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  1. babo, sorry for the very late response.. I now shoot at Best of the West in Liberty Hill, much better than Eagle Peak!
  2. Just installed a Chip McCormick (CMC) 3.5 lb trigger into my sig 716. Let me tell ya it is a great improvement from the stock trigger.. I usually use a RRA 2 stage NM trigger in my AR's and paid a a lil more for this because RRA was out of stock at my favorite supplier. Now I am considering changing them all to CMC! I forgot to take pics my last range visit.. I will add target differences between the two as soon as I can get out to the rage again..
  3. Taz, well... did you shoot it yet? What ya think about it?
  4. The FDE looks cool. I got the black one, but love the way it shoots..
  5. JGshooter

    POF fan

    Welcome from Texas
  6. Yup! My order would have been here a day earlier, but record snow in north Texas slowed FEDEX down a bit. I could not be happier.
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