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  1. Nice, thanks man. That's a good read.
  2. lol, never heard that one before
  3. I ended up getting this one, we'll see how it goes https://www.righttobear.com/TS-Lower-Build-Kit-Mission-First-Stock-p/ts-lbk-bmsmil.htm
  4. Thx edge and Rob. I haven't found just the right one yet. Luth-AR is out of stock
  5. Welcome! WTF is the mitten state?
  6. Lol. So I think I'll go milspec on one and do a nice accurate build on the other. I'll post with progress.
  7. Thoughts on CMMG parts? They also offer others. I'm leaning towards this shop since they're veteran owned.
  8. I'm kind of digging this kit, and the upper is already complete. Mostly mil-spec stuff, but it's easy, and I don't need these damnable AR's to distract me from my 1911's anyway. https://www.righttobear.com/Ghost-16-inch-5-56-Rifle-Build-Kit-Burnt-Bronze-p/gf16e14gfr556bb-kit.htm
  9. Nice, thanks Tom. Time to go shopping.
  10. I was doing some inventory and found a couple of stripped lowers in one of the safes, so I guess I'll do a couple of builds. Anyone have an all-in-one lower build kit they've used recently. It's been a minute since I've shopped for any AR parts at all.
  11. +1 -- when I was doing caliber consolidation I sold my XD-40, then re-bought the platform in the XD-9 and XDM-45 Never been a glock fan.
  12. Congratulations sir, nice long run. Tomorrow makes 24 for the wife and I.
  13. I moved it down to Club House
  14. I use one, but not that brand. Thanks for the heads up though. Did you mean to drop this in Bar & Grill?
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