by far a more versitile and effective weapon in more situations inside about 25 yards than the Patrol Rifle and its only real weaknes is training. Most ingagements are going to be under 10 feet but with a properly setup shotgun you could effectively and accurately put down a target at 100 yards with slugs and a smoothbore. I got off topic, I know. Personally, after years of debating on this very topic I have settled on this ammunition configuation and it's state of readiness. Nothing in the chamber, all 00 buck in the magazine tube, and I keep the shotgun with the safety off and slide foward with the trigger already depressed. I carry a side saddle with 3 slugs and 3 00buck. The Federal 00 buck with flight control wads pattern best in my shotgun, all center mass still at 20 yards. If I should need slugs I would combat load them. I only keep the chamber empty should I have to combat load a slug at the begining. My weapons are all in my safe except a handgun on my person at all times, should I need more than a pistol my shotgun is the first weapon available when I open my safe.
  4. After some years shooting the AR-15 platform I began to want more and less than the .223/5.56 could provide. I picked up a AR in 9mm, to be able to use at any range and the accuracy is insane. But when I pick up a AR in .308/7.62 the power, range and potentioal for accuracy at long distances get the juices flowing. Maybe later a 50 will be in the cards.
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