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  1. Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving!!
  2. Glad your item sold. I'll lock this thread, but PM if your deal falls through, and I'll re-open it.
  3. Had to cook meats first, put those in the oven on warm, then the eggs and hash browns.
  4. Madhouse

    Flat tops

    Not much better for a big weekend breakfast than a flat top. I hadn't used mine most of the summer so I just spent an hour cleaning and re-seasoning it. We're having company stay over tomorrow so I wanted to be ready to burn up a good breakfast Saturday morning. Also, burgers, fajitas, steaks, .... anything
  5. Man, those bots are getting sophisticated. When I checked his post IP it actually said France. Either way, buh-bye.
  6. @stevenaughtonnsx11, either you're adding text to a member post that wasn't actually said,,or you mistakenly added your verbiage to the quote section of your own post. Either way, please correct your text or I will remove your post. And just fair warning, a relative newbie telling a long standing member they don't belong here will not hold water with this crowd, so maybe be ready for that.
  7. East end of Houston is, well let's say, there are areas there that are "concerning" places to live.
  8. Rio Rancho? I've got a sister and bro-in-law there.
  9. Man people really need to pay attention...
  10. Since this was brought back from the past, I'm moving it to the Optics forum.
  11. I can't seem to get enough 1911's, just such a wonderful platform. I picked this SA Ronin up off a local guy.
  12. Ha, watched it, man that DID NOT end well.
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