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    Yard birds on the kamodo
  2. I blame it on my martial arts history, but I tend to shoot pistol in a modified weaver stance, back foot almost at a full 45 degrees. It's not popular, but I've made it my go-to.
  3. Wish that was 200 gr subsonics.
  4. I really enjoyed that video. I'll do some drills and try to put that info to use. Thanks for posting that Tom.
  5. Welcome aboard sir.
  6. Nice, another Maine-iac! Welcome aboard. I'm originally from the north end of the state.
  7. Nice build Brian! Back before Bushmaster was bought out and moved to what, New York or something? Freedom Group bought them? Then some of the original folks brought Windham Weaponry into business if I'm not mistaken...
  8. Key Battles of the Civil War https://www.historyonthenet.com/key-battles-civil-war It was well presented by two college professors. They aren't at all boring, cracking geeky jokes as they go. I recommend it.
  9. Excellent. I just finished a 22 episode podcast on the civil war, needed some fresh ear food. Thanks.
  10. I've got a couple of RIA's 1911s, one in .45acp and one in 9mm - great guns. And at that price, you're right, no room to bitch.
  11. The real kicker is her current car, the Infiniti. It only has 17k miles on it. I'm pretty sure we've never kept a vehicle past 40k miles. The last truck I sold had 13k on it, and years ago I traded a new GMC truck with 7k on it. We're the idiots taking that initial hit in the wallet so others can buy low mileage cars at a greatly educed price, lol.
  12. yeah, it was very well received
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