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  1. Meh,.. I can live with it... I like me some thick little honeys. ;)
  2. LOL!!! Good to see you too man! But what the hell did you guys do to the place?? FDE & ODG was a much better color scheme!! ;)
  3. This thread delivers!! That's some pure badassery there brother! Welcome from AZ!
  4. Ok, I'm in for a package deal when the group buy goes up. Tac-Ops CQB and sights sounds like just the ticket. <thumbsup> For the record, The Tac-Ops sniper on my .308 is pure badassery The Rough Justice trigger I got from them is also pure badassery I'm turning in to quite the Mech Armor fanboy. At this point for my money they could probably sh!t in a box, stamp it Mech Armor Defense guaranteed, (a little 'Tommy Boy' reference there ;) ) and it would be pure badassery. :banana: So, when are they gonna start producing some sweet billet receiver sets so I can swing on the Mech Armor nut sack some more!?? :leghump: (It's the next logical step for them.... I'm just sayin...)
  5. It is a damn nice pull! I put about 100rds through mine yesterday of various .223 commercial and 5.56 NATO and every last bit of it went bang. The trigger pull is just... well sexy is the best word I can use to describe it. Just a light pull a crisp break and a fast reset. Double and triple taps are effortless. I might even go so far as to say I prefer this over the SSAE in my .308. Different guns/triggers with different purposes though so it's not really fair to compare them. I can say this is a damn fun trigger to operate and my ammo budget will now suffer considerably because of it! I fucking had a blast!! (<----see what I did there :D ) Thanks Rob for doing this! <thumbsup> <thumbsup>
  6. Finally got around to installing mine in a new lower Yesterday. I about wet myself on the first dry fire. Gonna get out and shoot with it today. But it feels VERY crisp, light, and the reset is awesome. Im thinking this is going to be a fassst trigger. So please excuse me while I'm off to the range.. (aka The wash behind my house!! ;) )
  7. <thumbsup> <thumbsup>
  8. Got mine in the mail probably yesterday. Looks really well made. Cant wait to try it out!
  10. That's awesome man!! I know I've been waiting to do this my entire life, but I'm not ready to pop the champagne yet. There's a chance I may never get off the ground if I can't get my medical through. I have sleep apnea which is automatic 'grounded' when left untreated. I had a sleep study done and got the CPAP machine so with that I'm hoping I can get a Special Issuance from the FAA. But since it's my first medical/student pilot certificate, it has to go all the way to OKC for approval and there's a whole bunch of crap I've got to submit and I was mistaken about the AASI, it would be just a straight SI the first go around; AME Assisted after that. Lots of other pilots have them for this very reason, but I'm not counting any chickens before they're hatched! <thumbsup>
  11. I'm starting a new hobby as soon as I can pass my medical. (Couple of things on my 8500-8 holding me up but I should be eligible for AASI). Let's just say elk scouting is gonna be a blast this fall assuming everything goes well!! <thumbsup>
  12. AdamO


    Welcome brother Ron! (from AZ again & again) <thumbsup>
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