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  1. And pizzas on Sunday afternoon...
  2. Welcome! And congrats on that new build. Looking forward to hearing about it.
  3. This is the one at Costco, it was five bills when you pick it up at the warehouse. I was the same way, all my buddies were putting out this great stuff, I wanted to try. The pellet grills are all the rage, but this requires no electricity, and I'll tell you once you establish a temperature it holds rock steady for hours. That brisket went 11 hours. Came out amazing btw.
  4. A few months back I went to Costco and picked up a Louisiana Grills (same manufacturer as the Pit Boss line) komodo style smoker. It's been doing pretty well, I've been getting used to it, relatively easy to set and maintain a steady smoke temp. First attempt was baby back ribs, burnt them on the edges but I know now what I did wrong. Since then I've done a few whole chickens, turkey legs, Boston butt pork - all pretty damned good turnouts. This morning I brought it up to temp and laid a beef brisket on it. Hope it comes out good. Anyone else using this style smoker?
  5. I've got several units still in the box they came in.
  6. Man, so I had to go back and dig this old thread up. I just today shot this rifle and can for the very first time. Do you guys do that too? Buy something then stick it in the safe and take forever to get back to it? Geez...……. Anyway, super quiet can, great shooting rifle, real nice combo. This should be a good pig harvesting setup.
  7. I know Jen from Texas Tactical, she is indeed good people.
  8. Interesting read, thanks for posting. If you follow his name link you'll find more interesting reads. Not everything he writes is spot on with my views, but he has opinions, no doubt. https://medium.com/@bjcampbell
  9. Red - please post a bit more descriptive title to your threads. Thank you sir.
  10. Thx for the reply. No sir, I have the disconnect and sear oriented correctly. And this is a series 70 configuration.
  11. I'm working on a new build and am hung up on assembly. When I get the mainspring housing pinned and cock the action, I drop in the thumb safety. After that, I can’t get the hammer to return, the trigger is completely locked out. If I just take the thumb safety out and let the grip safety hang loose, the trigger will action the hammer. I’ve tried several different mainsprings and several different grip safeties, to no avail. Can anyone help me with what’s catching on what? Thanks all, appreciate any input.
  12. Madhouse


    And the rain just keeps coming here in Houston too. Flooding is happening in spots again, this is getting old.
  13. Tom, I'm with you, FFDP is my go-to band, has been for the past few years.
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