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  1. I had one of those, sold it. And I'm a big Kimber fan, but did not care for my Ten II.
  2. So that I can be better edumacted, is it true that Glocks don't support the case all the way back once in battery? I was at the range with a buddy of mine that was using reloads in once-fired brass and in three mags, two cases split on him near the rim. I know there could be many reasons for this, but I seem to remember the back end of the round being unsupported. I've never been a Glock fan, but I try not to talk shit about them because I don't own any. I've thought about getting one or two just so I can form mt own opinions of the platform, haven't yet though.
  3. That's genius. Griddle all around the circle and an open flame in the middle for searing.
  4. Great for fajitas too! No sombrero required.
  5. I've been wondering about those Tisas. Got an impression for us?
  6. Somebody stop me. Had a work trip in DFW a few weeks back, met up with a couple of cool members of TexasGunTalk and bought these. Springfield Emissary and Remington R1.
  7. Madhouse


    Did a prime rib roast today, wow, so delicious.
  8. It was 80 degrees 2 days ago, 35 when I left the house this morning. Crazy weather.
  9. Glad I could contribute, just had lunch (breakfast for lunch) at one! lol
  10. Welcome from Texas! I enjoy your part of the country as well, I spend time in Warner Robins and on Lake Sinclair as well.
  11. Lots of Maine-iacs joining recently. As a native Maine'r, welcome!
  12. This arrives Thursday. Should be very helpful with my 1911 builds. https://www.realavid.com/product/master-gun-vise/
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