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  1. In the experment I sooted a dummy loaded round and miked the OAL and neck to detect if there was some displacement or over swaging of the brass and bullet, yes if I fully pressed the round into the sizer it will over work the neck. The die was backed off and the sizer only touched at the neck and just south of the shoulder....But as you said I got a set of adjustable taper crimp dies I could have saved myself a lot of work, Thanks for the reply I just wanted to bounce the idea around, Oh BTW I have been reloading for thirty years and I still love to tinker.
  2. For a few years now I have been resizing all my rifle brass with SB dies and lightly taper crimping the bullet but in addition to the taper crimp I have taken a standard resize die and removed the primer punch and inside neck re size and use the outside neck size portion to lightly swage the brass evenly onto the bullet. So far I have had no pressure sighns velosity or accuracy problems. Am I over thinking this or could this be an ok idea?
  3. I use SB dies also because in my experience the standard dies would allow the round to chamber all the time in a Saiga 308 or 7.62,sometimes in a Bushmaster and almost none in a Savage or a Ruger 308.I need my reloads to work in all the same cal. firearms.
  4. I had to start using SB dies and trim .005 under. the brass would chamber sometimes in a Bushmaster or all the time in a Saiga 308 but not in a Savage bolt action or a Ruger.
  5. Sorry had to type quick the other day..308 150gr sp at 2700 fps The scopes RAT (rapid action turrets) are set up for a 223 55gr bullet at 3200 fps, with just a 7'' in drop diffiernce at 500yrds,not bad. Most BDC scopes work pretty well out to 500 yards after that the variables stack up .Where I live getting a shot out past 300 yards usualy means you are at a range!
  6. I tried two other brands of scopes on my Bushmaster ORC, One was a Leapers the other a Tasco, needless to say I was not happy I did a little research and saw a lot of good reports about the Nikon M223. I bought a 2x8x32 with the rapid action turret and the dedicated scope mount and ring unit. This is the first time that after mounting and boresighting the scope that when I fired the first round at 50 yards the bullet printed 1.5'' to the right of the bullseye!!!In the past with many other rifles and scopes I was happy with being around a foot before fine tuning.Yes the scope is set up for the 223 bullet but using the nikon Spot on ballistics program the loads I shoot will drop only 7'' at 500 yards, I probably shake more than that :) At the 2x I can easily keep both eyes open for close in work and have the 8x for longer shots, the glass is very clear with no distortions. As you can tell I am pleased with this optic.
  7. If you unplug the battery or clear the codes with a scantool you will set a po 1000 code(this code does not set a MIL) in the PCM and until the vehicle itself runs all of the IM monitors you will not pass an emission test.This process sometimes takes up to three days.Most of the problems with Toyota seem to be with the O2 or the AF ratio sensors and the EVAP system leaks.
  8. Just wanted to check in and say hi!...I am glad to have found a group that is ahead of the popularity curve. everyone is building and buying 223/556 ARs. The military has been saying but not really saying that there is a need for a return to a more robust cal. and now with the experience in the sand box and Afgan. they are going in that direction. I have already lurked thru the site and I can see that there is a lot of info and help here. Looks good.
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