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  1. Website says, Folds of Honor is proud to have a cumulative average ratio of 86% of annual expenses supporting our scholarship program. That's really good. Always worth a look when giving to charities.
  2. Madhouse

    Almost time?

    Time to leave NJ!
  3. Madhouse

    New Truck ( to me )

    That truck is a beast man, congrats. Looks to be in amazing condition.
  4. Gobble til ya wobble boys.
  5. Madhouse

    Wife’s New Ride...

    That's a great looking ride dude
  6. Madhouse

    I bought another truck

    I've sold my past two trucks to the same friend, a 2012 in 2016 with 36K miles on it, and then my 2016 in 2018 with 13K miles. He knows he got a very well-maintained and well-kept vehicle both times. I've also sold two of my Infiniti's to another friend, same deal, super-clean cars with low miles and they knew the full history.
  7. Madhouse

    Apocalypse Pooh

    LOL, never saw that before, that's funny stuff
  8. Madhouse

    Gotta rebuild a blind

    Awesome, thanks. I like that it's a Texas company too.
  9. Madhouse

    I bought another truck

    One of my Lightnings was black, my Mustang was black, my last two FX4 trucks were black. It'll be a while before I have another black vehicle, unless I get one that'll never see rain.
  10. Madhouse

    I bought another truck

    It's called Magnetic Metallic. Just gray, reminds me of the Dark Shadow Gray Lightning I had.
  11. Madhouse

    I bought another truck

    I'm liking it pretty well so far.
  12. Madhouse

    Gotta rebuild a blind

    I need to rebuild a lowboy blind on our property. I'll hunt from it this year, but it was ready to fall over three years ago, so this will be the last. Anybody found any good components lately? Windows, etc.? I've been looking at using the Shadow Hunter window kit instead of a plywood flap window.
  13. Madhouse

    I bought another truck

    I don't know why I buy trucks so often, the one I just got rid of only had 13K miles on it. Anyway, it was time for a new color, I was done with black...
  14. Madhouse

    Guy is nuts...

    Gotta give him coolness points for those pants though, come on...
  15. Madhouse

    Shoot or not to shoot

    Damn, no doubt. Sadly, that sure seemed like a no-win for the good guys.