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  1. Retired, man I wish. Sadly no, at 52 I still have a few years to put in.
  2. I thought I was pretty versed in flashlights, but I've never heard of Elzetta. Can you give me some dimensions or size reference on the lights? Thanks,
  3. Yeah, right on, either way it's always about internal temp. Appreciate the data.
  4. Interesting, that's opposite of what my buddy was telling me, smoke low for about 4-5 hours, then crank it up for 400 for a short time.
  5. Prime rib roast, that's my next new thing, never done one before. Yours looked great.
  6. Pork riblets, and bacon wrapped chicken breasts, and a split chicken
  7. Absolutely, no worries. Post away.
  8. I keep finding stashes of mags still in the wrapper, like a bunch. And I haven't bought a mag in 10 years, at least.
  9. Buffer and sprig are pretty easy, if that's all you end up needing to do.
  10. No administrative software changes happening.
  11. You'd think I could find something in the Houston area, but no joy.
  12. Me as well, love the 1911 platform. I can't believe how difficult it is to find an armorer's class.
  13. 392 - wanted to follow up on this, I indeed needed to work down that spot a bit that you described as a scallop. I'm functional now. That was a nice trick to learn, it hadn't show up in previous builds. On to the next, I'm trying to get 5 more built in my precious little spare time.
  14. Madhouse


    Tonight's dinner
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