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  1. Yeah, this one is long in the tooth, I'll lock it down. OP - message me if this is still a viable ad.
  2. Madhouse


    Happy New Year gang! Here's to a great 2018!
  3. Madhouse

    What Was Under Your Tree?

    Nice haul! Among other things, I got a 2-way machinists vise for the drill press. Time to work on my eightie percent'r.
  4. Madhouse

    I like food too much.

    I had about 8 fights the other night in the advanced adult class, i must have left 5 lbs of sweat in my gi. I just turned 49, and it's not so easy any more fighting these 20-somethings.
  5. Madhouse

    I like food too much.

    Sisco, how are you making out on your original goal man? I need to start this process as well...
  6. Madhouse

    No nativity scene

    The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene on Capitol Hill this Christmas season. This isn't for any religious reason. They simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in the Nation's Capital. A search for a Virgin also continues. There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.
  7. Madhouse

    So, I'm building a 1911...

    I'm on another build now, have it basically functional, but it still needs a lot more fine tuning before I'm range ready. After I work it out at the range I'll have a shop coat it for me.
  8. Madhouse

    Hurricane Harvey

    Thanks, but I was vacationing in Maine when it all went down, lol. No damage at the homestead either, so no worries here.
  9. Madhouse

    Texas shooters

    It's all in the website for Bayou Rifles. It's a closed membership, each year they have attrition and open it up for new members. The past couple of years they've had about 120 openings, and they let just current members know when open enrollment is going onto the website. It's usually filled inside of 10 or 15 minutes. Great facilities! If you can get in, it's worth the price of admission!
  10. Madhouse

    LMT MWS 308win

    Cool, I'll lock it down.
  11. Madhouse

    Gander Mountain closing all stores.

    Here in the Houston area they had said they were closing 5 of the 6. I know the one near me is done in a few weeks, they've got 40% off on guns right now.
  12. Madhouse

    Anyone camo their AR?

    Were you asking me? If so, that's just a cheap stock, dipped together with the upper, lower, mag, grip and fore-end.
  13. Madhouse

    Anyone camo their AR?

    I had one of my AR's hydro-dipped in skulls, looks kind of camo from a distance.
  14. Madhouse

    Clear sold ada

    That's correct, the ads stay for reference.
  15. Madhouse

    It Sucks going First.........

    Congrats bro. It will be interesting to see what the current turn-around time is for stamps.