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  1. Ya, now I see why they are so popular. Nice guard, light, some added features, and reasonable price. Hard to beat that.
  2. Ya, the green is actually pretty cool and not too blingy. I have wanted to do my safe /fire too. Not much into color fill in general... but that looks really good.
  3. Got out to the range today... I'm sold. It's not a nuclear weapon, but ya, easy to shoot, more power, very accurate. The ARP barrel seems to be better than the match on my 308. But it's still early. After I finally got it on paper, it was running very well. I ran a box of Hornady SST and it did great. Got on some steel at 500 yards... it was a good day. Had to run a couple mags of 5.56 after... ya, BB gun. I'm really pleased with the JP silent capture spring. I did ask them what others were running... more weight or different spring. They said run the standard it's fine. I have to agree. Bras was 3:30-4. shot great.
  4. Allllrighty.... So I got my upper. Went with Blackstone Arms. They had the parts I wanted. But Eric was very very good to deal with. Communications were great. Fast work, super easy. I would have no problem using him again. Polished chamber, squared receiver, GTG. I got a ARP 16" SOCOM barrel, enhanced bolt, and the Vortex 2 port comp. Went on a Aero receiver and MI 12" keymod guard. I like the MI guard. I like the BCM too, but the MI feels great and has some good features. The upper fit pretty tight on my Mega lower. Just a minor correction and it's a great fit now. Eric offered great service, but no need for that. GTG now. I'm pretty sure I built a 6.8 and I have a BCM 5.56 to fart around with. :)) Put my PA 1-6 on it. Swap over my BCM ambi handle. Got some AE and Hornady 120 gr SST to try out Sunday. Can't wait to take it out.
  5. Ya, he doesn't do that anymore. Ironworks is out of the barrel I want. Blackstone has what I want. I could put something together my self, but it's cheaper for me if I have limited options. :)
  6. Well, going with Blackstone. Same barrel and bolt. Hopefully get it ordered tomorrow.
  7. JP says people run the standard buffer. I can change weights if I want, but a spring change is unnecessary. I'll probably just run what I have.
  8. Fair enough. I'll run it and see how it is. I'll drop a line to JP and see what setup they know about.
  9. Cool, thanks. I might get it if he has more. Says he's out. So would an adjustable gas block be useful? I realise I can use a normal buffer or an H2. But I was thinking I could also turn the gas down a tad. I don't hand load so I usually don't bother with adjustables.
  10. So do you like the Vortex? Is it a good compromise? I was just going to get their flash hider. Ordered barrel and bolt.
  11. When I was thinking of selling my 308,it seemed like 6.8 ammo was more. I decided on 5.56. But on a AR platform, the 6.8 is nice. 223 for plinking. 6.8 for fun. That's kind of where I'm at. I'll never hunt anything that needs 308. I wouldn't mind hunting some hogs though. Take it on trips to the mountains. I'll be G2G to 300 easy. So far I'm liking ARP. I had a JP bolt in my 308. I know they are not necessary. But with 6.8 opening up the face, seems like good insurance going with an enhanced one. I'm thinking SOCOM profile 16, keymod, my 1-6, and another spring for plug and play. I'll probably just use the CH I have now, but probably another carrier. Any particular break to go with? Flash hider is good enough. I don't need a comp. I got a BCM Mod 0 on my upper. Seemed reasonable for what I want. What is a good GP flash/break?
  12. I'm loving my AR15.i definitely want a 6.8 now. Zeroed a 1-6 today so I already have the scope. :)
  13. Well finally... I've looked before, not exactly easy info to find. By replacing the steel weights in the JP spring with the tungsten ones, it functions as a H2. It doesn't say I need to change a spring for it. I don't really want to change stuff out. Might have to get another one.
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