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  1. I'll try to do some more digging, but info on 308 AR compatibility is scarce. Also the manufacturers aren't of much help (for understandable reasons, including liability), as their company lines are "no parts substitutions of any kind".
  2. Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but does anyone know if a DPMS LR-308 BCG will fit and work in a LMT MWS 308???
  3. Ok, as the thread title says, I'm looking to get 1 of these two rifles: a LMT MWS 308 or a PWS (Primary Weapons Systems) Mk216. I ask advice because where I live, I cannot actually see these rifles in person before buying (sucks). The two are about the same price from the business I go through, so cost is par for the course, as is barrel length (both 16"). Between the two accuracy is probably not a significant factor, since either rifle will likely shoot better than I can. Plus, I don't think free-floating is as critical as it's made out to be. My main priority is reliability/durability. (Yes, I know that I would probably be bankrupt by the time the round count got high enough to start breaking parts, given the cost of .308). The reason for this being my priority is that both rifles' parts are proprietary, and likely difficult to get a hold of north of the border, here (Canada). So, as I see it the pros/cons break down to: LMT MWS Pros: +More proven DI system is a known quantity +Maybe more accurate (free floated barrel) Cons: -A bit heavier PWS Mk216 Pros: +A bit lighter Cons: -Long-stroke piston system, although cool, is an unknown quantity compared to DI. -Maybe less accurate (non-free floated barrel) Feel free to chime in/flame/whatever. Thanks
  4. Yikes. To each his own, I guess. But it might make sense if you live in a jurisdiction that bases laws on emotion rather than reason (aka. where stocks, appearance, pistol grips, etc. determine whether your rifle is an "assault weapon" or not). Like certain desert states in the south west.
  5. Hi there, I have a DPMS LR-308 AP4. I am in The People's Socialist Republik of Kanuckistan (commonly know as Canada, otherwise). As such, the rifle is not made available to me with a flash hider. I am interested in having one installed and am checking to see what the threading on the muzzle is. I believe it is 5/8 by 24. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks you!!!
  6. I have a Heavy Buffer from Clint as well, haven't installed it yet, looking forward to trying it. I got it after it was suggested to me by several people. The underlying theory being that a heavier buffer will slow down the cycling speed, lessening the amount of abuse the extractors, etc. get. I'm pretty new to AR's in general, but I have heard good things about the heavy buffers. Apparently DPMS skimped a bit on their 308 buffers (too short, light). Hopefully this should solve it.
  7. Does anybody know what lengths the gas systems are on the 12, 14 and 16 inch barrels for the PWS Mk2 series .308's?
  8. I see. Thanks. I'll slap some BUIS on there and see how the zeroing goes.
  9. Have these rifles started shipping yet? Any reviews, etc? They sound like a great idea, and I know their .556 Mk1's are well-received. I am curious to know. Thanks
  10. I am using what I believe is the standard AR barrel mounted front sight that came with the LR-308 AP4. I'll try out a BUIS and see how the height compares to the detachable carry handle that came stock. We will see.
  11. I just bought an LR-308 AP4. I haven't measured the rail height yet, but I would like to know how the height change affects BUIS options. Mine comes with the detachable carry handle, but I'd like to go with either the Magpul MBUS rear, or possibly Troy. It seems to me that changing the rail height might result in misaligned BUIS. I may be wrong though. Anybody know?
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